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Caravan stoush erupts

A massive caravan stoush has erupted that is likely to have serious financial consequences for the local caravan manufacturing industry.

David Hold of Barrons Recreational Vehicles, the local Taupo based Caravan and Motorhome Supremo and NZ’s biggest importer, re-seller and distributer of caravans and motorhomes has finally had enough of the obfuscations and lies from some local manufacturers. He believes this is a safety issue and one that certifiers, Police and manufacturers are ignoring.

Seems like some Manufacturers in NZ, and Australia are in very deep trouble

After all the conceited lies told by their reps about European product.

BRV are now on the offensive.

They have been producing trailer caravans which are in fact potentially illegal, and dangerous to public safety.

New Zealand has many laws regarding weights and dimensions of Trailers and Towcars

But for now this taster, Landrover have a maximum limit of 150KG of downforce on the towbar tongue of their most robust vehicle, the Defender. (This is on Factory approved fittings only)

Ci Munro only has one Caravan that actually seems to conform to this weight, and we think that an independent test when one is fully laden is imperative for Safety’s sake

Leisureline caravans don’t give any weight details on their website, which is illegal and duplicitous. The Commerce Commission will be very interested in this one.

Our guess is that they are all well over 150KG downforce on the noseweight.

Also many Australian built trailer caravans massively exceed the maximum downforce weights. Like with Ci Munro, some are nearly 300kg unladen without that tanks filled.

More revelations will follow, but many Trailer Caravan customers who have bought ‘built by Kiwis, for NZ conditions’ have actually been hoodwinked.

Did you also realise that if the trainweight (Total Permissable weight) of your Towcar and Caravan is over 4500kgs, that a WOF is insufficient, and you need a type 2 Licence?

If the Police stop you and you have not complied with this legislation, then you will be guilty of a moving traffic offence.

Also the maximum width for any light trailer is 2.5m, excepting trafficators/indicators.

For anyone that has bought a 3m wide Leisurebuilt, then hopefully you will have the necessary paperwork to prove it was NEVER towed.

The best thing that you can do is contact your particular Manufacturer, and get them to explain the maximum train weights, and why AL-KO’s maximum download is 160KG.

We have the reports.

This is playing with people’s lives.

Ci Munro are a very wealthy publically listed company. And is you are are unhappy with their responses. Just ask for your money back. They can afford it easily.

On the subject of Ci Munro, perhaps they should explain after all their claptrap PR about how their fleet was even deemed ‘Greener’ than Euro 4 by VTNZ, and yet they still build on Euro 3 Mitsubishis because of price?

Happy to deal with any of the lawyers from the Companies mentioned.
This is a safety, and ecological issue.

Customers come first, always.

Kiwi built, by kiwi owners for excessive profits?



Yet another Green Ban

Cat fur peltsWhat is it about the Greens that they want to control everything or ban it. Today the mad as a snake Sue Kedgely has announced she will be seeking yet another ban.

This time she wants to ban cat and dog fur from being imported into New Zealand. For some reason it is ok to import other but we get all squeamish when if comes to cat and dog fur.

It isn’t like we are importing cat and dog meat for local consumption…though I wonder what that would taste like. I’m told that dog is tasty.

Her logic, as usual, is impeccable in its absurdity;

Ms Kedgley said the European Union, Australia and the United States had all moved to prohibit imports of cat and dog fur.

“We need to do the same,” she said.

“Otherwise we will become a dumping ground for this unethical trade as markets are closed in other countries.”

Riiiight, so we will become a dumping ground for dead moggy rugs and dog mats will we? Apparently;

“Each year, more than two million cats and dogs are raised in appalling conditions and brutally slaughtered for their pelts,” she said.

“The fur is then used to make clothes, toys and trinkets. Dog pelts are even made into chew toys for dogs.”

She said there was no way for New Zealand consumers to be certain they were not buying products made from cat or dog fur.

“Most cat and dog fur is deliberately disguised and sold using false or incorrect labelling.

Ok, so let me get this straight….we will become a dumping ground for dog and cat pelts because of our huge clothing, toy and trinket factories just waiting to churn out this stuff?

Sue Kedgely is a screaming example of why Greens are economic numpties who must never get near the levers of power. She fails to understand that we don’t have any demand for the product therefore are nlikely to become a “dumping ground”.

Crackdown on gangs

Nats promise crackdown on gangs –

Simon Power has intimated what National would do about the burgeoning gang problem;

  • Strengthen the ability of the police to remove and storm gang fortifications;
  • Make it easier for police to intercept gang communications;
  • Strengthen the law that makes it an offence to be a member of a criminal organisation;
  • Nominate gang membership as a factor in sentencing.

I reckon that they should add to that the death penalty for drug dealing and trafficking.

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Experts' advice to Clark – revitalise your caucus and go on the attack

Experts' advice to Clark – revitalise your caucus and go on the attackOpen-heart surgery on the Labour caucus, an extreme makeover for Helen Clark, the economy and John Key have been picked as the factors for a Labour-led government to stay in power after 2008. Former Prime Minister Mike Moore, political… [NZ Politics]

Three commentators comment on how Clark can turn around the endless stream of bad news. unfortubately for most of Labour's front bench and ministerial hanger's on themedicine is almost universally described as "renewal". Raving Socialist Jon Johanssen has the best line by far;

[quote]"To stay relevant, there needs to be a bit of a project about making her seem a bit more humble. Are you laughing yet? It's a bit more substantive than an airbrushing."[/quote]

Quite how they are going to manage that is beyond my comprehension let alone the Prime Ministers. When you draw from a bunch of failed teachers, unionists and professional bludgers your talent pool is decidedly shallow.

Labour are royally screwed if they think Shane Jones is their great Brown hope, and there is precious little talent below number 3 in their caucus.

My prediction is that as the polls soldify and worsen for Labour there will be a great rush for door as the losers bolt rather than spend many a long year in opposition.



Contrary to popular belief I am not in Vanuatu sunning myself for an extended holiday. I am actually working for free reviewing a Conconut Oil Mill and plantation that a local school runs. They are running their entire school and mission on Coconut Biofuel.

The model is being looked at for rolling out to other mission schools in the Pacific Region based on my review. I have looked at local operations in Santo and on Aore Island and compared them with the small scale operation Aore School. The number look goo, basically it is almost impossible for the school to lose money and at the same time reduce dependence on almost enitrely on importing diesel to run the school.

The school has 220 fee paying but subsidised students who board on Aore Island. For power they run a Diesel fuled genset that basically provides power for 3 hours of light per night. If they can make all their own fuel they could run the genset permanently which then lets them have satellite internet and voip dramatically reducing the horredous R/T based communications bottle neck.

The school also operated a barge for shceduled and on-call freight services between the local communities, it also has diesel engines. As well the school runs three diesel tractors and a couple of diesel 4wd vehicles.

By producing their own fuel they dramatically reduce the costs of the school and at the same time provide income through additional sales o the biofuel to nearby resorts that also rely upon diesel imports.

Port facilities in Santo are basic and on Aore and Malo non-existant. That said the area is beautiful and peaceful and the people are the most polite and hospitable people I have dealt with in a long time. When you discuss world issues with them they are surprising up to date and it is interesting to get a fresh perspective on things like "Global Warming" and NZ and Australian meddling in the Pacific.

Basically the local think that global warming is a crock, they believe it is a myth being played by the rich nations to stop poor natioons using what they have always used for their own countries and they think countries like Australia and new Zealand stick their noses in where they are not wanted.

The harshest criticism comes for Helen Clark and her nosy, pushy attitude over Fiji. Vanuatuans are Melanesians like Fijians. They are also remarkably more well informed about local conditions in Fiji and the reasoning behind the coup. They 100% back the actions of Commodore Bainimarama in cleaning up the corruption of Fiji.

What about the rest of Vanuatu? Well the fligh over was interesting to say the least. I had the rudest, most ignorant woman in the world sitting behind me. She never stopped talking at 112db and giving her unwanted opinion on everything from airline seats to how scummy Vanuatu was outside the resorts. It was when she starting talking about her fear of landings and how she would never cope with a trip to the UK that I snapped. It took three hours but I could take no more and told her to "Just Shut the Fuck Up will you, oh and please let me know if you ever decide on the UK trip as I would like to make sure I'm never again on a flight with you…by the way if ever I become Minister of Internal Affairs I will personally make sure your passport is cancelled and I will do it when you are in some remote place so we never have to be inflicted with your kind of traveller again."

The applause from the sourrounding passengers was deafening causing the beetroot faced bitch to sit down and start huffing and puffing. Even the crew thanked me….hope I get an upgrade on the way back.

Vanuatu is run down, but the optimism of the people and a real can do attitude is refreshing. Health and Saftey nightmares exist every where you go, but hey who cares, they sure as hell don't. The boat I came back on from Aore did have one life jacket for the 15 of us. In the more remote areas you just do what is required to make things happen. After reviewing the mill and seeing the committment of the locals to get ahead despite their government's lassitude I am encouraged to assit the school some more.

If anyone knows about Satelitte Internet delivery then please contact me for a wee project in Vanuatu. The photos are of the school boat bringing some students to Independence Day celebrations on Santo at Luganville. If you look closely art the boat which we then took to Aore, it has a dead bullock on the front part of the cabin just behind the three fron passengers.Me working hard at reviewing the coconut mill and Me and Bettik the Plant manager showing me copra knives as I stuff my face on fresh coconut.

I am now back in Port Vila after flying back from Santo in a Twin Otter. The? Santo airfield has been modernised with Chinese money but the domestic terminal in Vila remains the pits. There is much infrastructure that remains from World War II, and the locals recycle almost everything. The principal at Aore School has the last working 1942 Willys Jeep and the locals use the Marsden Mats left over from the war for a multitude of purposes including fencing, tables, copra drying and decoration and art. There are heaps of Quonset Huts in various states of disrepair and repair. The local language is Bislama but everyone speaks English and also some French. The neglect of the French is apparent everywhere.


Bainimarama compares coup to US War of Independence

Bainimarama compares coup to US War of Independence – 09 Jul 2007 – NZ Herald: World / International News

Bainimarama compares coup to US War of Independence

Frank Bainimarama has basically told Condi to shove it when she spoke at a meeting in Washington against the coup in Fiji.

[quote]”The Pacific cannot devolve into an area where strong men unilaterally decide the fates of their country and destabilise democratic foundations of their neighbours,”[/quote]

But Bainimarama said his strong-arm actions were like the strong-arm methods of those who fought in America’s Revolutionary War against Britain.

[quote]”Two hundred years ago in America it was strong-arm people that made America what it is today, one of the most powerful countries if not the most powerful and prosperous country. Two hundred years ago.”

“One hundred and fifty years ago America had the constitution up and running. One hundred and fifty years ago we were still clubbing one another,”

“We are just starting a long journey. They have gone through that,”

“They think that because we wear the same clothes and we answer mobiles and you are holding the tape recorder they are the same as us, but we have not come to that state yet.”

“My advice is really … to let us be. Let us sort our problems out and the election is not going to do it for us,”[/quote]

And bloody good advice that is too, now if only Clark would listen up she may learn something.

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"Good Neighbours" pogrom

Chris Carter is now treading a fine line between sensible management of state tenants and meddling intrusively in people lives.

Adolf over at No Minister labels him Heinrich Carter as his "Good Neighbours" programme pogrom is yet another State control operation against things that are not illegal, ie being a bad neighbour.

[quote]Mr Carter said he had instructed Housing New Zealand to form a programme to build good neighbourly relations so problems could be nipped in the bud.

The programme would include a look at anti-social behaviour initiatives in the United Kingdom, which rely on neighbours to collect evidence and report bad behaviour.[/quote]

How long is it before "nipped in the bud" moves from a visit from the authorities to being dispatched to a re-education camp.

What constitutes "bad behaviour"? Is it loud and noisy parties? Excessive swearing? Graffiti? Being a member of the Exclusive Brethren? Being a member of the National Party? Not being a member of the Labour Party?

See where we are going?

Adolf is right, Heinrich Carter has gone too far.

Think they haven't already, take a look at these:

Exhibit A: Workplace informers get added protection

Exhibit B: Hotline suggested for varsity whistle-blowers



PM wades in against family's state house victory

PM wades in against family's state house victoryA family accused of terrorising their neighbours in a case compared to an episode of the Sopranos have won a battle to stay in their Auckland state house. But the saga is likely to continue, with Prime Minister Helen Clark wading… [NZ Politics]

Yep, there she goes again, acting as Judge, Jury and executioner, completely ignoring that the statutory authority has found otherwise.

Clearly Clark is desperate to cling onto any sort of dead bdy or local controversy in a desperate and ultimately futile bid to save her drowning government. She seems to not care about the rule of law but then she is a Labour minister and the rule of law doesn't apply to them.

Once again one of her departments has failed in the simplest of tasks, one any property invetor is faced with, that of getting rid of a troublesome tenant, and they bungled that. Clearly the Minister is not in charge of this department, oh wait that is Chris Carter, he didn't even know about a huge rort case until it was leaked in parliament. Time for another sacking methinks.?

Rorting the Housing Corp

National MP Phil Heatley nailed Housing Minister Chris Carter yesterday (appalling image, I know) with some serious questions about Housing NZ practices. Listening live, Chris Carter was seriously caught on the back foot and was back peddling as fast as he could.

[quote]8. PHIL HEATLEY (National?Whangarei) to the Minister of Housing: Does he have confidence in Housing New Zealand Corporation; if so, why?

Hon CHRIS CARTER (Minister of Housing): Yes; but there is always room for improvement.

Phil Heatley: How is it that a person can be allocated a State house in M?ngere, and, at the same time, own a holiday home in Russell?

Hon CHRIS CARTER: I would welcome further information about that case.

Phil Heatley: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I ask you to judge whether that is a fair answer, given that the Minister gave me that information yesterday with a cover letter.

Madam SPEAKER: As the member knows, that is not a point of order.

Phil Heatley: How is it that a person not only can get away with owning a holiday home in Russell while having a State house but also can get away with not living in the State house, instead renting it out for a tidy profit to an unwitting family?

Hon CHRIS CARTER: I am astonished to learn that that member claims he received a letter from me about this subject yesterday. I would like to sit down with him after question time, be shown this letter, and find out a bit more information about this case. It is really astonishing.

Phil Heatley: I seek leave to table the letter

Leave granted.

Phil Heatley: I seek leave to table the Official Information Act request explaining these details.

Leave granted.

Phil Heatley: What action has the Minister taken to investigate Housing New Zealand Corporation over this scam, given that one of the neighbours has formally testified to the corporation that the tenant ?gloated he knew someone in Housing; that is how he got the place.??

Hon CHRIS CARTER: Such alleged behaviour by a tenant would be totally inappropriate. I will be investigating it very carefully after question time.

Phil Heatley: Was the State house tenant ever prosecuted, and was an official investigation ever made into allegations that to pull off this scam the tenant had insider help from a Housing New Zealand Corporation mate?

Hon CHRIS CARTER: All sorts of allegations can be made by all sorts of people. I can assure this House that I will be looking into this case very carefully, very quickly.[/quote]

As you can see Carter knew absolutely nothing about this, so we are now being asked to beilieve his spin that something was being done all along….I think not Minister.

The couple living in the house, who paid the man $210 a week in rent, only found out they were tied up in the rort when they applied for a state house – to be told they were already living in one.

The man, who also owned a holiday home in the Bay of Islands, was paying $133 a week for the state house – and pocketing the $70 difference.

Not only that the documents show that the man tried to sell the house at one stage despite, not even owning it.

This is clearly another case of a Minister not knowing what is going on in his own portfolio.

Mallard chastises Mercury over 'no surprises' policy

Mallard chastises Mercury over 'no surprises' policyMercury Energy has again been rapped over the knuckles by State Owned Enterprises Minister Trevor Mallard for its handling of the death of south Auckland woman Folole Muliaga.The 44-year-old mother of four, who used an oxygen… [NZ Politics]

mallard the bully-boy gets slapped around at the Select Committee and so reacts in his typical way by lashing out. I would have thought he would've shut up now the facts are emerging about the fat slug's assisted suicide. He should hang his head in shame or do what he constantly called for after Cave Creek and resign after a government department killed someone. It is one or the other Trevor. Either Mercury is blameless or at fault. If at fault then go you should. ?

Of course the buck will stop some way short of Mallard, probably in the vicinity of the Might River Power Board labour lackey Chairperson. Of course the buck should stop with fatty's two kids Dumb and Dumber for not calling an ambulance for at the very least attempting to lever her immense form over to the neighbours until they could get the power on for the fourth time in recent memory.