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Obama and Trump are black and white in more ways than one


Much has been made of Barack Obama’s skin colour and sadly many voted for him not because of his abilities or policies but because voting in the first ever black American president made some Progressives feel all warm and virtuous inside. Apart from skin colour Trump and Obama are also polar opposites in other ways. Trump has shown himself to be a friend and supporter of Israel with his pledge to move the U.S Israeli embassy to Jerusalem in defiance of the controversial UN resolution 2334 which has designated Jerusalem to be Palestinian territory. Trump did his best to stop the resolution before he became President by convincing Egypt not to?sponsor it.

Obama, on the other hand, was the mastermind and puppeteer behind the controversial resolution, using John Kerry to convince New Zealand’s Murray McCully to sponsor the resolution after Egypt dropped it. Many of Obama’s actions in office made it clear that he was friend and supporter of Palestine and Islam. Many members of the Muslim brotherhood were employed inside the Whitehouse and ?Obama famously said that “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam? In his final months Obama pushed?resolution 2334 through by refusing to veto it, securing for Palestine (on paper at least) ownership of the holiest of Judaism’s cities, Jerusalem. Then, on his final day in office, Obama showed just how dear to him Islamic Palestine is when he gave it two hundred and twenty-one?million dollars. He did this despite GOP lawmakers placing holds on the funds and it was not the first time during his presidency that he had gone against the wishes of Congress in order to give money to Palestine.

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NZ sponsoring Palestinian resolutions at the Security Council

Donald Trump has had a briefing from the heads of Mossad and Israel’s National Security Agency and what has come out of that briefing is alarming…for New Zealand.

The staff of U.S. President-elect Donald Trump has met with the head of Israel?s international intelligence agency, the Mossad and a high-ranking security delegation in a visit quietly arranged by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to Ynet.

Mossad chief Yossi Cohen traveled to New York with Israeli National Security Council head Yaakov Nagel, where he was joined at Trump Tower by Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer.

Trump?s team was briefed on the Iranian nuclear deal, the situation in Syria, current terror threats and the situation with the current situation with the Palestinian Authority.

Among the items discussed between the president-elect himself and the Israeli security delegation was a proposal to be circulated and sponsored in the United Nations Security Council by New Zealand on behalf of the Palestinian Authority. The proposed resolution defines settlements in Judea and Samaria as illegal, with an oblique call to the international community to boycott the State of Israel. It is expected to make it to the floor for a vote before outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama leaves office on January 20, 2017.

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The NZ Government and TV 3 need to rethink their support of World Vision *UPDATED

We have been contacted by World Vision regarding this post.?

You can read their Press release on the topic here.

Due to the seriousness of the allegations World Vision says that they have already suspended operations in Gaza.

The man allegedly responsible for the theft of millions of dollars from the charity World Vision, was featured by Mike McRoberts in his videos from Gaza.?Mike McRobert’s TV 3 videos helped raise money in New Zealand for World Vision and if the allegations are true, 60% of World Vision’s fundraising was funneled directly to the terrorist arm of Hamas.

World Vision received more than $7M in grants from the New Zealand Government. How much of that money ended up in Palestine is anyones guess if the claims are true.

The New Zealand government has given more than $7m in grants to World Vision over the past two years. There has been no statement from any New Zealand officials at the time of publishing about whether this support will continue or not in light of the allegations…

…The director of the Gaza branch of World Vision, Mohammed El-Halabi, was arrested by the Israeli internal secret service for allegedly diverting tens of millions of dollars of World Vision funds to the terrorist arm of Hamas.

It is reported that during the investigation El-Halabi admitted that he had been a member of Hamas since his youth, had undergone military training and had been commissioned by Hamas to infiltrate World Vision. He also reportedly admitted that his father, Halil El-Halabi, who had served as head of UNWRA?s educational institutions in the Gaza Strip for years, was a member of Hamas and used his position as a UN employee to help the terrorist organization.

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Palestinians claim internationally protected right to murder Israeli civilians

Killing civilians has always been something frowned on morally, even in a time of war. Yes it has happened but usually civilian casualties occurred not deliberately but as collateral damage when a military target was hit. When civilians were targeted deliberately, like the bombing of Hiroshima for example, the goal was to end the war with Japan. The Americans succeeded in their aim but, even though it is argued that more lives were saved than lost by their actions, it is still unquestionably a war crime to massacre civilians like they did.

The Palestinian authority are actually seeking approval under international law to continue their terrorism against Israeli citizens. Fire bombing buses, stabbing grandmothers as they do their shipping, killing mothers and fathers inside their cars as their young children watch in horror, stabbing a middle-aged man as he collects for charity at a local store, running over pedestrians with cars and on and on it goes.

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Hate trumps rationality every time


Hate has short-circuited the rational part of the average Palestinian brain. That is the only conclusion I can come to after reading this article. When people with a fully functioning brain are handed a brand-new city on a platter, they celebrate. Palestinians, on the other hand, have ?not only rejected the new city, they have done everything in their power to stop it being built.

How do you build a state for people who don?t want it built? That?s the obvious question that emerges from the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of Rawabi, the first new Palestinian city. It?s a flagship project that international diplomats routinely laud as a model of Palestinian state-building, but it has won no such praise from fellow Palestinians. Instead, the very people it was meant to benefit are now accusing Rawabi?s founder of collaboration with the enemy for having committed such horrendous crimes ? this is not a joke ? as providing residents with electricity and running water.

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Don’t you just love the left-wing?

The left-wing will throw anyone under a bus if it suits their long-term political agenda…even help arrange for the torture and death of people.

In Israel two prominent Israeli left-wingers have been busted entrapping Palestinians selling land to Israelis and dobbing them in to the Palestinian Authority.

Key activists in two of Israel?s best-known left wing NGOs were caught on camera admitting that they entrapped Palestinians interested in selling land to Israelis and then reported them to the Palestinian Authority, despite knowing that these Palestinians faced near-certain torture or murder at the hands of the PA?s secret police.

The story was first reported yesterday by Uvda, a prestigious Israeli television news magazine that is the local equivalent of 60 Minutes. The two activists are Nasser Nawaja, a Palestinian and a prominent field researcher for the human rights group B?Tselem, and Ezra Nawi, a Jewish resident of Jerusalem and a key figure in the pro-Palestinian, pro-BDS group Ta?ayush. They were secretly recorded by members of another NGO, called Ad Kan, who then delivered the tape to Uvda?s reporter Omri Assenheim.

?He?s not the first to call me, he?s maybe the fourth,? Nawi?bragged on tape, while speaking of a Palestinian real estate agent who contacted him with offers of land for sale to Israelis. ?And right away I send their pictures and their phone numbers to the Palestinian security services.? ? Read more »

UN staff hail Palestinian terror attacks on social media

UNRWA has always been part of the problem, never the solution.

Now their staff have been busted hailing terrorist attacks on social media.

Palestinian employees of a UN refugee agency are inciting Palestinians to commit terror attacks against Israelis from social media accounts on which they explicitly identify as United Nations workers, a report from a UN watchdog published Friday charged.

UN Watch chief Hillel Neuer said his organization?s report was submitted to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, to UNRWA chief Pierre Kr?henb?hl and to US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power. The US, according to the United Nations monitoring group, is the largest funder of UNRWA with $400 million annually.

In the report, Neuer cites nine UNRWA employees and presents screenshots of what the group says are inciteful posts from their Facebook pages that call for the murder of Jews, or promote conspiracy theories claiming terrorists killed by Israeli security forces were innocent.

Among the purported employees cited in the report is Hani al Ramahi, who identifies as a project support assistant at UNRWA. He posted a violent image on his Facebook on October 8 in which a keffiyeh-clad man stares down the camera, holding a knife with a blade bearing the colors of the Palestinian flag and dripping with blood. ?Stab Zionist dogs,? reads the caption.

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McCully insults Israel and cuddles up to terrorists

Sometimes I wonder if years of inveterate rooting haven’t addled Murray McCully’s mind.

[Yesterday],?Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully appointed Jim McLay, this country’s top diplomat at the United Nations, as the representative to the Palestinian Authority.

The former deputy prime minister and National Party leader will take up the new role in May.

Last September, a diplomatic row broke out with Israel over its refusal to accept New Zealand’s ambassador Jonathan Curr because he was also an envoy to the Palestinian Authority.

The envoy is based in Turkey and had performed both roles since 2008.

Gerard van Bohemen, who is a deputy secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, will succeed Mr McLay at the United Nations.

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Face of the day



cartoonist Mohammed Sabaaneh.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has appointed a team to investigate today’s face of the day, cartoonist Mohammed Sabaaneh. Despite being censored by his own Editors and being imprisoned in the past by Israel for five months because of? contact with a hostile organisation? in 2013 he still does not agree with freedom of expression. He argues that a cartoonist should not harm any religion.

He was against the re-publication by Western newspapers of Charlie Hebdo’s depictions of Mohammed. “Republishing them reactivates hatred and hostility. It’s provoking more hatred in the society, based on religion.”

Ironically however it was Sabaaneh’s cartoon of Mohammed that got him suspended from his job and under investigation.

He tells Ben Lynfield in Ramallah that he just wanted to make people think


It was meant to be a favourable image, designed to counter negative stereotypes of Islam in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo shootings.

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Why there will never be a settlement over “Palestine” – Fatah is just as bad as Hamas

If you thought the excesses of Hamas were bad, and that Fatah was a benign alternative, then think again.

Fatah has just honoured the terrorists who attacked and killed worshipers in the Jerusalem synagogue.

Truth Revolt reports:

On November?19, two Palestinian terrorists broke into a Jerusalem synagogue in Jerusalem, brutally killed four Rabbis, one of the policemen who arrived at the scene and wounded eight others. Five weeks later, the supposedly moderate?Fatah?Party led by Palestinian President Abbas and the PA’s official news service honored the two butchers who were killed in a shootout with police.

Palestinian Media Watch found a December 25 post?on the official Fatah Party Facebook page honoring the two terrorists:

Posting a picture of the graves of the two terrorists who murdered 5 Israelis in a synagogue in West Jerusalem last month, Abbas? Fatah movement glorified them with the supreme Islamic status of?Shahids?- ?Martyrs… who ascended?[to heaven]?
This is the place of eternal rest of Martyrs (Shahids)?Ghassan?and?Uday?Abu Jamal of?Jabel?Mukaber?[neighborhood] in occupied Jerusalem, who ascended [to heaven] a month and a half ago during an operation (i.e., terror attack) at an occupation synagogue in occupied Jerusalem. Early morning today, they were escorted to their graves at?Al-Sawahreh?Al- Sharqiyeh.?


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