Parkinson’s Disease

It is very likely that Hillary has Parkinson’s disease

Billy Connolly on The Hobbit and Parkinson’s

Ah, Billy. Age is catching up my friend…

More than just good bacon

Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt has often been the butt of mockery and ridicule, but usually by people who live in a town/city with an even worse mayor (yes you, Len). But Tim has done some good things, not involving silly trainsets or making a fool of yourself at the 2011RWC: Read more »

Nike releases "Marty McFly" boots

Nike announced the shoe on Thursday in a very limited run — just 1,500 pairs — all proceeds of which will benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for funding research to fight Parkinson’s Disease.

Stars from Back to the Future are helping with the promotion: