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A two-year-old boy has been killed by a car in Papatoetoe.

Police say he was run over in the driveway of his home just after six o’clock last night.

It’s believed the boy’s father was reversing up the driveway when the toddler rushed out to greet him. ? Read more »

Juxtaposition of the Day

Via Stuff Mobile

Via Stuff Mobile

Juxtapositions are a whimsical way to remind us of the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Using Barfoot and Thompson listings for dodgy registrations

With the naming of a Labour candidate, Daljit Singh, for charges of voter fraud and forgery, I thought it would be interesting to have a look at his listings.

I don’t think Barfoot and Thompson are going to be very happy with their star (for all the wrong reasons) salesman at Papatoetoe Branch.

One of the addresses under investigation for voter fraud also happens to be a listing of Daljit Singh’s. One wonders how many other Barfoot and Thompson listing across Auckland have likewise been used ?for voter fraud, in what appears to be a concerted effort, particularly in Papatoetoe to influence an election result.

40a Swaffield Road, Papatoetoe (Google Maps Streetview) and the same property from Barfoot and Thompson’s website. (Don’t expect this link to work for very long, screenshot below)

Barfoot and Thompson Listing used by Daljit Singh for Voter Fraud?

Barfoot and Thompson Listing used by Daljit Singh for Voter Fraud?

If one has, surely there are others?

The Police are going to be very busy now matching listings from Barfoot’s and anyone even remotely connected to Daljit Singh and his alleged dodgy voter registration?shenanigans.

Interesting Addresses

It is almost never that I agree with Malcolm Harbrow, but today I will make an exception.

Forty officers is a serious investment of resources by the police, and hopefully they’ll get to the bottom of this. Electoral fraud has no place at all in our democracy, and those who organised this attempt need to be prosecuted for it.

He is talking about what seems to be a very large attempt (worse than Onehunga, when Labour stacked houses to the gunnels) to rig results in at least one local board election, but probably all the way up to the Mayoral vote as well in South Auckland.

Search warrants have been executed on about 10 homes and businesses in Papatoetoe as part of a police probe into a possible Super City voting scam.

Over the past two days, up to 40 police officers have been involved in the inquiry into enrolment irregularities in the Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board area.

This follows the removal last week of 306 people from the electoral roll after the Electoral Enrolment Centre found they were not living at addresses they had given in Papatoetoe.

My sources tell me that the following addresses are also of interest. None of look even remotely possible to house 10 or more people.

40a Swaffield Road, Papatoetoe

1/103 Puhinui Road, Papatoetoe

460 Great South Rd, Papatoetoe

45 Carruth Road, Papatoetoe

33 Carruth Road, Papatoetoe

77 Carruth Road, Papatoetoe.

14 Sean Fitzpatrick Place, Takapuna. Just kidding. It’s in Papatoetoe too.

One of the addresses is believed to be the business address of Labour Candidate, real estate agent, Daljit Singh.

UPDATE: TV3 have confirmed;

One of the properties searched was the real estate office where Labour candidate Daljit Singh works. He said today police had not contacted him.

“What we’re doing at present is investigating the enrolments,” says Mr Gutry. “As part of that process we are going to end up speaking to candidates right throughout the Papatoetoe area.”

Another address visited was Indo Spice World, where coincidentally today a support vehicle for Mr Singh was parked at his office next door.

The business is owned by Gurinder Atwal, who also owns a house where 48 people were registered to vote.

If police are looking for other suspects for interviews then the 3 others in this photo with Daljit Singh should be able to assist with inquiries.

Len Brown and Daljit Singh

Len Brown and Daljit Singh