Paul Davison

Expunging the record, Dotcom’s former lawyers run from their work

Kim Dotcom’s former lawyers are pretending desperately that they?never worked for him, such is the toxicity of his brand and persona.

TorrentFreak highlights some of the changes?as Dotcom’s former layers run and hide:

[I]t?s been revealed that high-profile Queen?s Counsel Paul Davison, QC, and Simpson Grierson, one of New Zealand?s biggest lawfirms, are stepping down from Dotcom?s legal team.

?Paul Davison & Simpson Grierson of NZ are stepping down from @KimDotcom legal team. They did world-class legal work & were great colleagues,? Rothken tweeted.

Davison has been representing Dotcom in his U.S. extradition case and various Simpson Grierson partners including William Akel and Tracey Walker have represented the entrepreneur in civil actions brought by the Hollywood studios.

While Rothken has made it clear that he was pleased with the work of the outgoing legal team, there is a rather unusual element to the story. When we searched the Simpson Grierson website for the history of the Dotcom case, it appears that the company has erased it, an unusual move for such a high-profile action.

And it doesn?t stop there. Senior litigation partner William Akel has removed all reference to Dotcom from his case history. The image below shows his profile, before and after, with Dotcom?s case now erased.

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Roughan on Dotcom’s conspiracy theory

John Roughan damns David “tainted” Fisher with faint praise, this morning, for his big reveal that wasn’t.

Conspiracy theories may be mad but they are fun. When my colleague David Fisher unearthed documents this week showing how the Security Intelligence Service had cleared Kim Dotcom’s application for residency in New Zealand, only Dotcom could imagine that it did him much good.

The SIS had described him as a “bad but wealthy man” who was under investigation by the FBI, but let the application go through after a call from the head of Immigration New Zealand asking why they had it on hold. “Apparently there is some political pressure to process this case,” one SIS officer told another.

The director of the SIS was briefed at that point and it was decided Dotcom could not be blocked on security grounds. But they advised Immigration to talk to the police about the FBI investigation. The agency repeated that advice a few days later and went so far as to have one of its staff brief Immigration’s intelligence man before a meeting with his minister at the time, Jonathan Coleman. After that meeting, the immigration official could only remind his SIS contact that the residence category for “high rollers” was a Government priority.

So it would seem fairly clear how Dotcom got in. Immigration admits it did not talk to the police. Coleman is a nice man, a doctor, who would give anyone the benefit of a doubt. Dotcom’s wealth explains the “political pressure”.

If this week’s disclosure reflected badly on Dotcom, his own take on the events was even worse. His theory is that the SIS dropped its opposition to his entry at the request of the FBI who believed that once he was in New Zealand he would be within their clutches. ? Read more »

Liar, Liar, Lederhosen on Fire

The Fat German crook has proven himself to be a liar yet again.

Remember this:

and this;

Reacting to media stories today about possible compensation, Kim Dotcom tweeted yesterday afternoon, “Don’t worry about us suing the NZ government & burdening Kiwi tax payers. The US government shall pay & puppets shall fall.”

Turns out the fat german is a liar. He has commenced proceedings for compensation.

Kim Dotcom will be seeking compensation through a fresh court action against the Government Communications Security Bureau after it illegally spied on the internet tycoon.? Read more »

UK media vs NZ media when reporting on Kim Dotcom

Our media is full of stories about the plucky fat German taking his case all the way to the Supreme Court.

The subtext is that this lovely underdog will keep battling the evil empire. So clearly his PR is still working a treat on our repeaters, it helps of course that one major daily has embedded journalists working with his lawyers.

But step outside New Zealand and the harsh reality for this convicted crook is plain for all to see.

Guardian covers the facts

Guardian covers the facts

US prosecutors have won a court case that brings them a step closer in their attempts to have the?Megaupload?founder and three of his colleagues extradited from?New Zealand.

The appeals court in Wellington overturned an earlier ruling that would have allowed?Kim Dotcom?and the others broad access to evidence in the case against them at the time of their?extradition?hearing, which is scheduled for August. The four are accused of facilitating massive copyright fraud through the?internetfilesharing?site.

The court ruled that extensive disclosure would bog down the process and that a summary of the US case would suffice.

Dotcom, a German national, says he is innocent and cannot be held responsible for others using the site to illegally download songs and films. Along with him, US prosecutors are seeking the extraditions of Finn Batato, Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk, each of whom held senior positions at Megaupload before American authorities shut the site down in 2012.

Paul Davison, one of Dotcom’s lawyers, said he planned to appeal at New Zealand’s supreme court. Dotcom’s legal team must first submit an application to the court which will then decide whether an appeal has enough merit to proceed.

In its ruling the appeals court found that full disclosure of evidence was not necessary at the extradition hearing because the hearing was not the venue to determine guilt or innocence. The court pointed out that the legal obligation on the US was simply to prove it had a valid case.

The court also found that extradition treaties are essentially agreements between governments and “even though courts play a vital part in the process, extradition is very much a government to government process”

The sooner this fat german crook is put on a plane the better.