Pat Seymour

Who will replace Peter “Dopey” Goodfellow as President?

The current board is the first place to look, but the talent pool is very shallow.

The two main contenders are Alastair Bell and Roger Bridge, and the merits (or lack thereof) of both will be examined in other posts.

The remaining members of the board are:

Grant McCullum – Tricky missus and regarded as being not quite the intellect that is required to be president. Bottles fights at the drop of a hat.? Read more »

Who will be on the National Party Board in 2022?

Following on from the series of posts I am doing about the National Party in 10 years time let’s consider the National Party Board. The current members are:

John Key
Michael Woodhouse
Peter Goodfellow
Roger Bridge
Alastair Bell
Pat Seymour
Malcolm Plimmer
Kate Hazlett

We can safely assume John Key will not be leader or on the board in 2022. Michael Woodhouse likely won’t be on the board as list MPs do not last 15 years as so rightly pointed out by David Farrar.

Peter Goodfellow certainly will not be around. Presidential tenures are usually not more than five or six years. Of the rest most are of advanced age, or served for a long time already, and whose best time in the party was before 2011. This means I think that it is fair to say that there will be no current board members still serving in 2022. In fact it is hard to see many of them serving when National goes into opposition and politics gets really tough for National again.

The clear implications of this is that if you want to be involved in the party in the future you can safely ignore idle threats made by the current board as they will not be around in ten years time.

The slaughter continues, add another name to Sue Bradford's Wall of Shame

Instead of screeching like a banshee over the appointment of Christine Rankin to the Familight like to explain quite how this poor wee soul was protected by her s59 law. Perhaps at the same time she might like to apologise because quite clearly our kiddies are NOT safe now.

I note also that this is yet another victim of Silly First Name Syndrome.

One expert has called the killing of Duwayne Pailegutu by his stepfather, Johnny Pukerua Joachim, “systematic torture” comparable to that suffered by Rotorua toddler Nia Glassie.

For the seven days before Duwayne Pailegutu died, he was kept inside his mother and stepfather’s small flat in Nelson – so no one could see he had been beaten so badly he was paralysed, incontinent, and slowly suffocating on his own blood.

The left side of his body was disabled after repeated blows to the right side of his head which caused a stroke, and he struggled to eat or drink.

In addition to the haemorrhage, an autopsy found at least 10 deep bruises to his scalp – some of them inflicted by the shoes of his stepfather as the little boy cowered in the corner of his Fergusson St bedroom.

A further 75 bruises were found over the rest of his small body.

So while wankers like Bomber and Idiot like to wail about torture of terrorist combatants we have people here in New Zealand thinking it is acceptable to torture and maim children. Liberal wankers like them make me sick, it is their abandonment of standards that has caused this slaughter and their tolerance and excuse making for feeble-minded scum-bags that has destroyed our society.

A bullet is far, far too kind for Johnny Joachim. I think that he should be hanged, drawn and quartered in that the condemned prisoner would be:

  1. Dragged on a hurdle (a wooden frame) to the place of execution. This is one possible meaning of drawn. The more likely meaning of Drawn is the act of disembowelment.
  2. Hanged by the neck for a short time or until almost dead (hanged).
  3. Disembowelled and emasculated and the genitalia and entrails burned before the condemned’s eyes (this is another meaning of drawn—see the reference to the Oxford English Dictionary below).
  4. The body divided into four parts, then beheaded (quartered).