Whaleoil parking ticket issued to First Union

Last year we reintroduced a?Whaleoil tradition/prank?that was created way back in 2013 called the Whaleoil parking ticket. A Whaleoil parking warden contacted Cam yesterday and shared the following photo with him.

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The first Whaleoil parking ticket has been issued for the month of November

Recently I reintroduced a Whaleoil tradition/prank that was created way back in 2013 called the Whaleoil parking ticket. A Whaleoil parking warden e-mailed me yesterday and shared the following story and photos with me.

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You didn?t park properly? Whale Oil Beef Hooked!

Republished for shits and giggles 2017

Whale Army, it is time we step this up a notch.

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The standard you walk by is the standard you set

A reader in Blenheim would like to shame local council workers for their arrogance.


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Auckland Council’s war on workers continues via parking fees

The ‘mode shift’ to push Aucklanders into public transport continues as Auckland Transport prepares to hike car parking rates in the CBD.

Auckland city workers and inner-city dwellers could be paying more than $60 a day to park on the CBD streets from June.

As part of its regular review, Auckland Transport is planning to increase its inner city rates in response to the increased demand.

The central area, which is at present priced at $4/hour for the first two hours, is proposed to increase to $4.50/hour for the first two hours then $9/hour for every subsequent hour.

For an eight-hour working day this would hit $63.

The city fringe zones, which are at present priced at $2/hour and $3/hour for the first two hours, would rise to $3/hour across both zones for the first two hours and would cost $6 for every subsequent hour.

This would cost $42 for an eight-hour working day – a significant price increase from the present $16/day in the lower-priced areas around Wynyard Quarter, some streets around Sale St and Vector Arena.

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Must be some sort of rule…

…That you have to park like an a**hole if you drive a union car.

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What is it with Labour MPs and following the law

A reader has sent in this photo taken this morning in Dunedin.

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Auckland Firefighter v Auckland Council Parking Nazi [POLL]

You might think by the title that your choice is easy, but read the blurb first

An Auckland firefighter fined for parking his engine at a bus stop has hit out at what he calls over-zealous traffic wardens.

But Auckland Transport has hit back, saying stopping for takeaways “does not constitute official business”.

Station officer Brett Goodhue accepts he was technically in the wrong to tell the driver to stop there while a hungry crew member rushed into a bakery, but yesterday appealed for “some common sense” from Auckland Transport.

“It’s just like them fining those people for parking on footpaths – it’s ridiculous,” he said in reference to last week’s mass overnight ticketing of drivers for leaving their cars with wheels up on the kerbs of two narrow Orakei streets.

So they weren’t on the job and just stopped to get something to eat. ? Who’s side are you on now?

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An email from a reader about driving skills


A reader emails:

Hi there,

This isn’t exactly relevant to anything being published on the site at the moment but does respond to the complaints in the MSM about people failing the driving tests in higher numbers and people struggling after taking courses with instructors. ? ? Read more »


Can your husband back a trailer?

Ford is taking gay utes to a whole new level, by developing a trailer backing assist system.

I mean really, any bloke who gets one of those or needs it should just let their husband back the trailer.

For some sportsmen, facing off against a Cape buffalo at 50 yards is the ultimate white-knuckle moment. But for those who tow trailers, it just could be backing down a ramp or executing a Y-turn in a crowded staging area. Although these are really simple maneuvers, each is supremely unforgiving of input errors on the part of the driver. The biggest single issue seems to be mastering the idea that if you want the trailer to go to the right while backing down the ramp, you need to turn the front wheels to the left.

Ford believes it has a better idea, which is why it will be offering what it calls Pro Trailer Backup Assist in the 2016 F-150 pickup. Essentially, it?s a sophisticated guidance system that, in conjunction with a rear-mounted camera, takes control of the truck?s steering wheel and moves the front wheels for you. All you do is turn a knob located on the instrument panel (left to move the trailer to the left; right to move it to the right). You guide the trailer by looking at the instrument panel camera monitor and the side mirrors and adjusting the knob as needed to maintain the line you want. ?The system determines vehicle speed (obviously very low) and steering input for you; you still retain full control of the brakes.

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