Paul Mabey

Out on bail and killed, another judge needs to be held to account

We ned some way of holding judges to account when they let someone out on bail and they then go on to kill someone.

Yes the killer is accountable but there really does need to be some sort review process in place to start holding these soft judges to account.

Justice Dobson has gone some way to address matters by tacking his new sentence on top of the old ones, but it still won’t bring someones husband and father back.

A High Court judge has picked apart the alibi of a Waihi man he was sentencing for manslaughter, slamming most of it as “implausible” and “illogical”.

Israel Kaihau, 19, was yesterday sentenced to eight years and one month’s jail with a minimum non parole period of four years for the manslaughter of expat Kiwi Robert Murray Wilkinson on New Year’s Day after plunging a knife into the side of his head.

In October, a jury found Kaihau not guilty of Mr Wilkinson’s murder, but guilty of his manslaughter.   Read more »

No doubt he was registered?

The various teacher unions oppose Charter Schools for many reasons, one of them is that the government legislation as proposed doesn’t require Charter Schools to have mandatory teacher registration like every other school. The unions and the teachers’ Council say this puts kids at risk.

Of course since they started taking this tack in their opposition to Charter Schools I have been cataloguing plenty of teachers, all of them presumably registered as required by law, committing all sorts of crimes from dishonesty offences through to deviant sexual predatory attacks on children…all registered so the kids could be safe.

A foreign exchange trader is alleged to have stolen more than $837,000 from investors – including family and friends.

Rene Alan Chalmers, a 42-year-old teacher from Pukekohe, appeared at the Auckland District Court today to face 15 charges including theft by a person in a special relationship and making false statements to investors.

The charges relate to him trading in foreign money and allegedly misleading investors.  Read more »

Horan chucked under the bus by Winston

Winston Peters, a man who always does the right thing…for Winston Peters, has chucked Brendan Horan under the bus.

NZ First leader Winston Peters has expelled his Brendan Horan from the party after receiving “substantive material” that caused him to lose confidence in the MP.

He sought leave to make a personal explanation and said allegations had been made against MP Brendan Horan relating to a family matter.

Mr Peters told Parliament “substantive information has come into my possession some as recently as 2.15 this afternoon.”

“The information we have received leaves me in a position where I have no confidence in  Mr Horan’s ability to continue as a member of parliament and he will be expelled from the NZ First caucus forthwith.”

Mr Peters said Mr Horan had a duty to resign as a Member of Parliament.

Horan has engaged prominent Tauranga QC, Paul Mabey, so this is going to get really messy, really fast.

Winston Peters has many more questions to answer. He has known about Horan’s shenanigans for quite some time. Proper journalists would be focusing on this aspect rather than Horan’s dodgy dealings or peccadillos.