Calum Penrose facing a real fight as his former allies abandon him

Calum Penrose is declaring that he?s running as an independent, but the truth is he?s been dumped by his former allies who regard him as a traitor for hiking rates for grandiose Labour-backed big spending while failing to take care of his own Manurewa-Papakura ward.

Penrose is low profile in Papakura and invisible in Manurewa (where two thirds of the votes will be cast). When he does speak he is highly critical of Manurewa Local Board chairperson Angela Dalton, who is much-loved in her area.

Penrose claims he voted for a 9.9 per cent rate increase to fund $523 million worth of transport project. Yet he failed to secure just $2 million to keep Te Mahia Station safe for his own constituents.

Penrose says the local board campaigned on making Te Mahia a top priority and “throwing money at it”.

“The board has $2.5m unspent in its Regional Land Transport Programme?budget.

“I can’t understand why they’re making it a priority to build a covered walkway?which is on private land.?They should go to Auckland Transport and say ‘we will put some skin in the game and put $1m into improving it [Te Mahia]’.

“But they want Auckland Transport to do everything.”

Penrose says Te Mahia has low patronage numbers and is therefore not as high a priority for upgrades as busier stations with more pressing security issues.

Lighting has been installed at Te Mahia and he’s working with the Manukau Beautification Trust to “tidy it up”.

“I would have thought Te Mahia would be the board’s priority.?That’s what they campaigned on.?They put something in, AT puts something in, it’s a win-win.”

Penrose says the?station is covered by monitored CCTV cameras, its platform is lit to AT’s standards?and the facility is patrolled by security guards.

“It has a public address system through which AT’s control room can speak directly to people on the platform.?AT also liaises daily with police through its operations centre, assessing threats and managing issues on the network.

“Lights are being installed in the walkway that runs from Ferguson St to the station and contractors are still confirming details of the lighting that will be installed in the walkway that runs from Great South Rd.” ? Read more »

Police too busy to attend an actual burglary in progress

A diary owner in Papakura has had enough of “hoodlums” terrorising his business.

Indy Purewal has released two CCTV videos on Facebook of an attempted break-in over the weekend and a mob of youngsters stealing from his dairy last night.

The latter has been shared on Facebook over 1000 times.

He says the dairies in the area were largely run by Indians and the mentality is “it’s happened, let’s be more careful next time”.

“I actually haven’t seen anybody share one of these videos and I thought ‘it’s not fair you know, this is our community we’re all one’,” he says.

“We need to stand together, something needs to be done, and that’s why I shared the video.”

The Redhill Superette has been in the community for 21 years and is owned by Mr Purewal and his parents.

He says “enough is enough” after a spike in robberies and owners or employees feeling threatened.

On Friday at 1am a group of eight were at the dairy and one tried to break in.

“The response we got when we rang the police was we’re a bit busy, its’ the weekend,” he says.

The trick is to look really hard and then tell the Police you can’t be sure, but it looks like one of them is carrying a firearm… Read more »

So why did he run in Mangere and Manukau East?

Jerome Mika attempts to claim the high ground:

mika Read more »

Face of the day


Now he’s after Mum’s chickens……….. Read more »

Do journalists actually check their stories, or just run party political broadcasts?

Radio New Zealand reports on the selection, or actually non-selection of a Labour candidate:

The Labour Party has high hopes for a young Maori woman it has chosen to stand in an Auckland electorate.

The party says Arena Williams has great potential and has lined her up to contest either Papakura or Hunua in the general election.

The 24-year-old of Ngai Tahu, Tuhoe and Te Aitanga a Mahaki, has grown up in South Auckland and is the former president of the Auckland University Students’ Association.

She wants to bring a fresh, youthful perspective to her campaign and says young Maori need to be at the table making policy decisions.

Ms Williams says her generation of Maori don’t see a future for themselves under the National government, with cuts to tertiary education and supports for young people transitioning to work.

How is this even a story…the Labour party has high hopes? She might stand in either Papakura where she will get crushed or Hunua, where she will get hammered?

Then there is the claim that she was brought up in South Auckland? Really?? Read more »

“Backdown” Brown gets squeamish over the Unitary Plan

Len Brown has realised that?the?unitary plan he was dying in a ditch over just a few months ago has turned sour on him.

This week his mayor in the chair session got hijacked and then?Len got hammered at a public meeting in Papakura. He?copped a pasting on the unitary plan, the call centre, and his vote to deny the disabled the oldies access to the pools.

Despite being a fan of intensification, and his rank hypocrisy by?residing?in an area protected from intensification he was set to push through his plans come hell or high water.

However it turns out that Len Brown is becoming the master of the backdown. that is why he is deploying his multi-million dollar PR spin weasels to tell all the citizens that we are wrong and he is right.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown is backing down in the face of a citywide revolt against high-rise apartments and infill housing in a new planning rulebook for the city.? Read more »