Parliament of No Fixed

Sydney has its own Mad Mayor

Here in Auckland we have a Mad Mayor installed for another 18 months in the North Shore and I have discoered that Sydney has its very own Lord Mad Mayor.

SYDNEY Lord Mayor Clover Moore has banned Tim Tams from council events for fear they’re partially produced through cruel child labour on Africa’s Ivory Coast.

In a move to create “sustainable, healthy and cruelty-free catering” at City of Sydney meetings and events, staff have stopped providing chocolate biscuits along with meals containing eggs, bottled water, fat-rich cakes, dairy deserts and “bad” fish species.

One of the first attempts at the new politically correct meals policy was at the council’s Investing in Sydney’s Future business forum on February 25.

On the menu were vegetables (locally grown), NSW wines (organic) and “a good fish species choice” (blue-eye trevalla).

Liberal councillor Shayne Mallard, who was at a briefing on the guidelines, said the first hint of the new policy was when Tim Tams disappeared from meetings.

“We are being dictated to by a radical green agenda telling us what fish we can eat, what water we drink and banning eggs or Tim Tams instead of focusing on issues like saving jobs,” Mr Mallard said.

Time I think for for people to start standing up to these tinpot dictators.

Australia vs. New Zealand

Australian minister resigns over semi-naked danceSYDNEY – An Australian state government minister was forced to quit following reports that he danced in his underwear at a parliamentary office party, the state premier said. Matt Brown resigned late yesterday, only three days… [NZ Herald Politics]

In Australia a minister dances in his budgie smugglers while under the influence and gets sacked. End of Story.

Meanwhile in new Zealand Winston Raymond Peters, 63, steals $158,000, refuses to pay it back, says he has donated the money he nicked but not one single charity will admit to receiving it, votes for retrospective legislation to make legal his illegal spending, gets caught taking bribes, has hundreds of thousands of dollars of illegal undeclared donations, breaks electoral law repeatedly, lies to the country, lies to parliament, lies to the Privileges Committee, falsifies evidence to the Privileges Committee and supports the disbanding of the Serious Fraud Office which coincidentally just so happens to be investigating him for “complex and serious fraud”. Does he get sacked?

No way, the Prime Minister calls all of that “some discrepancies” between protangonists and stands him down from doing the work required of a minister but lets him retain all the baubles and privileges of a minister.

Helen Clark now stands accused of the same corruption that has infected New Zealand First and WRP, 63, LMPONFA. By prevaricating over this errant and corrupt minister she displays that she is no longer fit for office.

Random Questions

On Paul Holmes this am, Mike Williams was “live” (whoopty-do) stating that he goes overseas all the time asking for donations to the Labour Party from businessman who have interests in New Zealand.

That was why he visited Owen Glen on his yacht, unannounced. He was quick to add that all these businessmen had companies in NZ.

Pertinent Question: Who pays his airfaires? Probably whichever Government Board he is a member of.
Pertinent Question: Why does the Labour Party keep on banging on about National and big business, when the Labour Party is obviously getting donations from big business overseas. I certainly hope the business are not American big business as Trevor Mallard has asserted.


A Big House porkie by Helen!

“Mr Glenn said before he responded to Mr Peters he was in contact with Labour Party president Mike Williams.
He wanted to ensure donating to Mr Peters would not be seen by Labour as “unhelpful to its own interests”, because Labour was his “primary interest”.
He said he was told by Mr Williams that Labour did not object to him helping Mr Peters. He believed that conversation happened during a brunch with the Labour Party president in Sydney on 14 December 2005.”

Debates (Hansard) Volume 649, Week 83 – Wednesday, 27 August 2008
John Key: Has the Prime Minister seen the statement, also by Mr Glenn, that said: “I agreed to help in the belief that this step would also assist the Labour Party, in its relationship with Mr Peters. I supported the Labour Party.”; and can she tell the House just who in the Labour Party would have given Mr Glenn this impression?
Rt Hon HELEN CLARK: My answer is that nobody needed to give him that impression.

Whoopsy, that could land Helen in the Big House.

Ugly Celebs

Remember the Aussie joke about it being funny that our Prime minister has a girls name? Well they go one step further now.

On Ninemsn’s site in celebration of World Youth day held recently in Sydney they have posted of the Ugliest Celebs to remind us that God’s creatures come in all shapes and sizes.

Amy Winehouse is number 1

Kelly Osbourne is number 8

There is Camiila Parker-Bowles-Windsor at number 9

Number 12 is Uncle Helen just edging out The Pgoues frontman Shane McGowan

Michael Jackson is number 18

Quick, someone pass me a needle, the boil needs lancing again

What a complete, shallow, self centred, ego-maniacal cow.

Resign, Resign, Resign.

Speaking from Sydney, she said she would have missed important meetings had she been delayed.

"I was in a hole and they managed to help me out and I was happy to pay the price for that," she said.

"That was my silly mistake and I won’t do it again."

Well boo hoo….anyone else would have missed out. I bet if I asked the rescue helicopter to pick up and drop off something for me they would say something like ‘Oh no, couldn’t possibly do that, it would detract from the operational duties of the helicopter and staff."

Resign or be lanced. 

Alleged Rabbit F**ker has Mental problems

[Imported from Whale Oil Beef Hooked on Blogger]

Go figure, An Auckland-born finance broker charged with bestiality and aggravated cruelty after 17 dead rabbits and a guinea pig were found in and around his Sydney office has mental health problems brought on by illegal drug dependency, his lawyer told a Sydney court today.

You think!!!!