Penny Macdonald

Zip It Sweetie, Ctd

In Penny Macdonald’s piece on Jane Kelsey this morning on she has some choice stuff to say on Jane Kelsey which I think you will all enjoy:

What I have heard is…….Jane Kelsey. Jane Kelsey. Jane Kelsey. Jane Kelsey. Self-professed trade expert. Alleged (at least practicing) academic. Champion of “the little people” (except hobbits) and someone – I’m assuming given how she gets around – with an air-points account which would be the envy of many. She talks up the fact that stakeholders are excluded from the venue without noting that the reason for that is because some of her companions have behaved so appallingly and threateningly that it’s not possible to have them there (thanks for shutting us all out Jane). She says the negotiations are being conducted in secret and everything should be public when she’s made misguided media mischief with any information made available (thanks for removing the mature information exchange Jane). She says that New Zealand will lose from a trade deal because it must be bad (thanks for biased absolutely spurious commentary Jane). My enduring memory of her dates from the earlier TPP round that New Zealand hosted. She was popping in to the function at the Maritime Museum to swig a glass of wine before heading back outside to join the protesters for a spell. “We hate this process…..just a splash more please…must rush…placards to pose with.”

Her point that it all should be open is particularly naïve. Would you buy a house and go along to the vendor saying “the most I could pay is $300,000, I’d ideally like to pay $200,000, I could consider $250,000, I’ll be pointing out some of the faults to get a discount and pretending to be disinterested so you don’t think I really want it. Ready to sign?”

It’s a negotiation, not a university debate.