Pants Down Brown

Two-minute Len’s tearful valedictory speech

Mr Brown was the first Super City mayor, elected as head of the amalgamated council in 2010.

In his valedictory speech, Mr Brown described the City Rail Link project, which was now under construction, as a metaphor for the changing spirit of Auckland since the 2010 amalgamation of eight councils.

He told councillors he felt bullish about the future of the city. Read more »

Auckland electric train Day One: Delayed


If you are a critic of Len Brown and his mission to give Auckland a larger train set, then today is a good news day, as?Mathew Dearnaley?reports

Auckland’s gleaming new electric trains launched into business at 5.48am today – and are now experiencing delays.

Much fuss was made this morning as the first trains to enter passenger service headed out of Onehunga with regular commuters outnumbered by transport officials, politicians and journalists on the 72-metre train.

However a combination of driver nerves and possible problems with the retraction of the door steps meant trains were running up to 25 minutes late this morning.

The irony, it hurts. ?Or perhaps it is the repeated facepalms that is giving us all a headache? ? Read more »

Len Brown’s train set underpants stealing strategy revealed

For those that need a reminder of what the Underpants Stealing Strategy is:

Len Brown is putting a whole new train set together on:

Phase 1: ?Get more trains

Transport planners say today’s electric train launch will jolt Auckland’s rail system into the 21st century, but its long-term success will hinge on getting enough passengers onboard.

Phase 2:


Phase 3: ?Profit!

The upgrade follows close to 90 years of discussions and $1.7 billion in public funding.

Auckland Council will be hoping the electrified network sparks a rise in patronage to fast-track the City Rail Link (CRL) – an underground tunnel connecting Britomart to three new inner-city train stations.


Auckland’s whole transport plan is based on “If you build it, they will come”.

That’s of course if you like to have a greater choice of trains to be assaulted on.

Here’s Len driving the “simulator”



Len Brown: ?”The simulator, critical for driver training, obviously exciting for someone like myself, I mean, whole new possibilities opening up in front of?me”.

Is Len hoping he’ll be offered a job as an Auckland Transport train driver once his clock ticks down? ?It would certainly explain why he’s been so adamant about wanting his own train set.


– Stuff

And Len brown wants more of this?

Well, Auckland’s dirty public transport secret is out. ?It’s not safe on Auckland trains

Measures approved by Auckland Transport and confirmed by rail operator Transdev – after the latest two assaults on the weekend before Easter – include extending hours worked by Maori Wardens. That means their patrols on the southern line between Otahuhu and Papakura now run from 4pm each day until trains stop operating after 1am.

The police also say they are “assigning additional resources” to trains and stations as well as shopping centres over the school holidays, which began on Good Friday.

Counties Manukau prevention manager Inspector Richard Middleton said the police had met Transdev and KiwiRail to discuss setting up a working group to improve staff and passenger safety on trains.

The latest attacks left a Maori Warden with bruises and put a ticket inspector off work with undisclosed injuries after he was hit from behind at Papakura by an unseen assailant.

Although the company is vague about the number of violent incidents on the trains it runs under contract to Auckland Transport, the Rail and Maritime Transport Union says it knows of 12 since January.

Twelve assaults! ?Public transport has never been this dangerous. ? And the good news is, if Two Minute Len gets his way, he will create a huge train set for this sort of carry on. ? Read more »

Drug abusing mayor offers free booze at election event

Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford shares one thing with Auckland Mayor Len Brown: ?A total lack of repentance.

Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford acknowledged ”rocky moments over the past year” but vowed to fight harder than ever to win re-election at a rally he dubbed the official launch of his campaign.

Ford, who was the first to register as a candidate in January, invoked the spirit of second chances during a speech in front of supporters on Thursday. Ford is seeking re-election on October 27 despite acknowledging last year that he had smoked crack cocaine ”in a drunken stupor”.

Volunteers gave out one free drink to everyone at a hall in a Toronto suburb. There were lineups for Rob Ford bobble-head dolls that were being sold to raise money for the campaign. The mayor made his way through the crowd along a red carpet to the stage, led by bag-pipers and volunteers carrying campaign signs.

City council removed most of Ford’s powers after he admitted to having smoked crack.? ”There’s been some rocky moments over the past year. I have experienced how none of us can go through life without making mistakes,” Ford said.

You have to admire the balls of someone who is in the news for abusing drugs giving free alcohol to people in an election meeting. ? This would be the same as Len Brown having an event where all the Asian professional girls are on offer for a bit of free little slap and tickle. ? Read more »

The Len Brown Sux campaign

One Auckland rate payer hasn’t given up on Len just yet. ?Two different Ground Crew members reported in over the week. ?One from Western Springs, the other from Greenlane.


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Tweet of the Day


Corrupt mayor investigating his own cronies

Pants Down Brown, the mayor of our town

Pants Down Brown, the mayor of our town

Len Brown won’t stand down, but he knows when to release a quick presser for some brownie points

Mayor Len Brown has called for a review of the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding (ARAF) model, saying a more consistent and fair approach is needed to funding Auckland?s arts organisations and emergency services providers.

?As part of this year?s review of council?s long-term plan, I want to work with councillors and central government to develop a smarter, more effective system for funding our regional amenities,? the Mayor said.

?ARAF was designed to overcome the problem associated with eight separate councils funding a number of different region-wide amenities. With one council, this is no longer needed and the model has well and truly outlived its purpose.?

The Mayor said concerns raised by the Auckland Helicopter Rescue Trust this week highlighted the inherent problems with the funding model.

?It is difficult for Aucklanders to make sense of a decision to cut the rescue helicopter?s funding by 70 per cent in the last five years, while increasing funding for the nine other regional organisations it funds by between 30 and 150 per cent.

It’s also difficult for Aucklanders to make sense of 10% capped rates increases 3 years in a row. ?The whole Auckland City administration is seriously (forgive me) off the rails. ? Read more »

Cartoon of the Day


Credit: SonovaMin

Whaleoil poll result: Len Brown and Kim Dotcom

Thanks for participating in yesterday’s poll questions. ?Of course, these are not “scientific”, nor are they representative of anything except what our self-selecting group of voters decided to share, but based on that, we can draw some conclusions about the Whaleoil community.

Len-Brown-MBLen Brown

47 people voted for Len Brown, 776 didn’t, and 578 weren’t allowed to vote.

7 people would vote for him again.

Assuming that those 7 also voted for him the first time, that’s a 85% drop in support from Auckland based Whaleoil voters. ?Will be interesting to see if that is reflected in the Herald Digipol when it comes out.

1021 people felt Len should have resigned, with 26 people believing he’s doing the right thing right now.

Rather confusingly, 81 people think Len has a mandate (I can’t figure that out). ?883 people don’t.

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