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What do Angelina Jolie and Colin Craig have in common?

You wouldn’t think that Hollywood star Angelina Jolie and Colin Craig would have anything in common but it turns out that they do share one trait. They share a?belief that they can use their wealth to control what famous bloggers write about them.

Angelina Jolie is threatening to sue Perez Hilton.

The lawyers for the 41-year-old actress… have emailed the celebrity blogger to ask him to change certain aspects of his report on her split from Brad Pitt, or face legal action.

Posting a screenshot of his email response on Instagram, the 37-year-old star wrote: “In other news, #AngelinaJolie’s lawyers at Greenberg Glusker have just threatened to sue me for my coverage of her split from #BradPitt. ME!! I have always been one of Angelina Jolie’s loudest and strongest supporters and defenders!!!!! This was my email back to Angelina’s lawyers, #BertFields and#PriyaSapori. Glad I’m not running for president!! [sic]”

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Journalists relying on criminals to do their reporting for them

While Matt Nippert and David ‘Tainted’ Fisher are lapping up the adulation of the script kiddies in Wellington there is yet another article about the failure of journalistic ethics, where it appears that journalists are quite happy to rely on criminals to their reporting for them.

These so-called investigative journalists are even still in touch with the hacker of my emails (if tweets from the Kiwicon are accurate)…so much for their journalistic integrity and they claims at being investigative journalists.

Ryan Holiday, someone knows a thing or two about manipulating the media, writes?about the media’s strategy of relying on criminals to do their reporting for them.

At first, I thought the media response to the celebrity hacking scandal was sanctimonious. Now I realize it was rank hypocrisy. Just shameless, awful hypocrisy from a group hardly better than the criminals they enable.

Because after every outlet, from Perez Hilton to Jezebel, called the hack, leak and publishing of nude photos of celebrities, including Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence, a crime, none of them seem to have any problem publishing the spoils of the Sony hack, particularly the many private conversations of its co-chairman Amy Pascal.

As Marc Andreessen put it on Twitter last week: ?Hackers steal a company?s email files. No bad acts by company revealed. Press prints emails. Journalism, or federal crime??

That?s exactly right. It?s the question we should be asking here.

How on earth do all these outlets?including The New York Times no less?justify printing or covering the contents of private emails obtained through clearly criminal acts? And not only that, but many in the media consider it real journalism and, in one case, criticize Sony for ?choosing to stay silent? for months before telling anyone they?d been a victim?

?There?s really no other way to explain the horrifying lack of empathy so many of them show, time and time again, when women of all levels of fame are treated like they exist to be bullied and mocked.?

Well put, Jezebel. It makes it extra ironic that your boss, Nick Denton actually wrote a memo to Gawker?s staff in which he lauded the publishing of the Sony emails and said ?that?s how good our editorial can be every day.? Really? That?s how good? Not: That?s how low we?re willing to stoop. This is the same guy who spoke last year about wanting to have a company people were proud to work at. These are the same people who criticized the supposed bullying tactics of #GamerGate, even though what they do is just as bad.

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Why Homos are worse than Chicks

Perez Hilton is sooooo gayI have had all sorts of bosses over my time working as a wage slave. Chicks, Old blokes, Youngish blokes, Homos, Indians, Australians, Poms….etc.

The best bosses I’ve had were women, the laziest Australian and worst by a country mile were Homos.

Homo bosses are the worst bits all combined, gossipy like a coven of witches, spiteful like spurned lover, nasty like nest of vipers and lazy, always perched in front of a mirror or trying to suck off the bigger bosses. Worse they are always pushing their gay, homo, lifestyle agenda in everything they do from mincing late into meetings to getting all affronted when you tell them to stop being so gay and act like a man when dealing with tough decisions.

Perez Hilton displays all of those traits and is acting all gay at the same time. As is typical he has tried to us a public event to push his homo agenda down eveyones throat. Then when someone who won’t be cowed by political correctness actually states their own hoest held opinion he goes all shreiking, screaming raving homo on them instead of holding them up for honest and integrity. Of curse most homos are living a lie so they know precious little of the truth.

I get accused of homophobia all the time. You couldn’t be further from the truth in acussing me of that. For a start I fear no-one, man, woman or poof. So I can hardly have a phobia. Secondly I have several very, very good friends who are homos, you just wouldn’t know they are, they certainly don’t carry on like a bunch of silly school girls. Anyway I’ve got no problem with gays, I LOVE lesbian film.

Perez Hilton is being gay and should get of him/herself. People are allowed different opinions that is the wonderful thing about living in a free country. If we weren’t he’d be one of the first to be lined up against the wall for being a raving poof.

Oh and Perez daaaahhhhhhling, lose some pounds, you look like a big fat poof.