A paedophile’s rights trump the safety of society

A bid by a National backbench MP to make it illegal for paedophiles to change their names has been rejected.

Jian Yang’s private member’s bill would have made child sex offenders ineligible to register a new name, and was designed to make it more difficult for them to reoffend.

It was found to be inconsistent with the right to freedom of expression, and Ministry of Justice officials warned that it would have little effect on minimising harm from paedophiles while possibly harming their attempts at rehabilitation.

In a report released last week, Parliament’s social services committee said that the bill should not be passed into law.

Committee chairman and National MP Alfred Ngaro said an alternative solution had been found which did not raise the same human rights concerns.

Curious that a child sex offender’s Rights to Freedom of Expression can not be curtailed by preventing a name change. Changing your name is already curtailed. You can’t call yourself Fucky McFuckface, for example. So, I’m not sure where the Ministry of Justice draws the line.? Read more »

A leading legal academic who needs to be slapped hard


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Looks like the Dagos have a sensible legal system

Bad luck the Kraut pedo died, but a hiding was probably well deserved.

A wealthy British businessman who killed an alleged German paedophile in an exclusive Spanish expat resort after catching him taking photographs of his young children will not go to jail despite being found guilty of manslaughter, Spanish judicial sources have told The Telegraph.

Estate agent Devinder Kainth was given a six-month jail sentence after admitting that he had killed Sandro Rottman by punching him at a restaurant in the upmarket area of Sotogrande, near Gibraltar.

He had discovered that the 43-year-old German socialite had pictures on his iPad of Mr Kainth?s young daughter, taken without permission.

The 39-year-old Kainth was eating at the resort?s Spinnaker restaurant in February of this year with his glamorous partner Gemma Hawkins and their three children – two young sons and a daughter – when an argument started over the images on Mr Rottman?s tablet, leading to the British man punching the German several times in the head.

Rottman, who was suffering from severe liver cirrhosis, died within minutes.

According to the Spanish judge who sentenced Kainth, ?they were punches which would not normally have caused a person?s death?. ? Read more »

Home detention works? But what do we do when it doesn’t?

A sentence of home detention is the last chance for offenders to avoid jail.

The sentence, which can be given to offenders who would have otherwise faced a jail term of two years or less, restricts offenders to a suitable home address 24 hours a day, barring emergencies and approved absences. …

Offenders on home detention are monitored electronically by an ankle bracelet, which works by radio frequency.

In addition, GPS trackers monitor an offender’s movements if they are granted an absence for things such as work or rehabilitation programmes.

While absences are available, they are not granted easily and are treated cautiously by staff, Mr Matthews says.

When away, offenders are given one route to get to their destination, and must stick to it.

One of the main reasons for approving absences, [Department of Corrections Otago service manager for electronic monitoring Chris] Matthews says, is to facilitate employment opportunities.

”What we know is that employment is one of the most important factors in preventing someone from committing further offences.”

Absences are often sought at Christmas time and Mr Matthews has no problem with granting offenders an hour with their family, provided strict conditions are adhered to.

”If that’s going to be pro-social, then we may allow that to happen.”

Crucial to the success of the sentence, he says, is assessing the suitability of an offender’s address.

Factors such as radio reception, the house’s other occupants and child protection concerns are taken into account.

”If we get all that bit right, then we’re a long way down the track to actually making it work.” ?… Read more »

The sexual complaints against Cosby keep on coming


I’ve ignored this until now, but the fact more and more women keep coming forward is really getting to the point where you wonder why the man is still walking around instead of locked up awaiting trial.

According to the civil complaint by Chloe Goins, Cosby spiked her drink during a party at the famed mansion and she woke up naked in a bed to find him licking her toes and masturbating.

“Goins awoke to find that her breasts were wet and sticky, as if someone had been licking them, and Bill Cosby was biting one of her toes as he crouched at the end of the bed,” the suit filed on Tuesday (local time) alleges. Read more »

Hey Barry Kirker, electronic monitoring is working fine, is it?

Clinical psychologist Barry Kirker doesn’t want a sex offender’s register. ? One of the reasons stated is

Mr Kirker said the register would do nothing to protect against those at high risk of offending because they are already monitored.

He might want to add this story to the recent one of the child sex offender cutting off his ankle bracelet and going on the run.

The man at the centre of an Armed Offenders Squad callout in Timaru this morning had been on the run since he removed his ankle bracelet in May.

The Area Commander for mid-South Canterbury, David Gaskin, said Clinton Benjamin Simon was on bail and failed to appear in the Christchurch District Court in July.
Mr Gaskin said Simon was affiliated with the Mongrel Mob gang and proved difficult to track down after police were alerted to the fact that his ankle bracelet had been removed on 29 May. Read more »

Oh boo-hoo

A psychologist who works with child sex offenders is warning a proposed register may deter sexual abusers from seeking help.

Seriously, I don’t think too many people would care.

Under the bill introduced by the government this week, all child sex offenders will have to go on the register, including those who committed offences abroad.

Social Development Minister Anne Tolley, who is in charge of the bill, says the register will not be publicly available but in certain cases information may be released to a parent, guardian, teacher or caregiver.

But clinical psychologist Barry Kirker says the bill may actually have prevent offenders seeking treatment or deter victims from reporting abuse.

Barry, I?wish you had more concern for the victims and potential future victims. ?There is absolutely NOTHING that stops offenders from seeking help, getting better and re-integrating. ? It is time we push the pendulum back to protecting those that are hurt, and those that are weak and innocent. ?The precious children, their fragile souls. ? Read more »

How do babies get sexually transmitted diseases?

Stories like this make me feel sick to the core, angry and despair.

Several cases of babies being sexually abused and contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have come to the attention of a Tauranga-based support service.

Last year 153 children aged 15 and under were referred to Bay of Plenty Sexual Assault Support Service for sexual abuse in the Bay. Of those, 69 were aged 8 or under.

Bay of Plenty Sexual Assault Support Service general manager Kylie McKee told theBay of Plenty Times Weekend sexual abuse was getting worse in the Bay and the types of crimes were “incredibly violent”. The service had seen multiple cases of babies with STIs such as gonorrhea and chlamydia from sexual assault in the past 12 months.

How do you even deal with that as a doctor? ?Somewhere between crying and wanting to beat someone to death I suspect. ? Read more »

Government crushes Winston’s pedo exposure bill

Parliament today refused leave for the Member for Northland Rt Hon Winston Peters to introduce a Bill to remove the right of paedophile?s to name suppression when the victim wants their attacker named.

A host of National MPs objected to the Bill being introduced.

Mr Peters says he is disappointed the government is content to allow paedophiles to hide behind a cloak of secrecy.

“This is often imposed on the basis it protects the victim,” he says. “But in cases where the victim wants exposure of the crime and not secrecy our Bill will remove the subjudice rule, name suppression, and the legal cone of silence.”

The New Zealand First Leader sought leave for the Bill, Criminal Procedure (Removing Paedophile Name Suppression) Amendment Bill, to be introduced and debated on the next members? day. Read more »

Married Pedophiles allowed to bring young girls into UK

Home Office powerless as legal loophole leaves underage child brides free to join husbands in Britain.

Actions not words: Home Secretary Theresa May delivers a speech at a child sexual exploitation conference

Actions not words: Home Secretary Theresa May delivers a speech at a child sexual exploitation conference

If the girl is wed lawfully in her homeland her husband cannot be prosecuted under UK law, Theresa May?s Home Office said.

Officials made the admission after the Bishop of St Albans Alan Smith asked the House of Lords what steps the Government was taking to protect girls already in under-age marriages from coming into the UK.

Schools minister Lord Nash told him social services and police might be involved if there were child protection issues, but the law as it stands cannot stop child brides entering the UK in the first place.

Might be involved? Might! They are pedophiles.These young girls are being abused. No Nation with any decency would recognise a child bride as a legal marriage. This is insanity.

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