Pat Newman

What a difference a month makes

Pat Newman is a former Labour party candidate and is the principal at Hora Hora School.

Back in February, at the opening of a new $7 million building, his board chair had this to say:

Board of Trustees chairman Crichton?Christie says architecturally?the building, which is called Te Manuaute, fits in with the rest of the school.

“We maintained the courtyard and we still don’t have any fences. I don’t believe in them. What you do try to create here is an atmosphere where people feel safe and secure.

Christie says the students are fantastic and they have “very good teachers”.

He says the walls between the rooms can?be opened up to make a giant space.

“It’s quite a different teaching environment.”

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Pat Newman loves when the Government spends money…on his school


So Hora Hora’s horror and former Labour candidate Pat Newman is delighted that the government has flicked $6.5 million his way.

Whilst I don’t want to upset the concerned Kaikohe residents around their assertion that the Ministry of Education building processes stop local firms from winning contracts, I have to say that is not true. The $6.5 million being spent at Hora Hora School by the Ministry for our rebuild has gone 99 per cent to local firms including the lead contract.

Perhaps the firms missing out need to ask why, and genuinely realise that the requirements are to ensure quality and they may need to up their own processes.

As a person not known for being unduly supportive of many things the Ministry does or doesn’t do, I need in this case to acknowledge their input and advice on our rebuild. On behalf of our kids and community, thank you.

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A reader emails about Pat Newman and the demise of the Teachers Council

Following on from your article ?WHEN THE UNIONS, LABOUR AND MILITANT PRINCIPALS COMPLAIN‘ regarding Pat Newman; another reader has provided an update on his undisclosed role and affiliation with the New Zealand Teachers Council.

Hopefully Pat Newman reads Whaleoil, much like Mary Rose Painter (Communications Advisor at the New Zealand Teachers Council), refer Whaleoil article ‘ HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? HE WAS REGISTERED (UPDATED)‘ where Mary had emailed requesting the article be amended.

Interesting to note is the Teachers Council and Anna Kirtlan (NZPPTA Communications Advisor and PPTA News Editor) have also made comment in other Whaleoil articles; you have obviously caught their attention Cameron and team.

As a parent, who has had the misfortune of sitting across the table from these people at the Teachers Council, I would like to say they should be ashamed of themselves! With confidence I know I am not a lone parent celebrating the demise of the New Zealand Teachers Council, it has been long overdue for an overhaul.

For the benefit of the Teachers Council (including Pat Newman) and PPTA readers here are some cold hard facts you have unsurprisingly failed to address.

‘Review of the New Zealand Teachers Council’

Report to Hon. Hekia Parata


” In fact only 10 percent of all complaints referred to the CAC have been referred to the Disciplinary Tribunal. The Review Committee was openly told that, in practice, employers and the unions worked together to try to prevent reporting to the Council and that the reporting requirement was used as a lever to settle a dispute”

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When the unions, Labour and militant principals complain…

…something must be going in the right direction.

A Northland principal says legislation passed this week is likely to stop teachers from airing concerns about education policy.

The Education Amendment Bill, which replaced the Teachers’ Council with a new body called Educanz, passed its third reading in the House .

President of the Tai Tokerau Principals’ Association Pat Newman said the code of conduct in the bill could prevent teachers from criticising the ministry.

He said that posed an ethical problem.

“Because as teachers, whether the Minister likes it or not, we have a code of ethics that says we have a responsibility to stand up for the needs of our children.

“And that straight away runs contrary to the code of conduct that says you can have all these concerns, but don’t say them in public.” Read more »


Pat Newman fails to declare his conflict while defending lack of action over pedo teacher

Pat Newman has featured on the blog previously. He is a ratbag Labour flunky and teacher union apologist.

He is quoted in the Northland Age today regarding the still current registration of convicted pedophile James Parker.

The president of Te Tai Tokerau Principals’ Association is defending the Teachers Council for not striking jailed paedophile James Parker from the register, saying not acting was the “sensible and safe way out”.

Hmmm defending the Teachers Council and speaking on behalf of all Northland Principal at the same time.

Te Tai Tokerau Principals’ Association president Pat Newman said he was “spitting sparks” over the backlash to revelations the convicted paedophile had not been removed.

“James Parker has been in a jail cell since the day he was arrested. It is bloody impossible to teach children in a jail cell,” Mr Newman said.

For the Teachers Council to remove him from the register there had to be a disciplinary hearing, for which they would have to interview children and witnesses, Mr Newman explained.? Read more »

Hey TVNZ! Tell your viewers the real story


Big Ole Pat Newman, Labour flunky and go to man for TVNZ

It seems a certain Pat Newman has become a “go-to” school principal for TVNZ, for comment on all kinds of issues.

Good old Pat duly provides a negative response with obligatory digs at the Government.

Pat somehow manages to squeeze power bills into the food in schools debate.? Read more »

Whaleoil Redux 2011 – Q3

July 2011 – 309 posts

Phil Twyford started stealing underpants, I had to ring Rodney Hide for confirmation and after he got done with abusing me sorted out Phil Twyford’s strategy for him.

I busted Marlene Campbell for comparing Anne Tolley to Goebbels.

Trevor Mallard again makes defamatory and racist remarks on Red Alert. Not only that he is actively repeating gossip supplied to him by the same board member who actively manipulated events in Rodney and Coromandel. National will at some stage have to deal with this board member and his pals in Auckland. It is unconscionable that people in that position leak to Labour MPs so they can help their mates get selected.

I blog about the origins of the?Asymmetrical?War.

In July Labour released their capital gains tax and I took great delight in quoting their luminaries previous opposition to the tax.

Phil Goff’s and the NZEI’s contention that they don’t work together is well and truly busted.

Labour were referred to the Police after a complaint by me to the Electoral Commission. The Police have yet to announce any details. Labour have actually got away with repeated breaches of the Electoral Act. I point out why Trevor Mallard couldn’t front for Labour, because he had been warned before. To have him front meant they couldn’t use their lie about not knowing the rules. Their continued ignoring of the rules amounts to?willful?disobedience.

Labour bombs another campaign launch. Plus they steal the?intellectual?property of a photographer.

Their website woes continue.

Trevor Mallard sends an email to supporters imploring them not to panic, that their campaign is going brilliantly and to use patsy lines in Twitter. Unfortunately the intellectually infirm Labour supporters use the lines word for word and Twitter looks like a redux of Mallard’s email.

Labour didn’t want to get into details about their Capital Gains Tax plans. They didn’t want that because they simply hadn’t done the work. Almost every question was met with a response that the “Expert panel” would be looking at that. Unfortunately for Labour the public very?definitely?wanted details.

Mallard’s email was picked up by the media.

Labour start bombarding the public with taxpayer funded electioneering. I start writing letters. Still more letters.

Labour meanwhile, after insisting that they would start following the rules breaks them yet again?with another mail out. I complain to the Electoral Commission who subsequently refer labour, again, to the Police. The Police still haven’t done anything. Labour calculates that the Police won;t do anything and continues to break the law knowing that there are no consequences for them ever.

Trevor Mallard says “Labour can steal the election and they will”.

I bust the Kindergarten Associations and their millions of dollars of retained funds, at the same time they are crying poor.

Phil Goff says that he wasn’t briefed by the SIS about some Israeli tourists in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake. Things are about to get interesting which I will detail in a?separate?post. This becomes my second big story of the year.

I write yet another letter to Lockwood Smith about Labour’s spending rorts. And another one.

I start my countdown to the last possible day that Labour can roll Phil Goff before the election. I make a video a day highlighting the terrible?inconsistencies?of Phil Goff.

My son is assaulted at Rainbows End. The offenders have never been caught.

The SMOGs start to flow from Trevor Mallard. I still don’t know why?politicians?use Twitter.

August 2011 – 449 posts

Annette King goes nasty on Ali Ikram, Deborah Coddington and Patrick Gower on Twitter.

I announce NZ First’s North Shore candidate before NZ First does.

Sue Moroney provides yet another SMOG.

Winston Peters blames the media for Andrew Williams bad press. Of course it was actually me that?caused?all his bad press.

Stuart Nash provides a SMOG.

I publish my letter to Dr Tucker, the head of the SIS, this signals the opening of the SIS story I am about to unleash on Phil Goff. This will be covered in a?separate?post.

I explain what Colin Craig needs to do to win. He ignores every single part of my advice. He is now over a million dollars poorer and still not in parliament.

On 7 August I quit Citizen A and blogged about why. I have never once regretted quitting and resisted the constant begging to return.

I capture the Minister of Twitter in mid tweet at the National party conference.

The Electoral Commission refers the Labour party brochure to Police for breaching?the?Electoral Act. The Police still have not done anything.

I highlight a NZEI and Labour party nasty, their Whangarei candidate Pat Newman. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Darien Fenton embarks on her campaign of nasty by calling for a boycott of the band that played at National’s campaign dinner. She will do much worse in coming months.

Malcolm Harbrow tells Trevor Mallard what he thinks:

[blackbirdpie url=”103428469865721857″]

The Electoral Commission refers Charles Chauvel to the Police on the basis of my complaint. The Police are yet to do anything.

Trevor Mallard won the bike race. Meanwhile I won the war, having Labour campaign strategist focused entirely on beating me in a bike race for 6 weeks. I managed to come second in a 60km race against a professional cyclist and part time politician.

Clare Curran attacks the Greens for stealing Labour’s votes. Labour are in?meltdown?as they start to realise that their social media campaign is failing.

Just after Phil Goff declares that Labour will focus on the things that matter Sue Moroney lets rip on Twitter.

I blog about anti-depressants and how ineffective they were for me.

September 2011 – 530 posts

Trevor Mallard continues to show the nasty and delivers up another SMOG.

Clare Curran continued to show that Labour was focussed on important matters….like volume on adverts.

Trevor Mallard compares John Key to mass murdering dictators, proving that Twitter and politicians are the gift that keeps on giving.

I blog about Jim Anderton and his illegal letter to constituents. I complain to the Electoral Commission and they later refer the letter and Jim Anderton to Police.

Clare Curran continued to focus on the things that matter…like teletubbies.

Trevor Mallard and Clare Curran had a twitter fight about Cheese Rolls.

Jacinda Ardern complained about the congestion around the toaster at the airport lounge. Letting all us peasants know how important she is that she is in the lounge and troughing it up at the same time.

Labour’s new election posters were begging for a photoshop.

I blog about hugs being banned at my daughter’s school.

I introduce the concept of the Blink Test. Which politicians pass the Blink Test?

I suggest that Labour is waiting for the Langoliers.

I bust Greens candidate Max Coyle for the sad little story in the Waikato Times that he fed to them. The Greens withdraw Max from their candidate list. Tim McIndoe didn’t need a Greens candidate to win handsomely, he was benefiting from The Moroney Effect.

I wonder whether John Minto will get a 1000 votes. It turns out he couldn’t, getting just 461 people to vote for him.

Trevor Mallrd starts a smear campaign against Bryce Edwards. It ends up being called #bryceedwardsconspiracy on Twitter and shows Labour and Mallard are all at sea with their election strategy.

Chris Trotter asks why Trevor Mallard is Labour’s campaign strategist. The question remains unanswered.

Dimpost?provides?the comments of the week:

Oh the hours of endless speculation? Personally, I reckon Labour?s campaign strategy is being run by a crew of demented P-addict gerbils with a KFC fetish, whilst playing?Elton John?and Queen simultaneously. Of course, the gerbils could be running ACT?s campaign; Labour may be guided by a crack team of lemmings?

Darien Fenton launches her now infamous attack against The Mad Butcher.

Trevor Mallard continued to prove that his personal?demeanour?was more?suited?to drunken pub brawls than to Twitter. Yet he was trotting along to caucus and telling everyone that Labour would win using Social media.

On September 28 I relaunched the site with the help of Cre8D Design.

Sir Peter Leitch calls me to talk about Darien Fenton’s scurrilous attack on him. He says he was “gutted” by her comments.

Labour = Lies

A new low for obnoxious Northland principal Pat Newman. The Labour candidate for Whangarei has been caught lying on RNZ (Streaming Audio)?by Anne Tolley (

Stupid Sue Moroney hadn’t the sense to check if the story was true, so put out a release repeating all the lies.

Do these people not think their lies will be found out?

I doubt there will there be a public apology from the loyal Labour footsoldiers at Morning Report, who were quite happy to repeat Newman’s garbage?

This close to the election, how appropriate was it for RNZ to run a story based on the rantings of a Labour candidate, which had no basis in truth?

National should be looking very closely at the funding for this bunch, which is nothing more than the broadcast section of the Labour comms unit.

Nothing less than a scandal

A couple of days ago I outed a principal who was spreading NZEI poison to parents and kids through a school newsletter.

As you would imagine, parents have been contacting me saying it is outrageous that militant unionists ? happy to take the taxpayer dollar ? are stooping to this level.

Well, it just got worse.

I can now reveal that left-wing and Labour principals are spending their working school days ? when they are being paid to teach kids ? using school time and resources to stir up hatred, slag the government, and promote Labour and the unions on Facebook.

Of course, they are so stupid that they think they are invisible. Well, their lies and bile are there for all to see and it makes grim reading for parents, who will be assuming that these muppets are teaching their kids, as they are employed to do.

All the usual suspects are there. Marlene ?Hitler? Campbell, Frances Nelson (ex-president of NZEI) and Sue Moroney.

One of the worst offenders is Northland bully principal Pat Newman. Oh ? and by chance he is also a Labour candidate in the election. So is it appropriate for him to be using school time and resources to promote himself, Labour and plot to break the law?

The main poster is the principal of Hokowhitu School in Palmerston North, Allan Alach. He seems to have lots of time on his hands during the school day, to try and rally his comrades rather than teach kids at his school how to read, write and do maths.

If this nasty lot had any decency they would resign. And let?s not forget that taxpayers are giving them an extra $2000 dollars a year to implement national standards. As I said, give us back our money or get back to work.

Any journalist worth their salt would be calling the boards of trustees of all the principals involved and asking how much taxpayer time and money is being wasted on this, and is it appropriate for the principal to be using the school resources to make a political protest.

Remember ? these guys want to hide information from journalists and parents because they don?t want crap schools and teachers identified.

These dinosaurs from a long-gone era of teacher unionism have lost the battle and will continue to lose.

Meet Pat Newman – Part Three

Pat Newman, Labour’s candidate for Whangarei, thinks it is ok to call the Education Minister “Ayatolley”. He also thinks that the National party are killing kids.

This is the same Pat Newman that Phil Goff is happy to be photographed with arm in arm. It is bad enough that this guys is teaching our kids but much worse that he is trying to become a member of parliament.

Thankfully he is only number 58 on the Labour list and therefore highly unlikely to get into parliament. Labour would need 48% in order to deliver Pat Newman into parliament.