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Internet Party spending causes further embarrassment

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Kim Dotcom’s failed Internet Party has been dealt another humiliating blow.

Final election returns reveal $3.5 million was given to the Internet Party by?Dotcom. It ended up getting 34,094 votes ? that means Dotcom spent $102 per vote.

The election returns reveal the party’s explosive press secretary Pam Corkery was paid $15,000 for her 15 weeks’ work – that’s $1000 a week.

Party Leader Laila Harre was paid $66,000 ? more than $4000 a week.
The party spent more than $1 million on election related advertising, including $122,000 for a YouTube parody of Prime Minister John Key and US President Barack Obama. It also spent $21,000 on T-shirts. Read more »

It’s called democracy Kim

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Failed Puppet master Kim Dotcom is trying to say that our democratically elected government is not making the tough decisions with the mandate of the voters but is controlled by America. Obviously our attacks on The Internet Party still smart as back then we said he was the puppet master both funding and controlling Laila Harre and Hone Harawira.

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Let’s give Public figures their own songs

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Guess who won Massey University’s Quote of the Year competition?

Massey University held its usual Quote of the Year competition recently, and one of my quotes from the election campaign and Dirty Politics was a finalist.

The finalist quotes were:

I’m sorry for being a man. (David Cunliffe?s unusual apology at Labour’s domestic violence policy launch at a Women’s Refuge forum)

We think it?s, um, pretty legal. (Steven Joyce asked by reporters about the use of a song for the National election campaign that sounded very similar to one by Eminen)

You work in news you puffed up little shit!…When will you glove puppets of Cameron Slater just piss off??(Internet Party press secretary Pam Corkery at a campaign event, when the media kept asking for an interview with Kim Dotcom)

It was all steam and no hangi. (Te Tai Tokerau MP Kelvin Davis describing Internet-Mana after it failed to deliver on the hype on election day)

He could probably survive shooting little kittens in his garden with a shotgun. (Kim Dotcom on how little impact Dirty Politics had on Prime Minister John Key?s approval ratings.

I play politics like Fijians play rugby. My role is smashing your face into the ground. (Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater after Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics was released)

I did not have textual relations with that blogger. (Spoof of John Key’s initial denial that he had received texts from Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater tweeted by Lloyd Burr of RadioLive)

It terrifies me how much of our economy is stuck inside a dairy cow. (Comedian Te Radar talking to farmers at Fieldays)

Get past the breath-taking PR snow job. (Former CERA communications adviser Tina Nixon describing the press conference to announce the resignation of chief executive Roger Sutton after a sexual harassment complaint)

No more beersies for you. (Tagline in this year?s Health Promotion Agency advertising campaign to reduce harmful alcohol consumption.)

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Paul Casserly’s 2014 TV moment of the year

Wading through all the obvious, including Geoffrey buying the farm on GoT, he declares the winner:

Clearly, Pam Corkery’s “Puffed up little shit” outburst was the TV moment of the year. Corkery has long been one of our most colourful broadcasters, so her transition to press secretary for the Internet-Mana Party raised eyebrows rather than expectations.

The party’s election launch should have been a PR opportunity but it became a farce with Dotcom running from the event and Corkery blowing her top.

Her rage at the assembled journalists lit up the screens of the nation.

It was poacher, turned gamekeeper, going thermo-nuclear, or some combination of those elements. It was also timed perfectly for the 6 o’clock news. TV3’s Brook Sabin was the ‘shit’ in question. The other journalists were given a parting “when will you glove puppets of Cameron Slater just piss off?”

It was also the win-win situation of the year. For those who share the view that journalists are getting too full of themselves – and there are many in that cohort – this was the moment of truth. Read more »


About moderation, ideas and life

By Pete

The Cameron Slater that started blogging 9 years ago was sick, angry and lashing out. ?What he wrote was vile, upsetting and visceral. ?Yet there was a constant kernel of truth and a continuous provision of information and insights into the political process you could never get anywhere else. ?A small audience began to grow.

As was the thing, back in the day, allowing non-moderated comments to appear was part of the deal. ?It was a point of pride.

The theory was that smart readers would realise that the views of commenters were not those of the blog or its operator. ?And Cam personally felt (and still does, if we’re to be honest), that free speech is sacrosanct to the point where he would allow anything to be written.

The problem was that he assumed readers would not connect those comments to him, and instead judge?only the writer of such comments.

It’s no secret that since I’ve gotten involved, I’ve been busy mainstreaming Cameron Slater. ?Knocking the rough edges off. ?Making him sleep on things for another day before putting ‘pen to paper’. ?That certainly improved the general acceptability of the blog, and the audience grew. ?But we seemed to be hitting another barrier.

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Telling the hard left to get stuffed is probably the most important thing for Labour to do

Danyl McLauchlan has taken a hiatus from his hiatus…and made a very valid point about just how out of touch the left wing activists are believing their own circle jerk of confirmation bias on Twitter and Facebook.

Here?s a point I meant to make before i went on hiatus. Here?s the aggregated polling for the Internet-Mana Party.

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Did Hone throw TTT?


There is some speculation that Hone Harawira threw Te Tai Tokerau.

It seems, on the surface a strange accusation to level against the man, but it has been a persistent theme this past week.

I decided to think this one through and I’ve come to the conclusion, in Mythbusters style, that the supposition is at least plausible.

Let’s look at some provable facts.

  1. Hone Harawira did a bunk for at least a week during the campaign.
    There were reports of him being in Australia and other parts of NZ. Irrespective of those rumours he was certainly absent from campaign duties for a considerable amount of time.
  2. There ?were several fallings out amongst the leadership, the most notable being over legalisation of cannabis
  3. The deal to merge the parties was stitched together by Laila Harre, Gerard Hehir and Matt McCarten and presented to hone Harawira as a fait accompli. He had no input into the process or decision.
  4. It was only the offer of funding that swayed Hone Harawira to accept the merger.
  5. Hone’s wife was against the merger of the Internet party and the Mana party, despite the money.
  6. Hone Harawira didn’t speak at the campaign launch and was barely noticed after Dotcom boasted of hacking and Pam Corkery went feral on the media as Kim Dotcom did a runner out the back way.
  7. The whole concept was really a plan to resurrect the Alliance.

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Explaining is losing, but then I’m a Puffed up big S…

The NZ Herald have allowed Pam Corkery to write her own piece in an attempt to repair the damage she caused when she called journalist “Cameron Slater’s glove puppets”.

There’s nothing like family and colleagues to stretch out a public embarrassment for longer than is absolutely necessary.

Mind you TV3 is helping – giving my “puffed up little shit” chart-read to one of its reporters yet another airing this week.

In a misleading juxtaposition of footage I was part of a promo for the first bigCampbell Live interview with the Prime Minister after his weekend victory.

Courtesy of the repeat, I got gentle tune-ups again from workmates.

My eldest daughter first saw the footage online at her home outside London. “Dear God, you crazy woman, you’re not in an episode of Veep.”

Having your children refer to you as God might be part of the problem? ?(Couldn’t resist…) ? Read more »



Apparently, the reason Kim Dotcom admitted to hacking a Prime Minister and alluding to not liking John Key so he may just do something about him, as well as Pam Corkery losing her rag in front of the media she’s supposed to be managing into a happy place is all the fault of Brook Sabin, because his father is a National MP.

THAT is the thinking on the left, folks.

Nothing to see here, just another National Party dirty trick by a media infiltrated son of a National Party MP.

Also, Brook?was recording a piece to camera when Pam started her rant, the cameraman stopped and ran over to film it. ?But don’t let the facts get in the way of character assassination. ?Gosh, it, it… looks like… Dirty Politics!?