Guest Post: The Labour party paranoia and Peter Thiel

Paranoid thinking about Americans is deeply entrenched in the Labour Party psyche.? Back in the Norm Kirk years, with Rowling as Finance Minister, Labour took a snitch against the wealthy American Richard Rush who had built the luxury Takaro lodge in Fiordland.? While there were solvency issues which were ultimately fought out in court, Norm Kirk continuously attacked Rush for being rich, and how it was wrong for him to build accommodation that could only be afforded by the wealthy.? His antagonism upset most of us as we felt it was not hospitable.? In fact, some said that Kirk?s attacks on Rush led to his early demise, which caused the later financial problems that left the lodge empty for many years. ? Read more »

The left’s reaction to Trump is totalitarian in its instincts

Journalist Melanie Phillips talks about the totalitarian opposition to Donald Trump, whom the left both here in New Zealand and abroad?routinely describe as “fascist” and like Hitler. Phillips points out that fascism, in fact, is daily exhibited by the left, not by Trump or his supporters.

Phillips says that the hysterical reaction against President Trump is totalitarian in its instincts and incites hatred, paranoia and aggression. Ultimately it?s not about president Trump at all but about the protesters themselves.

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Photo of the Day

Digitally manipulated photo.

Digitally manipulated photo.

Project A119

U.S. Had Secret Plan to Nuke Moon During Cold War

The U.S. considered detonating an atomic bomb on the moon in an effort to intimidate the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War

During 1958 and 1959 the US Air Force studied project A119 which called for the explosion of a nuclear weapon on the surface of the Moon. This project remained secret until 2000, when Leonard Reiffel, a former scientist of the Illinois Institute of Technology revealed its existence.

It may sound like a plot straight out of a science fiction novel, but a U.S. mission to blow up the moon with a nuke was very real in the 1950s. At the height of the space race, the U.S. considered detonating an atom bomb on the moon as a display of America’s Cold War muscle. The secret project, innocuously titled ‘A Study of Lunar Research Flights’ and nicknamed ‘Project A119,’ was never carried out.

In 1957 the Soviet Union launched Sputnik into low earth orbit. It was the planet?s first artificial satellite?and much to the apprehension of the Pentagon and U.S. policymakers, it belonged to the Russians?. The Space Race had begun and America was losing.

The decades that followed were a parade of Cold War paranoia, technological innovation and bizarre military strategies. Both the East and West wanted to make sure the world knew who was the top superpower. But how?

Being the first to the moon was the top prize. In the early days of the Space Race, both countries thought the best way to prove they?d been to the moon was to nuke it.

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Photo Of The Day

Four Nazi troops sing in front of the Berlin branch of the Woolworth Co. store during the movement to boycott Jewish presence in Germany, March 1, 1933.

Four Nazi troops sing in front of the Berlin branch of the Woolworth Co. store during the movement to boycott Jewish presence in Germany, March 1, 1933.

Nazis Singing To Encourage

A Boycott of Jewish Shops

?“Germans, defend yourselves! Do not buy from Jews!” With such demands directed to the address of so-called “people?s community” (Volksgemeinschaft), the country’s organized boycott of Jewish businesses, law firms, and medical practices began on 1 April 1933.

Joseph Goebbels Called for a Boycott of Jewish Businesses, in the Nazi worldview, “international Jewry” was the most dangerous racial enemy of the German people. Jews were supposedly responsible for the biological degeneration of the nation and for all the country’s crises and grievances. Before Hitler seized power, views informed by this sort of racist anti-Semitism, Social Darwinism, and paranoia were the exception rather than the rule among the general population.

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50 Shades of Duh!

Some people are so dumb they really don’t deserve any sympathy. Dumber than a sack of hammers. 50 shades of duh!

Ana Eriepa believes her ‘paranoid’ partner didn’t know she was trapped as he drove furiously along SH1.

The Rotorua woman who lost a foot after being dragged several kilometres behind a car near Tokoroa has spoken for the first time – defending the man who nearly killed her, and revealing she has been back behind the wheel of the vehicle involved in the horrific incident.

Ana Eriepa, back home and adjusting to life as an amputee, insists Sonny Waiti is not a bad person.? Read more »

#UTU More advice for Aaron…from Aaron

With all his talk about getting utu against those who he believes are out to get him…there is certainly a touch of paramoia about Aaron Gilmore. Of course that battles with?sycophancy.? Read more »


Paranoid much? Why would anyone need 4 cameras on the front of their house?

Took this photo when out for a walk the other day…either this person is seriously paranoid, or is the local drug dealer.

Cameras are circled in red, lights in yellow, with motion control.


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