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Underpaying journalists the root of most of its problems

Despite making up most of the workforce, female journalists in New Zealand are being paid significantly less than their male colleagues, according to a new study.

The survey, part of the 2016 Worlds of Journalism Study, shows the median after-tax salary of female journalists was 26 per cent lower than that of men of equal rank and experience.

The research, made up of interviews of 539 Kiwi journalists, found women were also disadvantaged in terms of promotion, with only half of men working in non-management roles, while two-thirds of women hold non-management roles.

The survey also found journalists in New Zealand feel they are working longer hours, and are under more pressure, both ethically and resource-wise, than two years ago.

“It is concerning that journalists feel these changes have affected news quality, with a perception that the credibility of journalism, ethical standards and freedom to make editorial decisions have all fallen,” study lead and Massey University head of journalism James Hollings said.

So if journalists themselves feel the news quality has dropped, that their credibility is lower, that their ethics are eroding and that they are just cogs in the machine, who is really responsible for this? Read more »

The Gender pay gap myth is being promoted by the CTU

A friend of mine who is a member of the CTU sent me this the other day. It is an e-mail from the CTU Vice President Rachel Mackintosh.

…think about the rest of the year. What if I told you, sure, you?ll still be working – you just won?t be getting paid for it.

Sound ridiculous? Well, on average New Zealand women earn 87% of what men do. Today, Tuesday 15 November marked 87 per cent of 2016 and because women are paid 13% less than men that means if you are a woman working until the end of the year you are working for free.

This is a deliberately deceptive statement based on comparing apples with pears. If I earn $20 an hour as a woman doing the exact same job as my male colleague and he earns $20 an hour I can still produce statistics to show a gender pay gap. Let’s say we both entered the job at 23 years of age and I left after 5 years to have my children and don’t return for ten years. I then chose to work part time in order to be able to fit the job around my children. Eventually, I return to full-time work but because I have been out of the workforce I am now paid a lot less than my male counterpart who never left. If over a 25 year period you add up what he earned and compare it with what I earned presto chango there is the mythical magical pay gap!

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Holly Walker Answers Her Own Questions About The Gender Pay Gap

There is a reason many women get paid less than men. ?Holly Walker in quitting politics has?just answered her never-ending calls as to why there is a gender gap?in pay and opportunity for?young women.

They just find other more important things to do with their lives.

Pretend you are an employer (many of you do not need to pretend) and you have to pick a candidate for a?vacancy?that is not just a job (like an office cleaner) but a career. ?You do not want to put in resources, training and expertise into developing that person to have them quit.

Do you pick an almost equally qualified man or a woman?

Holly Walker has not and does not have to explain what her “family reasons”/”personal reasons” are for quitting politics. ?The only reason men seem to quit politics for personal or family reasons is if they’ve been caught with their pants down and it was demanded by either a spouse or angry husband. ?I am sure it is something far less trivial in Walker’s circumstances but my point is men do not quit with the ease women do.

It is Walker’s choice to quit and with her income as an MP could hire as much help as she wants to. ?Walker herself has commented that she received an incredible amount of support from her family, friends and the soft tree-hugging Taliban that is the Green Party.

Walker?spent most of her 20’s not in the workforce building an actual career in something of substance but major scale?degree collection,?winning a Rhodes Scholarship, attending the most colonial of academic institutions in Oxford, taking up space on the Green Party list in 2011, spending time out to have her first baby and has now quit for family reasons. ?? Read more »