Patagonian toothfish

Tim Groser Eats Legally Caught Yummy Fish


This is what the headline should have said.

Chilean Sea Bass are not really even protected.  In fact this is what National Geographic had to say.

We believe it’s no longer necessary to “Take a wholesale pass on Chilean seabass.” Look for the blue eco-label of the Marine Stewardship Council, or ask where in the world it comes from. This will help you find the best and avoid the rest.

Tim Groser spent a meagre $300 at “Table for 7” where just $35 was spent on the fish.  Read more »

Maccas copping flak for NZ Hoki

McDonald’s has signed on with the Marine Stewardship Council to show that the fish it serves is caught in an environmentally responsible manner. Obviously some focus groups have told them that this matters to people.

However they have copped some flak including the certification of NZ Hoki for the New Zealand market.

Some of the council’s decisions have met with wide criticism, including the certification of a fish called the New Zealand hoki that McDonald’s serves in some Filet-O-Fish sandwiches outside the United States. The council has also certified as sustainable fisheries for which scientists say the data is so scarce that any management plan is pure guesswork, including those of the Antarctic krill and the Antarctic and Patagonian toothfish.  Read more »