Paul Hinton

The Weeman Caravan Adventures

Let’s look at Paul Hinton aka “Weeman”.

Weeman claims he is really passionate about the brand and his loyalty, going so far as to tattoo his neck with the Hell logo, and also now claims in the media (oh look another Bevan Hurley article) that he too is an aggrieved ex-hell franchisee.

But before I really closely examine “the Weeman”, I’d like to take you on a wee journey that involves caravans.

At which major and now defunct annual music festival event was “Mum-wee”, his missus, operating three Hunger Strike food caravans serving pizzas?

Apparently the pizzas tasted a lot like a Hell Pizza.

Why would “Mum-wee” be doing this, when she was a franchisee of a Hell Store in the Franklin district?

Who is the face behind the Trademe account strike17?

Why was stike17 selling mobile food caravans on the down-lo?

Did they look kind of like this?


Which popular vineyard music festival did “Mum-wee” also take a caravan journey to, pedalling her tasty hell-like pizza snacks?

Did “Weeman” really renege on his charitable offer to make free pizzas at the KidsCan children’s charity event, and in fact paid himself for his time, his staff and his petrol money out of the Hell caravan takings on the night leaving about a grand of the cash that was meant to go the kids, precipitating the now infamous KidsCan debacle?

Was it just a wee oversight that “Weeman’s” caravans weren’t compliant?