Paul Holmes

And why wouldn’t he? I would

If you are dying from cancer why wouldn’t you use cannabis to ease the suffering?

You’d be dead before it ever made it to court anyway.

The late broadcaster Sir Paul Holmes turned to marijuana before his death, his widow has revealed.

Lady Deborah Holmes said her husband was not a drug user but “in the final weeks it was the one thing that could give him peace and comfort”.

Sir Paul died age 62 in February 2013 after battling heart problems and the return of prostate cancer.

His wife told Herald columnist Brian Rudman that he was allergic to morphine and the alternative concoction of drugs “sent him off to la la land”. ? Read more »

The “cheeky darkie” wants Canada to be more like African countries

I kid you not.

Kofi Annan wants Canada to emulate basket case countries like Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda, countries wracked with civil war, stone age religions and barbaric human rights records. Hmmm…ok…all to save the planet.

In the new Africa Progress Panel Report, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan says Canada is one of the countries that needs to aim for zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Annan also says we should look to Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda as examples.

But of course, those three countries have low carbon emissions because they’re so poor.

Ethiopia’s GDP per capita is only about $500 a year; Kofi Annan has probably spent that much at lunch.

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Dotcom’s changing story, he’s got nothing and scamming media again

As a convicted fraudster and hacker Dotcom certainly has a history of lying.

Of course there was his famous pledge to a dying Paul Holmes that he wasn’t going to sue the Government (the NZ Taxpayer) before he changed his tune and decided that he would indeed claim cash from the long suffering Kiwi taxpayer. He also promised Team NZ cash and a new internet cable…none of those have materialised. The man just lies and the journalists repeat his lies like they are the Gospel of Kim.

The yesterday, in the world’s longest striptease (perish the thought), he again claimed he has the proof that John Key knew of his existence – before the Prime Minister says he did.

Quite why this even matters is beyond me.

But the problem for the German crook – is that once again he’s changed his story.

Previously Dotcom promised his ‘bombshell’ was so important to his extradition case that it would only be revealed in court… clearly he’s lied again.

The NZ Herald reported at the time:

Kim Dotcom claims he has proof that Prime Minister John Key lied about not knowing who the Megaupload millionaire was until just before the raid on his Coatesville mansion.

But Dotcom says he will not reveal his evidence until he is in court.? Read more »

Another day, another lie from Dotcom

Pinocchio Dotcom

Pinocchio Dotcom

In his last ever interview Paul Holmes went to the Dotcom mansion to interview Kim Dotcom, this is what Dotcom said at the time:

HOLMES: ? ? ?Then there?s the spying, the GCSB, the spying. A former prime minister, Sir Geoffrey Palmer, says the New Zealand Government could be liable for heavy damages for the illegal spying on your activities as a New Zealand resident. Should there be heavy damages?

DOTCOM: ? ??Well, I?m not interested in damages from the New Zealand Government. I?m interested to resolve this case. I?m interested for people to realise the people who attacked me, they made a mistake and that this needs to be resolved in a diplomatic fashion, and soon, because this is just going to drag on. It?s going to hurt everybody. It?s going to embarrass those who are attacking us. And there?s no point in taking this further.

HOLMES: ? ??If you got damages, of course, I suppose that could go some way to paying for a new broadband cable across the Pacific.

DOTCOM: ? ??Yeah, but if I would seek damages, I would not seek them in New Zealand. I would seek them from the US Government, which has acted in bad faith, and I would seek that also from Hollywood Studios who are paying the MPAA and Chris Dodd, you know, to do this kind of thing. And I think they are liable because there has been a lot of bad faith and a lot of misinformation going on in this case.? Read more »

Guest Post – Rex Widerstrom on the Jackson/Tamihere debacle.

Rex Widerstrom

Rex Widerstrom

As someone who?s sat in a talkback studio, waiting for the lights to blink to indicate a caller wants to fill a few minutes with something other than my increasingly desperate blathering, I know exactly what it?s like to be Willie Jackson or John Tamihere. They, at least, have one another to talk to if those lights steadfastly refuse to illuminate. When you?re in the studio on your own, the phrase ?dead air? seems palpably real. You stare at the microphone that stares back, sightlessly accusing you of not being interesting enough to provoke Fred in Takapuna to press a few digits on his phone rather than jump online and comment on that damned upstart Slater?s blog.

You?re constantly walking a fine line between stirring up the audience sufficiently to get prompt them to call, and not making an ass of yourself by saying something clearly calculated just to cause outrage, though increasingly ? and especially on Radio Live ? the latter tactic seems to be not just accepted but encouraged. How else to explain hour after hour, day after day, of Michael Laws? entirely predictable and by now well canvassed opinions that the poor, the infirm, the mentally fragile and of course ?fat brown slugs? are responsible for any plight in which they may find themselves?

Anyway, back to ?Willie and JT?, as they seem to want to be known. I don?t believe their now infamous interview with the victim of ?Roast Busters? was a premeditated attempt at attracting attention to their show ? though goodness knows they and everyone else could do with some, as their lacklustre ratings clearly illustrate ? which only makes what transpired worse. ? Read more »

Liar, Liar, MEGA XXXL pants on fire, Ctd

I blogged earlier about the Gurnard’s story in today’s paper that Krim Dotcon is set to claim?$6 million in damages?from the New Zealand taxpayer. The Albert Street branch of Dotcom’s empire has been working overtime.

The claim specifies sums ranging from $1 million to $50,000 for a range of points.

This proves the fraudster tells lies to the public of New Zealand.

I dug out this?interview with Paul Holmes. ?If you’re going to accuse other people of lying – best you don’t get caught in one yourself eh?

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Interesting Whaleoil searches



It is always interesting to have a look at what people were looking for when they use a search engine to visit Whaleoil. ?The majority of the searches are obviously directly for the blog name, my name or some combination of it.

With about 60,000 searches being delivered to Whaleoil last month, the actual traffic from search engines is negligible to the 1,000,000+ pages that were served up, especially when half of those are looking for me or my blog by name.

But it still remains fun to have a look back.

Around the time of Sir Paul Holmes’ knighting and death, these searches actually outperformed searches for the man’s name itself ? Read more »

Herald on Sunday thanks me for helping, no probs Bryce, glad to help

Remember the email I?received?from a reader pointing out that Bryce Johns’ editorial that was supposedly a tribute to Sir Paul Holmes was in fact an insult?

You know the editorial where he boasted of it on Twitter?

Bryce Johns tweeting about his “tribute”

As “honest a piece as you’ll read anywhere”? Calling Sir Paul Holmes inimical is an honest tribute apparently.? Read more »

What’s in a name? Let’s ask “a decent journalist, trained and skilled?

Last week Herald on Sunday editor Bryce Johns engaged with me in a snippy and testy email exchange…where he tried to suggest I wasn’t?”a decent journalist, trained and skilled?. Of course I have never claimed any such thing…but clearly he is upset and has set about proving just how?decent their journalists, trained and skilled?are. At least I know the difference between inimical and inimitable, even if I’m not a decent journalist, trained and skilled.

The argument was over the name of Antonie Dixon, and flourished as his “proof” a freshly minted birth certificate, obtained 3 days after their story ran.

Last night the NZ Herald ran a story about Barry Hart failing in his appeal for being struck off.

And look what should crop up in Edward Gay’s article:


Anyone would think editors would have their stories were correct and written by ?”a decent journalist, trained and skilled”.

Which brings me to another matter…of all the pictures of Barry Hart they no doubt have in their archives why did they pick one of Paul Holmes to throw up on their home page for the Barry Hart story. Are they making some point about the dodgy criminal defense lawyer or Holmes with that picture?

A reader emails about “a ?decent journalist, trained and skilled?

A reader emails about Bryce Johns’ editorial:


Gong hei fa xai and all that. Just back from a glorious 2 week break and catching up on some of the recent posts. I saw the one from yesterday about Bryce Johns? editorial ? what a patronising cock. I couldn?t help notice an appalling lack of education from a ?decent journalist, trained and skilled? in the second paragraph of his Holmes editorial.? Read more »