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AECT Trust stays under centre right control

Looks like the return of Judith Tizard to politics has been thwarted.

The C&R candidates had a clean sweep, again, in the election.

The centre-right has retained control of the Auckland Energy Consumer Trust, winning all five seats in the latest triennial election.

Four existing trustees running under the Citizens and Ratepayers banner were returned, with a fifth member, former National MP Paul Hutchison, succeeding a retiring trustee.

Those returned were Mike Buzckowski, William Cairns, James Carmichael and Karen Sherry.

Two former Cabinet ministers, Judith Tizard and Paul East, were among the unsuccessful.     Read more »

What is the Health Committee doing?


Sometimes you really have to wonder whether MPs actually think about what they’re doing.

Right now the Health Select Committee is having another bash at tobacco companies, this time wanting plain packaging. There’s a novel idea.

Slight problem though. In their desire to hammer Big Tobacco they’re creating a whole new world of marketing that exploits the whole plain packaging effort.

Doritos have come up with plain packaging for their Dorito’s chips. They’re keen as.

“Dominic Twyford, client director at Landor said the move would draw existing customers to the brand. “It will make existing customers feel like a part of the brand, mirroring the co-creation trend that is increasingly popular at the moment and attract new customers to try the brand,” Twyford added.   Read more »

Will a Carpet Bagger win the Hunua Selection?

David Farrar has taken a break from his travel blogging to describe Hunua as:

Hunua  is one of the safest seats for National in the country. Retiring MP Paul Hutchison got 66% of the vote in 2011 and the Labour candidate just 17%, giving a majority of 16,797.

Lawyer and corporate banker and highly regarded candidates college member Seby Reeves has issued very professional press release announcing his candidacy for Hunua. The problem for Seby not what is in his press release, but what he has left out.

Auckland banker, Seby Reeves, has announced he will be putting his name forward to contest the selection of the Hunua candidate to represent the New Zealand National Party at the General Election later this year.

Mr Reeves is 33 and lives in Auckland with his wife Julie and young son.

Born in Wellington, Mr Reeves attended Scots College where he became Deputy Head Boy and Captain of the 1st XV.  He has degrees in Law and Commerce from Victoria and Otago Universities.

Between 2006 and 2011, Mr Reeves and his wife lived in London where he was a senior lawyer for a large international law firm and HSBC’s investment banking division.  Mr Reeves is currently a Manager in ANZ’s Commercial & Agri banking division.   Read more »

More renewal options for National as old duffers retire

The old duffers are being cleaned out from National’s ranks, two more have announced their retirements come the election.

Two National MPs – Hunua’s Paul Hutchison and list MP Cam Calder – are retiring from politics at next year.

Calder, based in Manurewa, has just revealed he will not seek re-election at the general election.

Five-term Hunua MP Hutchison is expected to follow with his announcement later today.

Calder, 59, said it was “a huge privilege” to serve in the Government.

“It has been an exciting and extraordinarily varied experience, and I still relish every day, but after two terms in Parliament there are a number of projects, both in New Zealand and overseas, that I wish to consider in the years ahead,” he explained.

A former dentist, he entered Parliament in 2009 after the resignation of minister Richard Worth.  Read more »

Good attitude from Nanaia Mahuta

Nanaia Mahuta has shed 15kgs in recent months and tells how she did it, willpower over obesity taxes.

The death of Parekura Horomia is more than a cautionary tale for fellow MP Nanaia Mahuta – it is a wake-up call. Now, she is leading a group of parliamentarians on a journey to overhaul their lives in a way he never could.

Two weeks before he died, Parekura Horomia committed himself to losing weight. It was a decision he made too late.

But, perhaps prophetically, when he signed on to patron an organisation aimed at helping people reclaim their health, he pulled the founder aside and said, “Whatever we start, we finish.”

Those words have given Mere Takoko – parliamentarian, body-building champion and the founder of fitness programme Chumpchange – a determination to see it through. The new figurehead for the programme is Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta, who has already lost 15kg.

“He did want to make a commitment to better health,” Takoko says.

“I think his passing is a precautionary tale of what happens if one doesn’t look after their health and wellbeing – he was simply gone too soon.”

Horomia’s legacy is gaining cross-party support. A dozen MPs including Green co-leader Metiria Turei and party member Eugenie Sage, Labour’s David Cunliffe and Louisa Wall and National’s Paul Hutchison are joining Mahuta in making healthy life choices and fundraising for the Child Cancer Foundation (CCF) while they’re at it.   Read more »

Pimping the Poor

For the past few weeks Simon Collins in the NZ Herald in collusion with Jacinda Ardern, Labour and to a certain extent The Greens have been Pimping the Poor in a bid to embarrass the government.

They manufactured misery as they went painting a picture that they wanted to paint and have been extremely economical with the truth along the way.

I am going to explore precisely how they have operated and will use the case of Tania Wysocki to prove their shameless pimping of the poor as they manufactured misery.


Last week Simon Collins reported the story of Tania Wysocki. On the surface this looked just another case of a beneficiary bludging off the state wanting more. Predictably talkback and the blogs went off on it and equally predictably the left wing politicians jumped on the band-wagon for some cheap headlines and grandstanding at the expense of a woman and her family.

Something didn’t ring true about this case…things didn’t add up…and on Thurday night last week I received an email from Tania Wysocki, who was indignant that her story hadn’t been told properly and that she was being painted as a bludger on large, flipping it up for random blokes to create a lifestyle. It is fair to say that she was mad as hell.

After exchanging emails over a few days I can now understand why she is mad as hell and I will explain why. But in order to do so I need to provide a timetable for you. then in subsequent posts I will explain why Tania Wysocki should feel aggrieved, but not with who you would think.


Back in October last year Tania Wysocki decided that she no longer wanted to be a benefit dependent solo mother, that she wanted to train for a decent job and become a taxpayer again. Tania is not some young thing exploited the DPB for personal gain. She is 38 years old and freely admits in conversations with me that she has made mistakes in her life but at 38, after leaving school at 15 has actually worked for most of her life. It is only in the past 4 years that she became a beneficiary. That story in and of itself shows some steel and I will cover that later as it is material to the case against Simon Collins.

Tania approached the WINZ office in Pukekohe, it is the nearest office to her home. It is fair to say that they were less than helpful, but it is also fair to say that the rules and regulations surrounding training at the level Tania is contemplating are perplexing. She was confused and struggling to see how she could actually extricate herself from a life on a benefit.

She went and visited her local MPO, Paul Hutchison. Tania agrees that at the time Paul Hutchison treated her with respect, with caring and agreed to write to the Minister and to the WINZ office in Pukekohe…both things he did.

Despite repeatedly informing the local office of the details of the course she was enrolled in, and I might add approved for a student loan, WINZ could not see a way to accomodate her child care requirements. The rules, which I will discuss later, are a little silly. Tania experienced the frustration of dealing with a government department. On December 27, two days after Christmas and after most of Wellington had shut down for she emailed John Key’s office.

Later in in late January and early February with the start of her course imminent she started emailing other political parties until un utter frustration she sent out an angry email asking if anyone cared about her situation.

That is the lead up and timeline. I have seen the emails and I have read them all. It is what happens next that is truly appalling when you understand the full details. Details Simon Collins omitted and details Jacinda Ardern has kept quiet.

Stay tuned for the next installment.

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Hates Jews and now Deaf people

Kevin Campbell is a moron, he comments here occasionally.

His main claim to fame is to throw his toys from the cot every time people actually cotton on to his moronic behaviour and rank him lower than number one on the list of whatever party he has joined lately.

He is also the guy who called John Key “John the Jew”. He was subsequently thrown out of the ACT party.

He has however cuddled up to Colin Craig and sycophantically praises   Craig and the Conservatives say and do. He was their candidate in Hunua where he came 5th, some 21,190 votes behind Paul Hutchison. He was also ranked number 10 on their list.

Not content with insulting Jews and John Key he is now insulting deaf people:

Kevin Campbell is the campaign manager for the Conservative Party. Prior to the election he was very happy in using Facebook to promote the party and most comments were of a political nature. But after the election he appears to have closed ranks after something he posted that many found offensive. Incidentally I was told by a Conservative Party candidate that they were not to use social media during the campaign.

Campbell questioned whether new Green MP Mojo Mathers, who is the world’s fifth profoundly deaf MP, should even be an MP as she didn’t have all her “faculties” – and only people who have all their faculties should be MPs. In other words, because she was deaf, she was unsuitable as an MP. Mathers became an MP after special votes were counted.

Kevin Campbell is an intolerant bigot. I wonder what Colin Craig has got to say about his 10th ranked candidate and campaign manager.

Not a good look for the Conservatives who already have the reputation of being intolerant religious nutters.

Hounding the Liberal Elite

Bill Ralston gets into the liberal elite masquerading as directors of State Owned Enterprises after Mark Weldon gave them a ticking off.

By the way I note Weldon also slammed SOE boards as being largely comprised of ex-politicians who pump too much money into sponsoring flash openings of events that are aimed solely at the Wellington cultural elite. This is done at the expense of the wider community and SOE’s should redirect that spend back into regional communities.

I am not a founding member of the Mark Weldon fan club but if he keeps on dishing out good sense like that, I may well sign up.

I’m with Bill here, I’m no fan of Weldon but he is dead right, the liberal elite are swanning around getting subsidised for their leisure activities at vast expense.

How about giving to charities that actually contribute positively to the community, because they try to, not play silly instruments or prance around on a stage. That doesn’t contribute to society, no matter how much the liberal elite say how important culture is.

Charities like;

It is a shame we don’t have a socially responsible SOE sector.



Bill Ralston: No one wins from dirty tactics

Bill Ralston: No one wins from dirty tacticsHe may have resigned but Richard Worth is not the only victim in this debacle. When you play in the muck you will get dirt on you. It’s a lesson Phil Goff forgot last week and it must take the gloss off the Mt Albert by-election result. When… [NZ Herald Politics]

Bill Ralston lays into phil Goff for his role in pimping out Neelam choudary, then acting all innocent about it and then leaking salacious details to the media in his attempt to make John Key look silly.

This continues the same story that Barry Soper has told, that the only people who knew the details were Phil Goff and John Key and that the story was peddled to the gallery so that questions could be asked of John Key.

It is obvious that Goff’s office first leaked the rumour to the Press Gallery that Labour had already warned Key of allegations of sexual harassment by Worth of another woman, who we now know is Neelam Choudary.

Leaving the Korean woman’s allegations to one side, it is also now apparent that the Choudary affair was largely a Labour set-up.

All Key was first presented with was allegations Worth had made inappropriate advances via texts, phone calls and a coffee meeting to an unnamed woman, but there was no hard evidence to back it up.

Not surprisingly, Worth denied all and, in the absence of proof, Key’s inquiries came to nothing.

When the proverbial hit the fan over the Korean woman, Labour dropped the whisper of the Choudary allegations and Key was forced completely on to the back foot and publicly embarrassed. Labour strategists would have been chortling.

Labour got caught though, largely due to me and Phil Goff’s injudicious comments aided by Brian Rudman’s loose lips as well. Phil Goff’s dirty tricks brigade has their fingers all over this, including their paid for lap-bloggers at The Standard running the lines that John Key revealed the identity of the woman in direct contradiction with the recollections of veteran political journalists.

No one has come out of this business with their reputation enhanced by what now must be seen as a Labour Party dirty trick.

Goff has ducked for cover, after a couple of weeks of drip-feeding juicy tidbits to the media and taking the moral high ground. That can only be seen as an admission he was wrong.

Goff is wrong, he must apologise and he must fall on his sword for his role in this grubby little 14 year old school boy sting that he and his office have run. Singlehandedly he has dragged Labour and politics in general into the sewer which is rightly the domain of bloggers.

More Pork Pies from Pork Chop

Hot on her pig trotters of making shit up and having to issue grovelling apologies in this weeks national “Tony Veitch stalking til the death” Herald on Sunday, Pork decided to invade the privacy of plenty of her resource materials and link herself to them. The better entries…..

5. The best home-entertaining couple: Bill Ralston and Janet Wilson who seem to have a bottomless fridge.

Poor Bill and Janet. If its bad enough to be outed as inviting her over, Porkchop has tried to reach the bottom of their fridge. Of course the bludging pig should be bringing her own alcohol to be a good guest so we can only think Pork is talking about the food in the fridge.

Janet and Bill should apply for a WINZ grant to refill their fridge after Pork struck. Little wonder they both look so thin. Or perhaps Shayne Currie has another spare $20k to victims of Spy to compensate their economic and reputational loss.

9. Best place to stalk Paul Henry

Gannet Road cafe, Herne Bay, post morning show.

Guess he won’t be seen there again….well done Porkie. Gannet Road management will be impressed.

16. The Best Midnight Snack Kitchen

TVNZ…….Mike Valentine is a culinary whiz in the kitchen too. His early morning fry-ups are perfect to sober up any sozzled house guest. Trust me.

So Mike Valentine’s reputation is over. Porkie stayed at his house. The mind boggles what circumstances led to that.

24. The Best Suzy Homemaker

Susan Wood….beautifully kept Parnell townhouse, a fridge full of French champers and a propensity to entertain friends who turn up looking for a party. Guilty.

Once again Pork bludging around celebs for food and alcohol. Worse for Susan she now becomes the target for speculation among her friends as a source for gossip in Porkchop’s weekly works of fiction.

Conclusion: Porkie can expect a whole lot less invites now she’s paraded associations in Spy.