Hasn’t he heard of the benefits of practice?


A man blamed his small penis for his girlfriend breaking up with him and decided to chop it off with a razor.

But after cutting off his organ and throwing it in a bin, 22-year-old Oliver Ilic, was unable to stop the bleeding.

He called emergency services and was taken to a hospital in Kocani, Macedonia, where he told medics he had decided to cut it off because it was no use.

He explained his girlfriend had ended their relationship after telling him he was not good in bed.

That’s taking it a little too seriously.  Definitely a glass half empty sort of person.   Read more »

Finally, Michael Wood has an issue he can sink his teeth into

Michael Wood now has something he can get his teeth into

Michael Wood now has something he can get his teeth into

During the Botany by-election Michael Wood, the journey man Labour candidate declared he would see an end to penis-lollies, the most important issue for him at the time.

He issued press releases about it and all.

Three years on and this time he is going to take a pounding in Epsom for the Labour party and the penis-lollies have returned…he surely must act now to save us all.

Will he be more successful now?

A confectionery company is dealing with a sticky situation after penis-shaped gummy lollies made their way into some of its packs, costing the company thousands of dollars in recalls.

Nelson-based confectionery company Dutch Rusk imported five pallets of the gummy lollies, called Dragon Sweets, from a Chinese manufacturer about six weeks ago.   Read more »

Face of the day


Shocked face

Shocked face

Todays face of the day sums up how you will feel about this post.

It is how I feel abut this post and it is especially how MEN will feel about this post.

You were WARNED.

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I knew it! Two new studies prove what we have always known

Another couple to add to the list of totally useless studies.

So, if you have a nagging spouse it can be a bit depressing and it’s harder to get in the mood for something positive…stop the clock, who knew or could have seen that result. Ground breaking.

Being married can make people more prone to depression, a study reveals.

Constant nagging and domestic spats are significant triggers of long-term stress that cannot be outweighed by the positive aspects of wedlock, scientists found.

It can also make husbands and wives far less responsive to positive experiences.

Previous research has shown married people are, in general, happier and healthier than singletons.

But an 11-year study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison poses a question mark over the decades of research linking single life to long-lasting social stress.

The researchers assessed a group of married adults for depression, and gave them questionnaires to rate their stress on a six-point scale.

Nine years later, the questionnaire and depression assessments were repeated.

In year 11, the participants took part in ’emotional response testing’, measuring how quickly they can recover from a negative experience.

The test, commonly used to assess depression, monitors the frowning muscle – or, the corrugator supercilii.

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Chop, chop, man not feeling cocky no more

A Chinese bloke who hacked off his own penis isn’t feeling so cocky anymore.

A Chinese man frustrated at being single cut off his own penis then, in agony, decided to cycle to a hospital for treatment.

When he arrived doctors told him they couldn’t help save his manhood and ordered him to cycle back home to get the penis before he could be treated.

When Yang Hu, 26, eventually arrived back at the hospital with the severed member, doctors told him that it had been without blood for too long, and it was impossible to reattach it.

Yang’s friends said that he had been increasingly depressed about the fact that since moving to the city he could not find a girlfriend.   Read more »


I wonder if they will give it a name?


Apparently men worry about the size of their dick despite their size, with teasing being the biggest cause of anxiety. Nearly a third of men are unhappy with the size of their choppers…and just over a third are really happy. Perhaps they should name a syndrome after it…Small Cock Syndrome?

Many men worry about the size of their manhood, but new research suggests admirers should hold no stock by the level of a man’s anxiety.

It found that a man’s level of anxiety about his penis size does not correlate to how his genitals actually measure up.

It showed that many well-endowed men worry about the size of their penis, while other less blessed blokes are confident in their assets.

Lead researcher, Dr David Veale from King’s College London, explained to LiveScience that like other forms of body dissatisfaction, men’s anxiety about their penis size is often unrelated to reality.

He also believes that men are far more concerned than women are by penis size.  Read more »


Big chopper no good in Roman times

The old saying goes that Italian rifles are among the best kept in the world…they’ve never been fired and only dropped once.

In the days before the Italians learned to march backwards they reckoned a big chopper was a social handicap.

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And you, Sir, are you waiting to receive my limp penis?


Spider vs Penis

Craig Ferguson plays with the censors