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Gareth Morgan’s new policy announcement is a complete train wreck

Gareth Morgan has announced his first policy and it is one that will tax every single asset you have…a car, a boat, a house…all because Gareth Morgan thinks that you shouldn’t spend money like that.

His interview with Paul Henry was an utter trainwreck.

Gareth Morgan, leader of the new Opportunities Party, tried to explain his tax policy to Paul Henry on Thursday morning.

The policy proposes putting a minimum rate of return on all productive assets, including houses and land – so people could be taxed for owning the home they live in, or for having an expensive car.

Henry made it clear from the outset he didn’t agree with the idea.

“I’m calling it an envy tax,” he said.

“Oh ok. Well that tells me where you are,” replied Morgan, and the battle was on. ? Read more »


NZ Herald writer didn’t get the memo; sides with Paul Henry


Winston Aldworth manages to slide this past the Editor at the Herald

It was bound to happen sooner or later: Paul Henry has said something I agree with.

In Saturday’s Canvas magazine, Henry – a familiar face for the dozens of people who watch TV3 early on weekday mornings – fired a few choice bons mots at those most annoying of travellers: People who are slow at the security check. Read more »

The NZ Herald?s full court press to get Paul Henry fired continues


The NZ Herald continues its ‘Get Paul Henry’ campaign…aided and abetted by the luvvies.

They’ve called in veteran whinger and prospective Labour candidate for Rotorua and national anthem singer, Lizzie Marvelly, to have a whinge.

Singer/songwriter Lizzie Marvelly has pulled out of a panel on TV3’s Paul Henry Show tomorrow in protest at Henry’s comments about women’s breasts.

Marvelly, a Weekend Herald columnist and founder of the feminist website The Villainesse, said on Twitter she was “saddened” to read Henry’s comments toHerald journalist Greg Bruce about the “perfect titties” of a woman at another table in the restaurant where he was interviewed, and the “adequate titties” of a woman she was dining with.

“I have a huge amount of respect for Paul as a broadcaster and a person, and I was surprised to read his objectifying comments,” she said. ? Read more »

Hilary is replaced by a weather girl that we’ll call Hilary too


Hilary Barry’s replacement was called Hilary by the highest paid professional at Mediaworks.?? An accident??? Is the female talent really that interchangeable?

Being called Hilary within the first 30 seconds was probably not the welcome Ingrid Hipkiss was hoping for at her new job on Paul Henry.

The?Newshub?weather presenter, who was initially thought to be stepping in?for three weeks, has been announced as Hilary Barry’s permanent replacement.

But at the beginning of Monday’s episode, while viewers could see?Barry’s seat was occupied by Hipkiss, there was confusion for radio listeners when Henry said congratulations and good morning to “Hilary”.

Newshub weather presenter Ingrid Hipkiss was introduced as Hilary on her very first day on Paul Henry.

It might sound akin to Henry’s sense of humour,?but the host was quick to apologise?and blamed?his age for the?slip.

If he’s that demented already, he shouldn’t be in the job.? Read more »

So Hilary doesn’t want to spend more time with family then?

The rumour mill has gone into overdrive

Star news anchor Hilary Barry is expected to join TVNZ’s Breakfast show after her shock defection from TV3 – and the state broadcaster is reportedly writing a half-million dollar cheque for her.
The Weekend Herald broke the news Barry had quit TV3, the latest high-profile casualty after 18 months of drama at the network. Sources said her departure to arch-rival TVNZ was a double whammy from which TV3 would struggle to recover.

Barry is a linchpin at both ends of the day for MediaWorks – on the Paul Henry Show in the morning and as 6pm news co-host.

TVNZ is said to be eager to get Barry on board at Breakfast. Sources told the Herald on Sunday it had been rattled at how quickly Henry’s show had eaten into its audience.

In February, Paul Henry edged ahead of Breakfast for the first time, attracting the majority of viewers in the 25-54 age bracket.

One source said: “TV3 is looking fresher with its Newshub overhaul, and TVNZ is under pressure to do something, particularly with Breakfast, which is really not doing well. It’s amazing how quickly the Paul Henry Show has caught them.” Read more »

A reader writes: Who is Paul Henry’s spitting Mexican, really?

by Vlad

Today, newspapers reported briefly on the sentencing of Diego Chavez, the twerp who spat on Paul Henry and subsequently sprayed graffiti over TV3’s walls.

He was handed the usual NZ Court damp bus ticket of Community Work and reparation of $250 to Paul Henry, which he is instructed to pay off at $50 a week.

This time he is incuriously reported by our plodding repeaters as Diego Chavez. However, at a previous appearance he was named as Christian Marcel Cebolledo Gutierrez.

Now that is a very good name to Google. There may be lots of people around named Diego Chavez but there aren’t many named C M C Gutierrez, and a quick check shows that (a) Paul Henry was very luck to escape with just a spit from this character and (b) he might have a very good reason to be using an alias.

According to an International Communist League website, Christian was in the front lines of the extremely violent Oaxaca riots of 2006, where buildings and cars were burned, missiles and bullets flew and 17 died.

Christian Marcel Cebolledo Gutierrez was arrested for sedition, arson, criminal association and obstructing arrest:

Defend the Victims of State Repression in Mexico!

Defend the Victims of State Repression in Mexico!

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The man is an idiot, needs to spend some time in the pokey


The lunatic who pushed and spat at Paul Henry is also the same man who spray painted the Mediaworks building the same day he was found guilty of attacking Henry.

A man who defaced the MediaWorks building with anti-Paul Henry graffiti was the same man found guilty of shoving and spitting at him, it can now be revealed.

The incident at the Flower St premises came just hours after 35-year-old Diego Chavez was found guilty of assaulting the controversial presenter on December 2. ? Read more »

In a dreadful year for Television, which three NZ shows bucked the trend?

Regan @ Throng writes

When we consider how bad the ratings have been for a number of shows this year, it?s hard to believe there could be any silver lining for anyone. While the bottom has fallen out of much of the audience levels TV3 and TV2?s programming with 3 News, Campbell Live, Masterchef, Dancing With the Stars, Shortland Street and Home and Away, to name a few, haemorrhaging viewers, there have been a couple of stand outs that really have bucked the trend and turned things around on 2014. Especially when you consider

The first on this list of winners for 2015 is One News.

The average audience for One News in 2015 is at the highest we have seen since we began looking at the ratings in 2010. In 2015, the average nightly audience has been approximately 660,000 viewers per night, 9% higher than 2010 and 4% higher than last year.

The second show to buck the trend and turn things around is Seven Sharp.

Say what you will about Mike Hosking and the content of TV One?s post news program but Seven Sharp has consolidated the gains the show made in 2014 to increase the average audience by a further 8% to approximately 474,000 viewers per night. The size of the audience is now between two and three times greater than TV3?s 7pm audience and surprisingly nearly 100,000 more than Shortland Street over on TV2. Read more »

Good on ya Paul Henry

Paul Henry isn’t interested in restorative justice, and to be frank neither am I which will become apparent in coming days.

Broadcaster Paul Henry says he is “not even remotely interested” in having a restorative justice session with the man who assaulted him at an out-of-control protest.

On Wednesday morning Judge David Sharp found Diego Leonardo Chavez guilty of lunging and spitting at Henry outside SkyCity earlier this year.

Chavez’s lawyer Luke Wilson initially said the parties were legally required to look into having a restorative justice session, but later said Chavez had no interest in restorative justice either.

When approached for comment after the verdict when the restorative justice meeting was still a possibility, Henry said he had nothing to say to Chavez.

“I’m getting on with my life so he can get on with his life, with a conviction,” Henry said.

Chavez had been waiting nearly two months for the verdict, after pleading not guilty.

Judge Sharp had reserved his decision after a trial at the Auckland District Court in October.

There, Henry gave evidence of what he called a “vile” act by one of the protesters he’d been accosted by as he lunched at SkyCity earlier this year.

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“We have to kill them, before they kill us”


Source: / Time – Credit: Emin ?zmen?Agence LeJournal

I wrote “We have to kill them, before they kill us” some time ago, and it caused quite the uproar. ? Talk of advertiser bans. ?In fact, some of our advertisers were harassed via social media, and complaints to Google led to our advertising being suspended until we were able to explain that the statement had been quoted out of context.

It was therefore interesting to hear Paul Henry say exactly the same thing, word for word, on his show?less than 24 hours ago. Read more »