Penguin Sex

Pervy Penguins

The Sun

It seems that penguins are depraved pervs when it comes to sex:

THE “depraved” sexual exploits of penguins have been revealed in a controversial report deemed too shocking for publication.

Dr George Murray Levick detailed the birds’ smutty shenanigans during Captain Scott’s ill-fated 1910-13 Antarctic Expedition.

He was stunned to see a young male engaged in necrophilia when it attempted to mate with a DEAD female.

Sexual abuse of young chicks was also observed as were acts of avian homosexuality.

The Edwardian Englishman was so horrified by his own findings that he initially recorded them in Greek to make them inaccessible to the average reader.

Mr Levick described how male penguins would gather in “hooligan bands of half a dozen or more and hang about the outskirts of the knolls, whose inhabitants they annoy by their constant acts of depravity”.

London’s Natural History Museum has now unearthed the landmark study entitled Sexual Habits of the Adelie Penguin, which had been lost for decades.

Noooooooooooo! Penguin Sex

Self Love or Penguin Sex?

Self Love or Penguin Sex?

Did the Donkey complain?

Oh dear me. A case of Donkey fucking. Surely that is better than penguin sex or rabbit fucking?

Man Fucking DonkeyA 16-year-old youth has appeared in court charged with bestiality after allegedly having sex with a donkey in Sumner yesterday.

Police arrested the youth after a member of public phoned them after seeing what was happening from their house above the Sumnervale Reserve about 2pm.

He appeared in the Christchurch Youth Court this morning and was remanded until May 4.

The youth had allegedly taken the four-year-old donkey into the middle of the reserve, which is about the size of a football field.

The member of public lived in a house above the field and took photos while phoning police.

Other young people were at the reserve at the time, but appeared not to have seen what happened, police said.

Could the dobbers who took the photos be in trouble too for making a pornographic film without a licence?

Did they ring the Police because they heard a lot of braying, or they thought the donkey was in distress?

How do they know the donkey wasn’t in fact braying in pleasure?

I bet when questioned by police about his name the donkey will say ” Heehaw, heehaw, heehaw-ways calls me Donkey”

I wonder too if this should be my next Interesting Name?