Parliamentary Commissioner

Rabobank the first corporate Green Taliban? surprise surprise, more hypocrisy

Weak spined Rabobank HQ in the Netherlands is caving in to the loons:

Global agribusiness financer Rabobank is so alarmed about the threat posed to the planet by fracking it’s announced it will not finance businesses involved in the practice.

But Rabobank’s Oceania office says it won’t be stopping business with farmers who allow fracking on their land.

Fracking is the process where fluid containing sand and chemicals is injected at high pressure to fracture rock in order to access previously inaccessible oil and gas from the earth’s crust.

The practice is widespread in Taranaki and the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment says New Zealand is on the brink of a rapid expansion of fracking. Read more »

Maybe Prosser wants all the 1080 for the Wogistanis?

Wogistani hater, Reiki Master and advocate of natural health and ‘complementary therapies’ Richard Prosser steps outside his area of expertise (more on that later)  to cough up a call for change but less forthcoming with any credible ideas like all the rest of the hippies and uninformed whingers whose knee jerk reaction is to scream “BAN 1080” at every given opportunity like the blinkered fools they are.

The 1080 debate has re-ignited with renewed calls for aerial drops to be banned.

Last week, Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright said there should actually be an increase in the use of the poison on Department of Conservation land.

She thinks it is the best way to combat rats, stoats and possums on a large scale.

But New Zealand First outdoor recreation spokesman Richard Prosser says we need to look for alternatives, as 1080 kills indiscriminately. Read more »