Paul Gallen

Bring back the biff

Rugby League went all sooky years ago, especially when they banned the biff and brought in gay developments like the judiciary.

Now Paul Gallen has been fined $50,000 for calling someone a c*nt on Twitter.

Cronulla captain Paul Gallen has been handed a $50,000 fine and provisional Kangaroos suspension for a foul-mouthed tirade he made against NRL officials on social media last week.

Gallen has seven days to respond to the breach notice and explain any mitigating factors that might have contributed to his Twitter brain-snapwhile holidaying in Hawaii.

The NRL imposed the heaviest possible code of conduct fine on the Sharks and NSW captain, and he will also be ineligible for Australia selection in 2015 unless he successfully completes a leadership course.

His eligibility would then be reviewed by an ARL commission panel.

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Sports Talk: NRL round 1

Round one of the NRL season kicks off in just a few hours tonight, unfortunately it will merely be an afterthought because of the controversy surrounding the Cronulla Sharks. At this stage the outlook for the Sharks doesn’t look good. Up to 14 players may have used a sports supplement that contained a banned substance. Players were told on Tuesday they had 48 hours to accept a 6 month voluntary suspension if they had used the banned drug, knowingly or otherwise, or face a 2 year ban if investigated and found guilty by ASADA.

“Richard Redman is very experienced and what he would be advising the players would be that – if they were involved and if they know that they were involved – that they should come forward and receive a mitigation in that penalty,” Ings told Fox Sports.

“If they wait, they could get a two-year ban.

“Anti-doping is a very, very complicated area and Richard Redman, I’d say, would be the best-credentialed lawyer in the anti-doping space in Australia.”

Ings said there was a very clear process followed by ASADA in attempting to weed out drug cheats.

“What the players need to realize is that this is a house of cards and, if they are involved in doping, there’ll be someone who will break ranks and people who break ranks are going to get the credit and the reduced penalty,” said Ings.

He reiterated that ignorance was no defense amid speculation Cronulla players could sue the club if suspended, saying they had taken supplements provided by an employee of the club in good faith. Read more »