Pauline Hanson

NZ First and Act should consider how well One Nation is doing in Australia

Standing out from the crowd can be a vote winner and despite the many slurs thrown at Pauline Hanson and her Party One Nation over the years she and her party are now riding a growing wave of support. Supporters of One Nation have been smeared by the Media party in much the same way Trump supporters have been smeared. They have been accused of being red necks and racists but times have changed since Trump was elected and other countries like The Netherlands, Britain and France are experiencing significant growth in the popularity of minor parties with policy platforms similar to Hansons.

New Zealand First and Act should consider the benefit of standing out from the crowd when there is a frustration amongst mainstream voters with the Status quo. They don’t need multiple different policies just one or two really good strong ones that will address one or two of the key frustrations amongst voters.

A jubilant Pauline Hanson is lapping up questions about a prime ministerial tilt as Malcolm Turnbull is left to digest the lowest support levels for the federal coalition since he ousted Tony Abbott.

One Nation garnered eight per cent of the national primary vote in the first Newspoll of the year – double its Senate vote at the July election – as voter support for the government tumbled.

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Is it an anti-establishment movement or a return to values of democracy and patriotism?

The leaders of Europe’s main anti-establishment parties appearing together in public for the first time, on January 21 in Koblenz, Germany. (Image source: Marine Le Pen/Twitter)

Some say that President Trump has fired up an anti-establishment movement in Europe but I think he is simply part of a Western swing back to democratic and patriotic values. Democracy is about the will of the people, not the elites and the people in America and Europe have had enough of multi-culturalism, political correctness and mass migration.The popularity of so-called anti-establishment political leaders like Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Pauline Hanson and Geert Wilders is proof of that.

“There is a genuine feeling that Trump taking over the White House is part of a bigger, global movement. Our critics, looking at Trump’s candidacy and his speech yesterday, would call it the rise of populism. I would say it’s simply a return to nation state democracy and proper values…. This is a genuine political revolution.”

-Nigel Farage, former head of Britain’s UKIP party, who led the effort for the United Kingdom to leave the EU.
“This disruption is fruitful. The taboos of the last few years are now fully on the agenda: illegal immigration, Islam, the nonsense of open borders, the dysfunctional EU, the free movement of people, jobs, law and order. Trump’s predecessors did not want to talk about it, but the majority of voters did. This is democracy.”

-Roger K?ppel, editor-in-chief of Die Weltwoche, Switzerland.

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Pauline Hanson on Australia’s foiled Christmas Day terrorist attack


Vulnerable Australian elderly in imminent danger of resthome invasion

Pauline Hanson is fighting for the rights of the elderly. ?Already vulnerable in ?aged care facilities in Australia the Australian government is now considering a?proposal to fill empty beds in a Victorian Nursing ?home with Muslim refugees. I doubt the proposal is for elderly Muslim refugees. In fact, come to think of it have you ever seen an elderly Muslim refugee? The photos and videos are dominated by young fighting age men with only a few women and children. ?What could possibly go wrong with this preposterous?proposal? ?Different culture, different age, different needs and the possibility of a jihadist thrown in for good measure. I suspect that the government has tempted struggling rest home owners with lucrative contracts for homing refugees because why else would a business consider such an insane solution?

Here?s one I need your feedback on.

It appears a nursing home in Victoria has come up with a plan to accommodate refugees with aged care residents. Applications have been made to the State Minister for Planning Richard Wynne. My office contacted the Minister for confirmation and was told the proposal was under consideration.

Families of those residents have been ignored by the facility and elected members in their state, so they were left with no other option but to call me.

I will be writing to all Ministers, State and Federal for a ?Please Explain?.

What are your thoughts?

-Pauline Hanson

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Australian Muslim Activist decided to prove that the poll results were wrong

I wrote recently about a poll in Australia?where the question was posed, ?Do you support banning Muslim Immigration??. The not surprising result (given what has been happening in Australia)?was that 49% Australians said ” Yes.” Like with Brexit a lot of Lefties were not happy with the result of the poll and blamed the result on the fact that only 1,000 people were polled. A second poll was taken?but it got?exactly the same result.

What?s happened next was fascinating. Mariam Veiszadeh, of ?Islamaphobia Register of Australia? infamy, refused to believe the results so commissioned her own poll on Twitter. She proposed exactly the same question and more than 40,000 people have responded to the poll.

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TriggleyMuzz puts victim blaming Media into overdrive

The rush for the media to demonise the victim of an abusive Muslim female University student in Australia is staggering. They have tried to justify her disgraceful actions by labelling the victim provocative and smearing him with things that they know that he did not do.

If I accosted a Muslim woman and screamed at her and shoved her because she was wearing a hijab and tried to justify my actions by saying that I found her clothing offensive the media would crucify me for intolerance and racism. TriggleyMuzz, Ayan Mohamed targeted her victim because he was wearing a Tee-Shirt that showed his support for Pauline Hanson’s political party One Nation.

If I accosted a well known Muslim political activist and screamed at him and shoved him because his speeches were about women being second class and infidels being inferior the Media would crucify me for my intolerance and racism and they would support his freedom of speech to say what he likes no matter how offensive I might find it as a woman and a non-Muslim. TriggleyMuzz, Ayan Mohamed screamed at her victim because he is a well-known member of the United Patriots Front, a group that wants to protect Australian culture and is critical of Muslim culture.

If I accosted a well known political activist wearing the hijab and told her she was not welcome at my university and that she should leave and my friend told her to REDACTED I would be pilloried for denying her the right to attend her appointment at the University. Despite this and the points, I have made above the Media have piled into Dennis Hut who was the victim of TriggleyMuzz’s abuse

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Almost half of all Australians want a ban on Muslim immigrants



Do you think the Aborigines,the Maori and the American Indians were happy about British immigration into their countries? The difference between those indigenous cultures and ours in Australia and New Zealand is that the power is in our hands. Unlike those cultures we can limit who we let into our country and prevent them from becoming the dominant culture.

Australia is an immigrant country but its blend of cultures up until now have assimilated to the dominant Australian culture. They share many values and believe in democracy and equal rights. Even though Australia does not face the same issues as Europe our nearest neighbour is already extremely worried as this latest poll shows.

…poll showing almost half of all Australians want a ban on Muslim immigrants.

Forty-nine per cent of people surveyed in an Essential poll agreed that Muslims should be blocked from the country while 40 per cent disagreed with the idea. There was 60 per cent support for the ban among coalition voters, 40 per cent from Labor and a surprising 34 per cent from Greens voters.

More than a third felt Muslims did not integrate into Australian society as their main reason for supporting a ban, with some citing concerns about terrorism and lack of uptake of Australian values, the poll showed.

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More Buddhists, no cry

Bob Marley’s had it right in his song “No woman, no cry.” If you remove certain people from the equation there is less chance of tears. On the other hand, if you add certain people to the equation who have no impact on your life so there is no chance of tears either. There are more Buddhists at the moment percentage wise in Australia but it is the smaller Muslim population that is getting all the press coverage. recently tried to counter statements made by Pauline Hanson in?her maiden speech by pointing out that there are more Buddhists than Muslims in Australia. However, the article only helped to make Hanson’s points about the problem with Islam. If Muslims are suffering from “racism” and “marginalisation” why aren’t Buddhists?, the Left-wing branch of the Murdoch empire here, writes:PAULINE Hanson wants Australians to face a reality check about Muslim immigration but a closer look at her claims show they don?t quite add up.

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Time for a Aus-Exit from the “unelected swill” of the United Nations

I do enjoy a party ?that has politicians prepared to call a spade a spade. Pauline Hanson’s party, One Nation has impressed me with its willingness to raise the issues of both Muslim immigration and the corruption and uselessness of the United Nations. This willingness to be unpopular with the media and to?say politically incorrect things because they are the truth, is what ultimately is going to protect Australia. Where are the?New Zealand politicians prepared to protect New Zealand? Apart from Winston Peters no other politician ?in New Zealand has stepped up to the plate. Why not a NZ-Exit??It is time for some strong and decisive leadership.

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts has urged Australia to mimic Britain’s Brexit and leave the “socialistic, monolithic” United Nations during his first speech to Parliament.

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Being a vocal critic of the ideology of Islam comes at a great personal cost


I admire commentators, cartoonists and politicians who are brave enough to tell the truth. No one wants to hear the truth as comforting lies are much nicer. People who tell the truth get ridiculed and called names, and if you are criticising Islam then death threats and assassination are a very real and constant danger.

Every single critic of Islam whom I follow (and there are dozens of them) has had actual attempts on their life and/or death threats. Theo van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker who collaborated on a short movie about the oppression of women under Islam, was assassinated after the documentary sparked controversy. He?was stabbed to death in the street in his own country?by a Muslim who was outraged by the film.

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