All people are equal but not all cultures are equal



It is unpopular to say this but not all cultures are equal. All people are equal but if all cultures were equal we would not have the following words in our language.

  • Civilised
  • superior
  • enlightened
  • educated
  • moral
  • barbaric
  • uncivilised
  • bestial
  • perverted
  • deviant
  • uneducated
  • immoral
  • inferior

This equally applies to religions and political ideologies.We should not shy away from criticising cultures,religions or political ideologies ?that allow and encourage things that we consider barbaric, uncivilised, perverted and immoral. Politically correct people will want me to use the word different to describe something that promotes acts that my New Zealand culture considers to be perverted, immoral, uncivilised and barbaric.

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Face of the day



Is today’s face of the day a proud Muslim Father of two daughters?
Nope, don’t be so arrogant as to impose your silly western, civilised views and culture on this follower of the religion of peace.

The important thing is that we must respect his culture and be tolerant of his ideology like all good, politically correct, liberal apologists.

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