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The (stupid) face of naked greed


That man looked at the MH17 crash and thought… “now, that’s a great source of inspiration for art”.

Yes, art.

Or maybe, he was just after a quick buck? ?Cherie Howie will help you decide:

A man who bought a personalised plate bearing the flight number of downed Malaysia Airlines’ jetliner MH17 says his purchase is a “priceless piece of art”.

Massey delivery driver Russell Montaperto spent $650 for the plate a few days after the plane was shot down while flying over a region of Ukraine under the control of Russian separatists.

Australia-based Kiwi Mary Menke and British-born Otaki man Robert Ayley were among 298 killed in the atrocity.

Montaperto hasn’t had the plate made yet, and was not sure when that would happen, but he had no doubt it was something he wanted.

“It’s like a priceless piece of art. When people see that, it means something to them … because it’s part of history that has affected the whole world.”

I guess I left another option out. ?He could also me a complete moron. ? Read more »

“Tribute” vehicle?

As seen on Sean Plunket’s Facebook page

Kim Dotcom tribute vehicle spotted in Wellington

via Facebook

via Facebook

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Cherie Howie has a story on MH370 number plates…playing catch up on a post we did some time ago which featured this photo.


Featured on WOBH April14 via Twitter – Simon Day @simondangerday

Personalised number plates bearing the flight number of the Malaysia Airlines ghost flight have been sold since the jetliner vanished on March 8.

Personalised Plates owner Jeremy Lubeck said the plates MH370 and MH37O ? the latter in bright red markings ? had been sold by his company since the flight disappeared. Each was sold for $599. Read more »

Mad or simply dedicated?

NAT2GO number plate as spotted in Auckland today

NAT2GO number plate as spotted in Auckland today

I’m thinking of getting this one as a present for Russel Norman’s sporty little coupe ?? Read more »