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Crone having “lunch” in public to send some “cup of tea” signals

Turns out our Vic is a bit of a trophy hunter.


Photo by Herald reporter Corazon Miller who just happened to be there by complete happenstance

In a clear display of support, National MP Paula Bennett has been spotted [there just happened to be a Herald journo there!] having lunch with one of the front-runners for the Auckland mayoralty.

She was spotted [spotted!] yesterday with candidate Victoria Crone at Ponsonby’s Prego restaurant where she confirmed they’d met to “conspire on a good campaign”.

While declaring her strong support for Ms Crone’s campaign, the MP stopped short of declaring her presence was an official party endorsement.

Well, no. That would be against John Key’s strict rules of not getting involved in local body politics. But apparently you can be “spotted” just fine by journalists who just happen to “spot” you and then you tell them in gushing detail that the candidate is the second coming of Jesus, except, not officially, because John Key said, “No.” Read more »

Paula Bennett takes back taxpayer money from bludgers sneaking off overseas


If you are alive care of the tax payer, you need to let WINZ know if you are going for a trippy-poo overseas. ?We take a dim view of you spending a week at Surfers’ on our money while we are slogging our guts out earning the taxes to pay for your lifestyle. ? Read more »

Northland is not feeling neglected at all. It is angry

Prime Minister John Key has vowed to do all he can over the next two and a-half years to win Northland back after voters dealt his party a humiliating defeat.

Mr Key acknowledged the party had work to do in Northland — a contrast to his stance when he gave Mr Peters “zero chance” of winning.

“The region has been struggling for decades and although we have been making progress, Northlanders have clearly told us they are not satisfied with the rate of progress and we understand that,” Mr Key said from Melbourne, where he had gone to watch the Cricket World Cup final rather than spend Saturday with his Northland candidate.

“I’d like to assure Northlanders we’re going to continue to work hard to deliver more progress. We plan to work hard to win the seat back in the general election in two and a-half years.” Read more »