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New Zealand “Least Corrupt” How did that happen?

New Zealand and Denmark lead the world in freedom from corruption according to a survey by Transparency International.

The survey is based on ratings by the World Bank, World Economic Forum and other institutions.

New Zealand?s first equal placing recognises factors such as absence of bribery or corrupt payments, open government, freedom of expression, civil liberties and independent police and justice systems.

BusinessNZ Chief Executive Kirk Hope says corruption destroys honest business and prosperity, and New Zealand?s freedom from corruption is greatly valued.

“New Zealand?s reputation for honesty, transparency and justice is a great advantage in conducting international trade and other dealings.

“We need to continue to uphold our standards and institutions and maintain this enviable position.”

This year?s survey showed the top 10 countries for freedom of corruption were New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Singapore, the Netherlands, Canada and Germany.

Radio New Zealand, Television New Zealand and Investigative Journalists Nicky Hager were part of an international consortium that blew open the Panama Papers. ? Read more »

Ethics? You won’t find it in any state broadcaster’s Code of Conduct

Rodney Hide wastes his time as his thoughts will be lost on those he comments on:

The Radio New Zealand documents released under the Official Information Act concerning their collaboration with Television New Zealand and Nicky Hager on the Panama Papers show a shocking absence of any ethical consideration.

Their lack of any ethical concern is all the more amazing given the two organisations always present themselves as morally superior to the rest of us and hyper-sensitive to what?s right and what?s wrong.

They were dealing in stolen documents. It appears they had to pay to partner up with the dreadful ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) which was hawking the 11.5 million documents worldwide. The documents had been hacked from a law firm. Hacked is the modern, polite way of saying stolen. RNZ and TVNZ were receiving stolen goods and, indeed, paying to receive stolen goods.

They also appear to be paying Mr Hager, who is a member of the ICIJ.

Nowhere in the released documents is there a moment?s concern for what they were up to. Imagine if a high-profile law firm involved in serious criminal cases, matrimonial property disputes and the tax affairs of prominent New Zealanders is hacked. Read more »

David Seymour “has a crack”

ACT Party leader David Seymour has had a crack at the Opposition and media over their reactions to the Panama Papers.

The Government appointed tax investigator John Shewan to investigate our foreign tax rules after New Zealand was revealed in the May 10 leak as a favoured spot for the rich to hide their wealth.

Despite the Government adopting all 16 of his recommendations, Mr Seymour says they leave the Panama Papers saga looking like a bit of a flop.

“It was supposed to be the end of the world and New Zealand’s international reputation. You had TVNZ and Radio New Zealand believing they were onto the scoop of the century,” he told Newshub.

“As it turned out, the only thing that had to happen was a couple of minor tweaks to the tax code.”
Govt will act on all Shewan tax recommendations

He also called out the Greens, Labour and New Zealand First parties as “racist xenophobes”.

“The unmistakable undercurrent was that foreigners are inherently bad, that people doing business across borders is inherently bad, and that we should be very, very leery of international commerce.” Read more »

You must listen to Radio New Zealand, because it certainly won’t listen to you

Whaleoil reader David had had enough. For the first time ever, the Panama Papers farce moved him to write a letter of complaint to a media organisation:

From: [email protected][]
Sent: Thursday, 12 May 2016 3:11 p.m.
Subject: feedback

I have never written to a broadcaster before, and doubt if I ever will again, but I wanted to tell you that in my opinion, your decision to collaborate with Nicky Hager to use information that was stolen in order to smear the names of people who have done nothing illegal is irredeemably shameful.

After the regrettable decision to employ John Campbell, a failed newsreader with negligible talent, your invasion of the privacy of law-abiding people using stolen data is the last straw. No matter how many times you call it ?whistle-blowing?, it is nothing but theft.

Calling it material from a whistleblower is mind-bogglingly perverse: true whistleblowers expose illegal activities ? they don?t undertake them. After 30 years of tuning-in to the National Programme regularly, I will never do so again.

David []
[] Street

I guess you’d be interested in the response: ? Read more »


Comrade Vernon Small isn’t that pleased with Lying Little either

Andrew Little 14

Vernon Small is a man of the left; he goes through life looking thorough red tinted glasses.

He isn’t that impressed with Lying Little either.

Ok, it is no surprise that many of our elected representatives can be “economical with the truth”. Thus it was in the beginning ….

But you would think there was enough evidence from around the world?of how tired voters are getting with politics as usual and with the insider games and rhetoric – of?fudging,?dissembling?and “politics as usual”.

We had our own version in the MMP vote. Dumping first-past-the-post was not just about replacing an?unrepresentative?electoral system, but also about disciplining?politicians?from both sides of the aisle – over the head of their objections – for promising one thing and delivering another.

Insider-allergy was?a key element in the rise of Donald Trump and the success of Bernie Sanders in the United States (though as evidence of?the dangers of being economical with the truth? Maybe less compelling.) ? ? Read more »

Red Claire comments on Little’s lies

Andrew Little 9

Red Claire Trevett has commented on Lying Little’s?attack on, and failure to apologise to, John Shewan:

The Shewan report should have been a major victory for Labour. It vindicated the party’s criticism of the foreign trust regime and embarrassed the Government for its reluctance to look into the regime. It should have provided weeks of fun for Labour rubbing Key’s nose in it.

Sure enough, Little leapt on it with glee, singing paeans of praise for Shewan, his report and “his formidable, technical tax brain” in Parliament.

Alas, Little had bitten the hand that feeds. Only two months earlier, Little had questioned the choice of Shewan to undertake the review and made incorrect comments about Shewan’s work for the Bahamas. Little made the comments in April and they featured prominently in the media – as did Shewan’s denial.

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Sounds like someone might have had another legal letter

Andrew Little has backed down over his outrageous comments over John Shewan.

They were as intemperate as his comments about the Hagamans.

Labour leader Andrew Little has today backed down from comments that the man charged with investigating New Zealand’s offshore trusts industry had advised the Bahamas Government on protecting its financial sector from tax changes.

Former PricewaterhouseCoopers chair John Shewan travelled to the island nation with former National Party leader Don Brash in 2014 to provide advice on GST changes.

The trip was arranged after a meeting between Prime Minister John Key and Bahamas Prime Minister Perry Christie.

On April 13, Mr Little alleged that Mr Shewan and Dr Brash had effectively advised the Bahamas – a country known for tax haven activity – on how to protect its offshore financial services industry and maintain its haven status. ?? Read more »

Two minutes on Google could have saved Andrea Vance’s reputation

hager and vance

Canon Media Award-winning ‘journalist’, Andrea Vance, continued her Panama Papers hit job attacked a?New Zealand lawyer in her stories, attacking them for working with an allegedly “corrupt” Kazakh politician.

In Panama, they have realised that Kazhegeldin is a “politically exposed person.” Their research revealed his role in a corruption scandal in the central Asia country. After three years as Prime Minister, Kazhegeldin had resigned in 1997 and fled his home country. He was then accused of tax evasion and using stolen funds to buy property in Belgium.

Four years later, in his absence, he was convicted of abuse of office by a Kazakh court – including charges that he took bribes from a mining company and received a Mercedes and Toyota car.

However if she had bothered to spend just two minutes on Google she would have found out that she is in fact attacking the good guy from Kazakhstan, and far from hiding his house he in fact lives there and is on the electoral roll at that address.

Even Red Radio has provided some balance to?the?original story, by looking into the role of the current President and dictator of Kazakhstan in smearing anyone who opposed the President. Allegations that Andrea Vance used to try and smear?New Zealand and Kiwi based lawyers acting legally.

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Hey Andrea? Remember when you said this?

Andrea Vance is one of the main journalists sniffing through the Panama Papers.

It might be useful to remind Andrea Vance of something she claimed in 2013:

In other circumstances, I could probably find something to laugh about in revelations that the journalist who broke a story about illegal spying was snooped on by Parliament’s bureaucrats.

Let alone the irony that the reporter previously worked for the News of the World, the tabloid at the centre of a privacy violation scandal.

But I am that journalist and I’m mad as hell.

Anyone who has had their confidential details hacked and shared around has the right to be angry. ?

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Whaleoil reader tears Andrea Vance’s latest Panama Papers “research” to pieces

via TVNZ

via TVNZ

For those that just can’t stand the thought of wading through Andrea Vance’s latest “revelations” from the sewers of the Panama Papers, as breathlessly tipped last night by Red Radio and Commie TV, I bring you the shorthand version:

Fact 1: An allegedly corrupt Khazakstani bought a house in London thirteen years ago.

Fact 2: A New Zealand lawyer has a nice house in Uruguay.

Fact 3: The NZ lawyer was photographed at the house “reclining on the lawn, shirt unbuttoned”.

Fact 4: The lawyers wife is American. Sub-Fact: She likes ball gowns.

Fact 5: “New Zealand risks becoming known as a hub for this kind of activity”.

Fact 6: “This investigation has been carried out by journalists from One News, RNZ News and investigative journalist Nicky Hager”.

Fact 7: Fact 6 is a lie; these shocking facts, and the quotes used in the “revelations”, were actually exposed by NZ House and Garden nearly a year ago…

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