Paul Goulter

Will Paul Goulter make a public correction?

The left-wing are still talking about NZEI’s Paul Goulter and his column “TPP puts profit ahead of quality education.”

Over at The Standard they are positively foaming at the mouth.

The main assertion is that Canada negotiated an out clause in the TPPA to protect public education, while New Zealand failed to do so.

So let’s start with Canada’s out clause.

Canada reserves the right to adopt or maintain a measure for supplying public law enforcement and correctional services, as well as the following services to the extent that they are social services established or maintained for a public purpose: income security or insurance, social security or insurance, social welfare, public education, public training, health and child care.   Read more »


Charter Schools – Changing the Story

As more and more results stack up overseas the Charter Schools opponents are trying to change the story.

Paul Goulter (NZEI) on Radio NZ this morning continued to be disingenuous through his teeth in trying to say there is “no evidence” of success overseas. He is trying to treat the New Zealand public as fools.

The union argument will be hurt again by a growing body of evidence from the US (a country Goulter calls a “basketcase” even though it has e.g. 13 of the world’s top 20 Universities). Today information was released from Florida that their Charter Schools are well and truly outperforming their state counterparts.  Read more »

Charter School Opponents will ignore Sweden now

Four points from this research summary 

1. Growth of free schools has led to better high school grades & university participation, even accounting for other factors such as grade inflation.

2. Crucially, state school pupils seem to benefit about as much as independent school ones. When ‘bog standard comprehensive’ face new tougher competition, they shape up. They know they’ll lose pupils if they don’t. As the researchers put it: ‘these positive effects are primarily due to spill-over or competition effects and not that independent-school students gain significantly more than public school students.’

3. Free schools have produced better results on the same budget. Their success cannot be put down to cash. Or, as they say, ‘We are also able to show that a higher share of independent-school students in the municipality has not generated increased school expenditures.’

4. That the ‘free school effect’ is at its clearest now because we now have a decade’s worth of development and expansion.

[Full report ]

Will NZEI and PPTA show the integrity that good teachers expect from students – or will people like NZEI’s Paul Goulter continue to lie to the New Zealand public and try and deny parents the right to choose educational options for their children.

Given that this evidence was available in November of last year. Paul Goulter needs to retract this statement:

“We would go further and say that, based on overseas evidence, there are absolutely no benefits to be gained from charter schools.”

Are teachers really happy with this kind of representation?

Continued NZEI Dishonesty

Primary teachers continue to be poorly served by the NZEI. Their national secretary Paul Goulter once again insults the NZ public. This time by lying while complaining about the integration of Wanganui Collegiate School and implying a link to Charter Schooling in NZ.

Clearly hoping for a greater tragedy than the school being supported by government Goulter complains about the $3.8 million spent to save the school and the $1200 per student subsidy private schools receive.

Either the maths is beyond Mr Goulter (incompetence) or he is dishonest. Some simple and conservative calculations show that Wanganui Collegiate School existing for even the last twenty years has saved the taxpayer in excess of $65 million. That is based on 450 students multiplied by $7500 (the difference between full funding and paying the private school subsidy) times 20 years minus the $3.8 million. Over the full life of the school it is many times that but the picture is already clear.

When will the teacher unions be honest about why they disagree with education decisions (i.e. ideology) instead of trying to fudge figures at every turn?

In terms of the dollars – Partnership Schooling will also be, at worst, fiscally neutral.

How teacher unions spend their union subs

If you’re a teacher and you want to know how your unions subs are used, then I’m happy to help. It is estimated, conservatively, that the NZEI yearly income at $20 million in subs from the members.

The cash is used to fund extremely poor adverts and international flights and accommodation.

These people have no shame. They are quite happy to put pictures online just to remind their comrades of the struggle for teachers’ rights and how important it is to travel abroad to continue this struggle.

So here are the NZEI, PPTA and TEU troughers in Cape Town last month:

The feature Paul Goulter (blue shirt), National Secretary of NZEI, who wrote to members apologising for handing over ECE postcards to Labour. They also feature prominently Sandra Grey from the Campaign for MMP. Nice to see that union movement is heavily backing MMP. I wonder why that is?

Here’s how this very important gathering is described:

The Congress provides an opportunity for representatives of all EI affiliates to meet and strengthen the bonds of solidarity between teachers and education workers throughout the world. Delegates consider the major contemporary issues affecting their organisations, the international teacher trade union movement, and the ongoing struggle to achieve quality public education for all.

I wonder if the ongoing struggle for quality public education touched on the one in five kids failing in NZ schools?

South Africa made a nice change from New York in March, where the NZEI and PPTA chose to stay at the rather nice New York Hilton while attending yet another conference, while their comrades in Christchurch were trying to put their schools and houses back together.

The NZEI then had the cheek to slag off Anne Tolley for not going on the trip.

NZEI – putting its members first? You decide.