Palmerston North

Land of the Long Wavy Cloud

Carl Gadsby via Metservice

Can’t say I’ve seen those before.

Rolling in the sky and breaking like waves in the sea, these clouds photographed over Palmerston North are simply beautiful.

But the scientific explanation for them is anything but simple… Read more »

Fat Tony on Wellington’s building crisis


Mike ‘Fat Tony’ Williams discusses the Wellington CBD issue after the earthquake, amongst other things.

With just a year to go before the next General Election in New Zealand, yet another disaster in the shape of large earthquakes has struck in the South Island and reverberated badly as far as Wellington.

The locations of these shakes, mainly thinly populated rural areas, has meant that the cost in human life has not been near the scale of the Christchurch earthquakes or the Pike River mine explosion, but it will still be expensive.

The roads, particularly the one on the coast north of Kaikoura and rail line in the same region will be very expensive to restore and the infrastructure in the small towns that dot the region will not be cheap to set right.

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Turns out the car wash story is real

It turns out the car wash story is real and because of Andrew Little’s telling it a former union man is made to look a fool.

An embarrassed former union organiser has come forward to verify Andrew Little’s yarn about a man who opened his car door in a carwash to lower his aerial – and got himself and the vehicle drenched.

The Labour leader used the tale in his State of the Nation speech on Sunday to make a point about the future of the economy – “the machine’s started, there’s nothing we can do to stop it, it’s coming towards us and we’ve got to decide what to do about it.”

He made a point of saying it was all true, and that as a union boss he had received “an incredible insurance claim form to sign off”. ? Read more »

Yeah because every 12 year old boy just has fun playing on the roof of a school

Some people astonish me with their stupid and then their excuse making.

A 12-year-old boy critically injured after falling through a skylight at a Palmerston North primary school has been transferred to Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland.

Police said that at 8.20pm on Friday a passerby noticed three young boys on the roof of Central Normal School and called police to report it.

A police patrol went to the scene and found one of the boys had fallen through a skylight and was being attended to by his friends, who had forced entry into a school building to assist him.

He was given first aid by police staff and transferred to Palmerston North Hospital where his condition was described as critical.

Detective Sergeant Grayson Joines said it was “a really unfortunate situation”. ?? Read more »

Labour to introduce sugar tax by stealth


You’d have thought that Labour had learned from the last time they wanted to go all nanny state on us all.

Last time it was light bulbs and shower-heads….now it is Watties Tomato Sauce.

Labour wants the food industry to reduce how much sugar goes into processed food in an attempt to reduce childhood obesity.

New Zealand has the third-highest adult obesity rate in the OECD and Labour’s health spokeswoman, Annette King, has unveiled details about how her party will tackle the problem if it gets into government.

In her speech to the annual conference in Palmerston North today, Ms King said Labour would work with the food industry to reduce the amount of sugar in processed food.

It would be voluntary at first, but would eventually move to being a requirement. ? Read more »

Is Labour struggling to get people to go to their conference?

Things must be pretty dire in Labour right now because Iain Lees-Galloway has taken to emailing members of the National Party begging them to come to conference to hear Andrew Little speak.

Dear friend,

As a key stakeholder who has been engaged with the Parliamentary Labour Party, I would like to invite you to attend Andrew Little?s first speech as Leader to our Party Conference in Palmerston North on Sunday 8th November.

The event will be an opportunity to hear Andrew set out his vision for New Zealand. He will talk about how as Kiwis, our hopes and dreams are becoming harder to achieve and that we can – and should – do things differently.

Places are strictly limited, but we would be delighted if you could attend.

If you would like to come, please click here to RSVP.

The speech will start at 1.30pm, and the venue is the Regent on Broadway. ?? Read more »

Only in America? No, Palmerston North!



A headstone inscribed with an expletive at a Palmerston North cemetery is causing offence but so is an attempt to cover on it.

The back of 19-year-old Vincent Drummond-Paulo’s headstone in the Kelvin Grove Cemetery has his gamer name, reaper91xx, and song titles ‘Black’, ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’, ‘Sickman’, ‘Do I Wanna Know’, and ‘I Don’t Fxxk With You’ on it. Read more »

Perhaps SERCO should take over preschool security

They can even video toddler ?Fight Club? and publish it on the Internet. ??Perfect fit.

A childcare centre break-out in which two preschoolers unlatched a gate and wandered across a busy road has prompted management to boost security.

The Ministry of Education is investigating how the children managed to unlatch bolts to a gate at the Cubby House Early Childhood Centre in Palmerston North last month and cross the busy four-lane Pioneer Highway, one of the city’s main southern gateways.

The two children were found hundreds of metres across and along the road. Jane Pervan, who owns the centre with her husband Simon, said today the fire exit gates were now kept locked. ? Read more »

Well John, if it won?t work, why bother making a new rule?

John Key reckons Woodhouse’s stupid immigration changes won’t make a blind bit of difference.

You have to ask then why he is even bothering with it?

The Government has announced a new policy to encourage more migrants to the regions, as Auckland faces a record immigration boom.

John Key told the National Party’s annual conference that the plan is to stimulate provincial New Zealand, but stopped short of saying it will ease Auckland’s housing crisis.

There is currently a points system for skilled migrants where 100 points are needed to apply for residency.

If a migrant chooses a job outside of Auckland, they are granted 10 points under the current system; but this is going to be increased to 30 points.

At the moment, migrants need to stay in the regions for at least three months, but now they will be required to stay for at least a year.

Mr Key told the conference migrants will now look at what’s on offer in New Zealand. ? Read more »

New Zealand’s Silliest Local Government Spending, Ctd

Palmerston North train commuters still have their hands out bludging

Palmerston North train commuters still have their hands out bludging

It is not just the halfwitted Auckland Council who are raising rates at 10%, the Greater Wellington Regional Council is doing the same. And for similar silly reasons to Auckland.

Wellington region ratepayers are poised to write a $550,000 cheque to keep the Capital Connection commuter train alive for the next five years.Greater Wellington Regional Council will vote on Tuesday?whether to alter its long-term plan to include a five-year lifeline for the beleaguered weekday service between Wellington and Palmerston North.

The funding is one of a number of proposed tweaks to the council’s draft 2015-25 plan, which includes an?average annual?rates?increase of 9.8 per cent ??or about $38 for the average home ??for the 2015-16 financial year.

Yes that’s right, the Greater Wellington Regional Council is paying a subsidy to the inmates of Palmerston North who want to leave every day for work.

Lord knows why, anyone with any sense would leave Palmerston North to pay their own way. ? Read more »