Paul Henry

Paul Henry assault accused has zero contrition and may get off


…[T]he court heard from Mr Henry who said he was suddenly confronted by a screaming mob of semi-deranged people as he was on the way to attend a charity lunch.

“It was very threatening, extraordinarily threatening,” he said.

“That’s the huge issue for me. It was very aggressive. A couple of them were screaming at me right in my face, literally just standing there right in my face. So the options were reducing and it felt like it was becoming more and more inflamed.”

Henry said he could not pick out exactly what was being said to him but thought he heard a chant of “mouthpiece of the rich”.

Then as he was shepherded away, he was allegedly attacked.

“From behind, someone spat on me and I was pushed. For me that was the final straw. People have a right to protest and expression is very important and should be upheld. But this was way beyond where people should go,” Henry said.

“The thing I mostly remember was being spat on, which is just such a vile thing to do.”

He told the court he did not want to show the impact the incident had on him. Read more »

Paul Henry likely to testify against Sue Bradford rent-a-mobster


Broadcaster Paul Henry is likely to be called to give evidence in the trial of a man charged with assaulting him.

Diego Leonardo Chavez, 35, appeared in Auckland District Court today to face two charges of assault.

Assisted by a Spanish interpreter he entered not guilty pleas and a judge-alone trial was scheduled for October.

The allegations relate to a protest outside Prime Minister John Key’s post-Budget speech at Auckland’s SkyCity events centre on May 22.

It was reported at the time that protesters led by veteran activist Sue Bradford charged at the entrances but were pushed back by police. Read more »

One man’s Hate Tweet is another man’s Opinion

Screen shot 2015-07-09 at 4.01.17 PM

Screen shot 2015-07-09 at 4.01.17

The song says that it is a fine line between love and hate. I would add that it is a fine line between what some see as a joke or opinion on twitter and what others see as a hateful tweet. This is one of the big problems when you make a law that seeks to limit people’s freedom of speech.

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“Just John Drinnan interviewing his typewriter again”

Throng has lifted this pertinent bit of commentary from the Paul Henry show.

It’s getting tiring really. ?The NZ Herald are running their attack lines on anyone they don’t like. ?But they do it so clumsily. ?It’s little more than immaturity. Read more »

Sue Bradford’s rent-a-thug charged with Paul Henry assault

The little scrote with a dago name who spat at and pushed Paul Henry has been charged with assault.

He claims Paul Henry deserved this attention because he is apparently a racist.

A man has appeared in court charged with assaulting broadcaster Paul Henry.

Diego Chavez, 34, faces two counts of assault, relating to an incident outside SkyCity Hotel where the Prime Minister was attending a post-Budget lunch with business leaders last month.

Chavez was among protesters outside the venue when Mr Henry arrived for an unrelated function.

A lawyer acting on Chavez’s behalf said he would plead not guilty, reports the New Zealand Herald.

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Feral Barbarians at the gates

You’ve probably already heard: ?there was a bit of a riot at SkyCity today. ?Quite absurdly, Paul Henry, who wasn’t actually involved in the protest nor what was being protested against, walks up for a spot of lunch and becomes the focal point for the deep hatred these ferals have for people who actually work hard and have some money.

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Rodney Hide schools Jackie Blue

Rodney Hide schools Jackie Blue on what a waste of space her job is.

He is of course talking about Blue’s ill-considered opinion over Paul Henry stating a few home truths about Helen Clark and Hillary Clinton.

Henry had said in regard to Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House: “Why, if feminism has come so far, does she feel the need to highlight the fact that she’s a woman?

“Shouldn’t she be selling herself on the fact that she’s the best person, the right person, for the job, no matter what her sex?”

Henry also noted other high-profile females had “fallen into the same trap”, including Helen Clark in her bid to become Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Henry has a good point. The feminist complaint was “jobs for the boys”. The argument was women shouldn’t be excluded because they’re women. But the argument has become that women must be selected because they are women. Clinton and Clark have replaced sexism with reverse sexism. ?? Read more »

Well, yes actually, you can call someone a twat on TV

Some wowser complained that Paul Henry called a twat a twat on television.

Turns out that is perfectly ok.

Good taste and decency may not be commonly associated with television personality Paul Henry.

But the Broadcasting Standards Authority say there was nothing wrong with him calling someone a “bloody twat” on national television, in a recently published decision.

A viewer complained to the authority in December after Henry made various comments on his television show about an Irish tourist driving with a kayak attached width-ways to the roof of his car (instead of length-ways). It eventuated after the comments were made that the tourist was actually an Auckland man whose roof racks had been torn off.

Henry had said the tourist was “a twat of the highest order” and the actions “pissed him off”. He also used other phrases such as “sh–box”, “a piece of sh–” and “prosecute the bastard”. ? Read more »


Boag vs. Slater 2.0


On Friday night the poisonous lying scumbag that is Michelle Boag was on?the?Paul Henry show…with my mate Willie Jackson.

Willie called her a sycophant repeatedly, which she is. She probably believes she was the one who got John Key into parliament but his biography and various public statements say otherwise much to her unending disappointment.

However she made a statement during her brief and incredibly made up performance.

“The thing is that Cameron appears to support the National Party and if he really was a supporter of the party he wouldn’t even try to contact Key,” says Ms Boag, who believes that Key hasn’t had any contact with Slater for months.

What would she know.

She went on to describe me as toxic etc and said if she was advising John Key he should dump me.

Yeah…so given her claims about benefitting or not benefitting the National party shall we look at our prospective records. ? Read more »

US teacher union bullying Coca-Cola

When the left don;t like you, or what you have to say they start their vilification and bullying.

We have seen this many times in NZ. Willie and JT and Radio Live attacked by left wingers intent on brand destruction, Paul Henry hounded out of a job, vilification and attacks on me by the left-wing to attempt to silence me.

This is the way of them. Bullying, intimidation, threats, and blackmail…all stock in trade of the left-wing?and Union movements.

Now a teacher’s union in the US is taking on Coca-cola with a wonky jihad.

American Federation of Teachers, one of the largest teachers unions in the United States, passed a resolution last week to ban Coca-Cola from its facilities and events.

The teachers union stated?its decision was based on human rights violations, which have been detailed in three books published several years ago.

The questions?remain: why now and why is this important to a teachers union?

Because AFT is a labor organization, it will stand in solidarity with other labor organizations that have taken a stance against Coca-Cola, AFT spokesman Michael Heenan told

Coca-Cola responded to AFT?s claims in an email to, saying they were based on ?outdated and erroneous allegations that we have repeatedly addressed.? ?? Read more »