Non-Hippie Green Power

This is the sort of non-hippie green power solutions I can get behind.

US marines go to war in Afghanistan with solar cells embedded in their rucksacks, efficient enough to recharge lithium-ion batteries for radios and greatly lighten loads.

Field patrols will soon have almost weightless solar blankets as well. These will be able to capture a once unthinkable 35pc of the sun’s light as energy with thin membranes, a spin-off from technology used in satellites.

This new kit is a military imperative. Taliban ambushes of supply convoys are a major killer. The Pentagon says the cost of refueling forward bases is $400 a gallon. ? Read more »

Pentagon accuses China of cyber attacks against the U.S.

Foreign Policy reports that China has been accused by the Pentagon of conducting cyber attacks on the US.

In its annual report to Congress on Monday, the Pentagon?accused?the Chinese military of mounting cyber attacks on the U.S government and various defense contractors, marking the first time that the Obama administration has explicitly blamed Chinese officials for the country’s offensive cyber activities. The report, which called the cyber attacks a “serious concern,” said that U.S. government computer systems “continued to be targeted for intrusions, some of which appear to be attributable directly to the Chinese government and military.”? Read more »

What next? Medals for attending a Pride Festival?

Andrew Sullivan has an interesting titbit of information about drones:

At the beginning of last year, the armed forces?had?7,500 drone aircraft, meaning that one out of every three flying machines in the military was a drone (though the majority are the small, hand-launched kind). The Pentagon is?considering?scaling back on procurement, on the theory that it has about enough drones for the near future. But that doesn?t mean they?re becoming less important; quite the contrary. The military has even?created a medal?you can win for piloting a drone; it will rank above the Bronze Star, despite the fact that you can earn it without any risk to life or limb.? Read more »

Palestinian Terrorists use UN school to launch mortars

The IDF has released more video including the one below showing Palestinian Terrorists using a UN school to launch mortars against Israel.

Other videos released;

Rocket Ready for Launch in Gaza struck by IAF

Underground Weapons Storage Facility destroyed by IAF