Peta Credlin

She obviously never banged Turnbull’s head that hard

Peta Credlin, Tony Abbott’s former chief of staff has spoken out and said she may have banged a few heads too hard.

She clearly didn’t bang Malcolm Turnbull’s head that hard.

Tony Abbott’s divisive former chief of staff?has declared her support for?Malcolm Turnbull but praised Bill Shorten and questioned?government policy on superannuation in her first television interview.

Peta Credlin, who worked as Mr Abbott’s top adviser in both opposition and government, began an? interview on Sky News on Saturday by admitting “I’m out of my comfort zone.”

Despite working in Parliament House for 16 years it was the first time she had set foot in the media wing known as the Press Gallery.

Ms Credlin, widely criticised during her time at the top for being too controlling, was largely unapologetic but said she was not perfect.

“I have a reputation for straight-talking and candour,” she said. “If I have to cop some criticism, maybe I banged a few heads too hard.” ?? Read more »

She’s obviously never heard about H2


What do you mean not intimidated?

Peta Credlin has a fearsome reputation but she obviously not ever heard of Heather Simpson.

TONY Abbott?s powerful chief of staff, Peta Credlin, has delivered an almighty serve to Liberal MPs who brought down the former prime minister.

In her first public appearance since Mr Abbott was ousted from the top job last week, Ms Credlin took aim at cabinet ministers and other MPs who briefed against her and her former boss.

The divisive staffer was frequently attacked by anonymous Liberal MPs during Mr Abbott?s time in office, with critics describing her as a ?bully? who contributed to her boss?s downfall.? Read more »