Paul Little

Don’t blame the wealthy for poverty

Knock me down with a feather, Paul Little actually makes sense for once.

Minister for Saying Ridiculous Stuff Steven Joyce agrees with me that Oxfam’s comparisons are “a bit nonsensical”, saying, “The aim for a country like New Zealand is to encourage more Kiwis to be successful on the world stage, whether in business, sport or in world organisations [by] providing a quality education and investment in social services.”

So there are your priorities outlined for you – not happiness, not health, not wellbeing, not security or any of the other things we poor folks spend our time worrying about, but success on the world stage. Read more »


Who is the inbred cousin and who is the village idiot?

Paul Little, after exploring the parenting capabilities of the parents who let their kid climb into a gorilla cage then comes up with this ripper of comment:

On a brighter note, Labour and the Greens are hooking up. Analogies to a marriage were quickly drawn at this exciting news, and they couldn’t be more apt. It was like when you hear that your cousin who everyone had given up on ever seeing hooked has finally got engaged, and then you find out it’s to the village idiot.

So, it appears Paul Little isn’t convinced of the merits of the Red/Green wedding. But who is the inbred cousin and who is the village idiot? ? Read more »

Paul Little seems…uhm…ahh…err…’confused’

Paul Little has a rage in the Herald on Sunday about monopolies, triggered by the proposed merger of his employer NZME. with Fairfax.

When the all-but-inevitable merger of media companies NZME and Fairfax was announced, journalistic reaction fell into two camps. Those with secure jobs regretfully accepted that it was probably for the best in the long run. Those without security of tenure heard the bicycle bell of the Newspaper Boy of the Apocalypse.

Some members of the public lamented yet another kick in the guts of journalism, and many more worried about possible effects on their daily diet of Naz and Jordan.

Whatever else this merger is, and whatever its results in terms of the information we get, it is part of a seemingly unstoppable trend towards monopoly in all areas of commerce.

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Bless, Paul Little actually gets something right

Paul Little is the classic Ponsonby arts luvvie, sanctimoniously opining and hectoring that he and his pals know best.

It isn’t often that I agree with him, but today is a red-letter day…?I actually do agree with him.

At least the kids mucking around doing BAs aren’t suffering from the delusion that their piece of paper will be an entree into any sort of occupation, unlike those at the many private degree mills earning qualifications for jobs that aren’t there.

There are so many of the latter that Andrew Little’s suggestion of a return to free tertiary education for all and at any age looks foolhardy. ? Read more »

Lord save us…from pinko tossers like Paul Little

It is Easter Sunday, Christ has risen…and just in?the?nick of time too because socialist cock-smokers like Paul Little want to cancel Easter.

Like our other major religious festival, Easter conspicuously fails to reflect the values and virtues of the man it purports to honour.

It’s not easy to celebrate the Prince of Peace in a world teetering on the edge of terror.

So let’s remember what we claim to be commemorating at Easter. A religious teacher with a small group of enthusiastic followers was convicted for dubious reasons and executed in the cruellest way imaginable. Then suddenly he wasn’t dead any more.

We say so glibly that “Christ died and rose from the dead” that it’s hard to get the distance needed to look at this statement objectively and see it for what it is: not just absurd, but creepy.

There is a whole genre of cheap-thrills cinema devoted to the idea of people dying and coming back to life. It’s not dignified.

Then there are rabbits laying chocolate eggs, which doesn’t really bear thinking about.

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If brains were dynamite she wouldn’t have enough to blow her nose

Paula Penfold has tweeted that King’s School’s billboard is sexist.

idiot-paula-penfold Read more »

Paul Little: blithering idiot [UPDATED]


Paul Little likes to think he is a superior being. He exudes this in his pontificating columns in the Herald on Sunday, and today he outdoes himself by proving he is a jealous petulant idiot.

In trying to attack a school over their billboard, he gets everything completely wrong including the quotes:

If there’s one thing we can safely say about the billboard advertising an open day at King’s College on February 25 – the day after the headmaster’s garden party – it’s that you don’t need a private school education to be able to understand it.

The billboard shows a boy in King’s uniform holding the world in the palm of his hand. “Come to King’s,” it says, “and you will control the world.”

My education was very different from what you get at King’s. This might leave me open to charges of sour grapes, but I prefer to think of it as objectivity.

His objectivity went out the window when he said the billboard was advertising King’s College…it isn’t, it is King’s School. It even says so on the billboard that, by the way, does not contain the words that Little has put inside quote marks. ? Read more »

Paul Little backs a bullshitter

No, he didn't!

No, he didn’t!

Paul Little usually never has anything useful to say. He’s more used to spending time on his knees in the lounge than doing anything useful.

Today he has picked up the case of Selwyn Clarke aka?Haki Herewini Karaka. He repeats the false claims of Selwyn Clarke who not only has stolen the?valour of those who genuinely served in 28 Maori Battalion but also admitted to being party to war crimes and besmirched an officer’s record.

Selwyn Clarke is a bullshitter but, such is the lack of depth in the Media Party’s ability to do basic research, that his lies and stories have perpetuated. Little simply extends those lies.

We all know old people can be very difficult. Stubborn doesn’t begin to describe it. And it does seem that those among their number who fought overseas, especially in some of the less-controversial conflicts, such as World War II, feel they are owed something for going to that trouble on our behalf.? Read more »

Paul Little on John Key

This is such a notable work in its own right, I’m reproducing it in full and without comment.

If these women had something to complain about they should have done it in the dignified ways that previous generations did.If we could try to remember what this was meant to be about: New Zealanders are being held prisoner on Christmas Island, a remote Australian possession, in conditions that have been roundly condemned by every respected international organisation that has investigated them.

None of those prisoners is there because they have been charged with a crime. A minority of them have committed serious crimes. They have also done their time, which means under our system that until they commit another crime they should have the same rights as everyone else.

Well, that was the issue until the Prime Minister decided to defend Australia’s policy with dodgy figures and the statistical sleight-of-hand we have come to expect when he is going about his core task of defending the indefensible.

And when the Opposition attempted to stand up for its fellow citizens on Christmas Island, he went from stern letter to thermonuclear attack in the space of a single speech by playing what we will now have to call the rapists and murderers card. Read more »

Finally, Paul Little writes a decent column

Paul Little is a normally a gutless, liberal elite whinger who has very little to say that is meaningful.

Today in A Newspaper on Sunday he has a column about our dopey weed laws.

Don’t hesitate to medicate,” call the spruikers in their white coats on Hollywood Boulevard and Venice Beach, California, where doctors licensed to prescribe medical marijuana do a brisk trade. Walk-ins merely have to turn up and describe some vague pain or high level of stress to bag their weed.

The rest of the world seems to be trying to ignore it, but slowly and surely the United States of America, until recently leading the charge in the war on drugs, is legalising marijuana possession. Twenty states, from Alaska to Vermont, have already decriminalised adult cultivation and use of cannabis.

The ‘War on Drugs’ has failed, prohibition has never worked anywhere.

If Kaikohe businesswoman, community leader and mother Kelly van Gaalen knows about this, I’m sure she would have had a wry chuckle to herself about the irony of it all as she was taken away to begin her two-year sentence for possession of cannabis for supply, imposed on her by Judge John McDonald last month.

Meanwhile, back in the US, guess what hasn’t fallen in? That’s right – the sky.

According to the US National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, for most states decriminalisation means “no arrest, prison time or criminal record for the first-time possession of a small amount of marijuana for personal consumption. In most decriminalised states, these offences are treated like a minor traffic violation.” ?? Read more »