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The Sarah Joe after she was found and pulled from the sand.

The Sarah Joe after she was found and pulled from the sand.

The Mystery?of Sarah Joe

The ocean is a prime spot for mystery-it’s vast, violent, and unknowable. One of the most curious tales comes in the form of the Sarah Joe.

The 17-foot?Boston Whaler went out from a busy port, was crewed by a number of responsible people, then disappeared. But this story takes a twist because rather than the usual ?was never heard from again,? this boat actually turned up years later. And rather than answer many of the questions, its discovery only added to the mystery.

Scott Moorman was born in 1952 and grew up in the San Fernando Valley. He watched the TV series?Adventures in Paradise?as a child and started telling his parents that one day he was going to move to Hawaii. He married young and had a son, but his dream of living in Hawaii never left so when Scott and his young wife called it quits in 1975, he fulfilled his dream by moving to the small community of Nahiku on the east coast of Maui.

Nahiku was a town of native Hawaiians and a growing population of “haoles,” mostly?Caucasian refugees looking for their version of paradise – hippies, earth?mamas,?nature freaks and Vietnam vets trying to forget. Women and men both wore their hair long, grew and smoked dope, lived with each other with no thought of being married and partied way more than they worked.

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