Canada goes full-PC retard

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, right, meeting with his Irish counterpart Enda Kenny in Montreal on Thursday. Credit Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press, via Associated Press

Canada jumped upon the PC Express with both feet this week after its Senate passed a bill to make country?s national anthem ?gender neutral? by taking out the word ?sons? because it is too masculine.The offending line in the tune ?O Canada,? reads, ?True patriot love in all thy sons command.? Critics insisted that ?thy sons? was not ?inclusive? enough, so a bill was introduced to change the line to read, ?True patriot love in all of us command.?

[…] Independent Ontario Sen. Frances Lankin celebrated the passage of the bill saying that activists have been trying to make the song ?inclusive? for 30 years.

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Green Taliban already getting too big for their boots

Via the tipline

A keen member of the WO army spotted this wee gem. It could be a simple case of?the conference organisers?getting way too over enthusiastic. Heaven forbid that someone from the office of the Green Taliban actually sent this as the title for one of their MPs.

Maybe the Green Taliban should school up on?the correct use of the term ?Honourable?. Or just ask #HeyClint.


At least Turei will be able to bask in the glory of pinko nanny state idealists hell bent on pushing their agenda onto the cardigan wearing brigade in Wellington.? Read more »