Peace, God and Islam

Hundreds of Kiwi Muslims will gather at their south Auckland mosque over the Auckland anniversary weekend. The occasion for this gathering is to celebrate the annual Ahmadiyya Convention or ?Jalsa Salana?, an annual event first started over a hundred years ago by the community?s founder Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, in the small Indian village of Qadian. Since its inception, the ?Jalsa Salana? has become a worldwide event, celebrated by the Ahmadi Muslims in hundreds of countries the world over.

Explaining the rationale behind holding of this convention, the community?s founder advised his followers, “The primary purpose of this Convention is to enable every sincere individual to personally experience religious benefits; They may enhance their knowledge and – due to their being blessed and enabled by Allah, The Exalted – their perception [of Allah] may progress. Among its secondary benefits is that this congregational meeting together will promote mutual introduction among all brothers, and it will strengthen the fraternal ties within this Community…”

The theme for this year?s convention is ?The Living God? – discussing man?s connection to God and how this can lead to a positive change in the society. ?We live in a time when association with religion is no longer an expected norm. Unfortunately this can eventually lead to a breakdown of man?s connection to his creator, which all great religions have laid so much emphasis on?, says Mr Bashir Khan, the president of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in New Zealand. ?This year?s annual Ahmadiyya convention serves as a reminder that belief in God?s existence, and His connection to the creation is the key principle underlying our beliefs.? Read more »

Pope Francis’ calls paymaster of terrorism ” An angel of peace “

Above is a cartoon of the man Pope Francis called an ” Angel of peace.” He is Mahmoud Abbas the leader of the unelected ruling party Fatah who financially incentivises terrorism against Israel by rewarding terrorists’ families with a pension. Abbas financed the Munich terror attack in 1972 and has a long history of inciting terror attacks against Jews by glorifying Palestinian terrorists and naming streets in their honour. The Pope had described as an angel a man who is the paymaster of terrorists and a man who continues to lead a party in the West Bank without following any democratic process.

According to Shmuely Boteach, “Abbas spent his life murdering Jews,”

As an ex-Catholic I am horrified at the support Pope Francis has given to those who would destroy Israel. Has he forgotten that Jesus was a Jew? The rock on which his church is built and the first pope Saint Peter was also a Jew.

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The Ahmadiyya Muslim community lead multi-faith peace talks

Pete and I visited New Zealand’s largest mosque which belongs to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community April this year. They spoke of their commitment to peace with all faiths. A recent meeting that they arranged in Auckland is a testimony to their actions matching their words.

I was interested to know if representatives from Sunni Islam and Shia Islam were at the meeting as most if not all of them do not recognise the Ahmadiyya community as being true Muslims. I sent an e-mail to one of the men I met at the Mosque and he kindly replied saying that, “the peace conference was attended by other Muslim members as well.”

The Ahmadiyya community needs to be recognised for their commitment to peace between all religions. They have even written a book about it.

We are very quick to condemn Muslim leaders for not speaking out after Islamic terrorist attacks and condemning the slaughter. We cannot condemn the Ahmadiyya Muslim community for lack of words or action. They represent Muslims in New Zealand who are accepting of those with different beliefs to themselves and who wholeheartedly condemn the slaughter of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. If New Zealand is to stay free of the terror and strife already rampant in Europe we must make the most of every advantage at our disposal. The Ahmadiyya Muslim community wants New Zealand to remain conflict and terrorism free as much as we non-Muslims do and they are doing their part to help keep it that way.

Faith leaders from several mainstream religions joined hands today to find ways to achieve lasting peace. The meeting in Auckland was arranged by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community New Zealand and was entitled, Justice: The Foundation for Lasting Peace.

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Photo Of The Day

Pamela Des Barres.

Pamela Des Barres.

I’m With The Band

?Confessions of a Groupie

David Bowie shouldn?t be shamed in death, Pamela Des Barres says: Groupies know what they?re doing. And she?former lover of Jimmy Page and Mick Jagger?should know. Pamela Des Barres?is one of the most famous groupies of the 1960s and 70s.

Having ruled Los Angeles?s groupie scene, Des Barres?scoffed at the?feminist outrage?over David Bowie?s tryst with another famous groupie, Lori Mattix, who was only 15 when Bowie allegedly deflowered her.

?It?s just ridiculous,? Des Barres, now 67?a super-groupie turned journalist and memoirist has said. ?Yes, she was a young girl. A lot of people think that?s wrong and let them, but this was a very specific time. Lori is 60 years old now and has no regrets or remorse. She?s told her story a million times before!?

Whenever someone famous and influential dies, particularly when that person is as influential as David Bowie, a schizophrenic cycle of mourning grips the Internet.? First come the shocked tweets and brief personal tributes. Then the thoughtful eulogies and remembrances by this famous person?s peers, mixed in with RIPs from people who didn?t know who he was before Facebook informed them that morning.

It?s often those in the latter category who then dig up dirt on the star, hell-bent on tearing down our cultural heroes the very day they pass away.

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Face of the day


Bassam Tawil

Today’s face of the day is Palestinian Bassam Tawil, who has written a very thought provoking article.

PALESTINIANS: The Difference between Us and Them

* We Palestinians have failed to educate our people on the principles of tolerance and peace.

Instead, we condone and applaud terrorism, especially when it is directed against Jews. We want the world to condemn terrorism only when it claims the lives of Palestinians.

* Abbas?s ambiguous, half-hearted condemnations of attacks by Palestinians against Israelis are only intended for public consumption and are primarily aimed at appeasing Western donors so that they will continue channeling funds to the Palestinian Authority. In addition, his condemnations seek to blame Israel for Palestinian terror attacks.

* Netanyahu?s strong and clear condemnation left me and other Palestinians wondering when was the last time we heard similar statements from our leaders. I cannot remember Abbas or any other Palestinian leader ever expressing shock and outrage over the killing of a Jew in a Palestinian terror attack, nor the last time a Palestinian official visited the Israeli victims of a Palestinian terror attack.

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Photo Of The Day

Photo Glenn Losack MD/Getty Images.

Photo Glenn Losack MD/Getty Images.

Hand Up ? For World Peace

One day in 1973, in an extreme act of religious devotion, Sadhu Amar Bharati raised his hand in the air to honour the Hindu deity Shiva (or to promote world peace, depending who?s telling the story). He claims his hand has been in this raised position ever since, and it would certainly appear as if he?s telling the truth. He has supposedly kept his right hand raised now for 42 years, as a sign of dedication.

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Nasty lefty band, takes state funding, writes song about killing John Key

The left wing have been at high dudgeon for the past two weeks, targeting advertisers, bullying people off Twitter, out of newspapers, and off radio and television.

They don’t believe in freedom of speech, they believe in bullying, intimidation and now death threats…and you’re are paying for it.

An Auckland hip-hop crew have released a song with lyrics that threaten to kill Prime Minister John Key and have sex with his daughter.

Kill The PM, by @peace, depicts a golfing, luxury car-driving Key, and says he should die – “ain’t doin’ nothin’ so I’m gonna kill the prime minister”.

It continues: “I been tryin’ to get a job but they got none/so I instead I got a sawnoff shotgun/and ?pop’.”

The crew is fronted by Tom Scott, formerly of Homebrew, along with Lui Tuiasau, Christoph “El Truento” James and Hayden “Dick Dastardly” Dick.

In the leadup to the 2011 election, Homebrew released a track attacking tax cuts for the rich and a low minimum wage.? Read more »

Face of the day

Today’s face of the day is from Australia, Moriah College Rabbi Benji Levy.

His language and the peaceful nature of the Pro-Israel rally provides a strong contrast with the language and the violence of the Pro-Palestine or Anti-Israel rallies that we are seeing all over the world including New Zealand. There is no HATE in his language. There is empathy for the Palestinian people. I draw attention to Rabbi Benji Levy because his words and the actions of the thousands at the rally promotes a genuine desire for peace. Can we say the same of the flag burning rallies we are seeing else where?


Rabbi Benji Levy

Rabbi Benji Levy

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How to live without fear


Chart of the Day

Despite a few wars and policing actions going on now we are actually in an “era of peace

As one becomes aware of the historical decline of violence, the world begins to look different. The past seems less innocent, the present less sinister. One starts to appreciate the small gifts of coexistence that would have seemed utopian to our ancestors: the interracial family playing in the park, the comedian who lands a zinger on the commander in chief, the countries that quietly back away from a crisis instead of escalating to war.

For all the tribulations in our lives, for all the troubles that remain in the world, the decline of violence is an accomplishment that we can savor?and an impetus to cherish the forces of civilization and enlightenment that made it possible.