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Robertson misleads parliament over Oravida claims

Yesterday in parliament Grant Robertson hurled the accusation that another company who used the same milk and packaging as Oravida has their products blocked while Oravida’s products are flowing across the border.

Pete George has identified that this claim is in fact false, that Grant Robertson is misleading parliament and also misleading the public in his pursuit of Judith Collins.

Grant Robertson has claimed that ?same milk?, ?milk from the same supplier? and ?the same two litre bottles? was given different Chinese border control treatment, with Oravida milk accepted while Ruima Food milk was rejected.

Corrie Den Haring, general manager of Green Valley Dairies who supplies the milk to both the companies, says the milk products involved were not the same, and he is ?not aware of any favouritism?.

Robertson continued his ?holding to account? of Judith Collins yesterday on Oravida. Most of the media focus was on the drama and the pressure on Collins, for example?Judith Collins survives torrid session in Parliament?and?Collins survives bruising barrage.

Much less emphasis is being put on holding Grant Robertson to account for his accusations.

Grant Robertson needs to provide proof of the accusations. He mustn’t resort to the bully antics of Trevor Mallard who is now insisting that Judith Collins disprove his smear, when he has no evidence to even make his smear in the first place. Robertson has made claims and now he needs to back them up…which may prove difficult given the supplier of milk has stated the exact opposite.

Meanwhile, Corrie Den Haring, general manager of Green Valley Dairies which supplies milk to both Oravida and Ruimi, said Mr Robertson?s initial attack about Oravida receiving preferential treatment from Chinese authorities was wide of the mark.

?It is not the same two-litre bottles simply with a different label,? he told National Radio. Ruimi?s milk was a flavoured or extra-calcium product which required extra testing at the border. Delays meant the milk was too old for sale and was destroyed.

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I wonder if the media and left-wing blogs will express outrage over this revelation

In Jono Milne’s Herald on Sunday story about bloggers he drops this little bomb.

On the other side, Bradbury says he regularly talks to Labour leader David Cunliffe, and his goal this year is to see Cunliffe elected Prime Minister.

Bradbury leans forward on his elbows at the cafe table: “The old rules are gone,” he grins. “This election is going to be incredibly vicious.”

Perhaps the headline should have been,?as Pete George suggested, “Blogger linked to David Cunliffe declares campaign is going to be “incredibly vicious”.

Martyn Bradbury is fast becoming a political whore.

He has worked for pay for the MANA party, and worked for pay for the Internet party. Now he seems to be very closely aligned to David Cunliffe…in his ear even.? Read more »

Is Curran in trouble?

There is a great deal of rumour circulating about the continued candidacy of Clare Curran in Dunedin South.

This advertisement was placed on Christmas Eve in the paper.


Image/ Supplied by Pete George

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Pete George, your help is not wanted


via Facebook

via Facebook

Pete George isn’t at all keen about the Government’s latest GCSB ideas and wants to “Help stop the GSCB bill”. ?Hey, it’s a free country.

Isn’t it?

When the ?Stop the GCSB Bill? campaign started I was interested in being involved. It was promoted on The Daily Blog by Mana Party adviser Martyn Bradbury and I asked him ?What groups make up the ?coalition??? I was interested to know who was involved. That comment wasn?t passed by moderation.

Come on Pete. ?Are you still not dry behind your ears?

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The Beige Badger, scourge of the left

Scott Yorke?blogs about the mysterious ‘Beige Badger’, a blogger and commenter who lurks around blogs. The Standard have banned this strange beast, lPrent set a?deliberate?bait and switch to get him focussed on Martyn’s new project since his real estate efforts faltered…should we be worried about the Beige Badger?

By night he is a harmless and mild-mannered man, but by day he takes on a new persona.

A hero to many, Pete George patrols the nation?s blogsites, stifling any hint of strongly held opinion by laying down a solid suppressing fire of derailing comments.

His tireless efforts in front of his computer have earned George the sobriquet?The Beige Badger, as well as the gratitude of dozens of grey-haired, cardigan-wearing blog readers.

To many people Pete George is a genuine superhero, keeping New Zealand?s blogsites focused on nothing much in particular.? Read more »

Shearer on homophobes and Labour, Robertson will move soon after this balls up

Yesterday Pete George and then David Farrar blogged about David Shearer and his opinion on whether or not homophobes have a place in the Labour party.

Shearer answer…well in between the ums and ahhs…is ummm…well..unequivocal.

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Carnage in politics

Pete George comments earlier today:

Labour is about to be whacked by a multitude of red stained two by fours. The party gagging row is blowing up, and most of the accusations are pointing south. One party member just posted: “The MP in question also hails from Dunedin. In my view she has simply lost the plot.”

Curran needs to answer gagging accusations.

Or the carnage will just keep escalating.

Pete George is a gentleman…and so he is horrified at “carnage” in politics, I on the?other?hand welcome carnage. I think carnage is only feared and loathed by the squeamish amongst us.

Politics is the best blood sport around, carnage goes part and parcel with blood sports. We aren’t allowed to have gladiatorial sports anymore…and modern sport has become pansy-ified with regulations preventing shoulder charges, head high tackles and dust ups.

That leaves Ice Hockey and politics and the only real sports out there where blood and guts is allowed.

Carnage should be encouraged…fomented…orchestrated…so that we may all enjoy.

If you can’t handle carnage then get out of politics and go play tiddly-winks


Apparently I am the most evil blogger in NZ…awesomeness

Martyn Bradbury has written a tl;dr post ranking bloggers…all left wing bloggers with a few notable exceptions are wonderful nice people and us right wingers plus the few notable exceptions like Scott Yorke and Josie Pagani are branded evil

His evil rankings are as follows:

Cactus Kate – Chaotic Neutral Blogger – Cactus will be seething about this, this is a rather lame effort from her.

Josie Pagani – Chaotic Neutral Blogger Runner Up – Again a pathetic effort of evilness considering she is trained by her husband, the uber evil John Pagani

David Farrar – Lawful Evil Blogger – laughable award…Farrar is so busy sucking up to all sides in the beltway he can’t possibly be evil

Scott Yorke – Lawful Evil Blogger Runner Up – Scott is very happy to accept this award and is going to try much harder this year.

Matthew Hooton – Neutral Evil Blogger – Corporate Whore would have been a more appropriate title.

Jordan Williams – Neutral Evil Blogger Runner Up – Jordan doesn’t even blog…and is barely evil.

Now for the Supreme Award…the Chaotic Evil Blogger Award…which is of course me…there are no runners up…although Barnsley Bill and Keeping Stock get mentions. Barnsley is somewhat evil but Keeping Stock is the quite possibly the world’s most boring blogger, challenged only by the obsequious Pete George. Neither of them could remotely be called evil.

Martyn Bradbury had this to say about me:

His move from blog to Newspaper was a brilliant business decision by his pornographers turned newspaper owners. Slater will weaponize the Truth and bring a new level of ugly into the media that would make the Leveson Inquiry blush.

Of course Martyn Bradbury was quite happy to accept the pornographers dollars when he had a column at Truth…does that make him a hypocrite…why yes it does. The savings in him quitting have meant the team can now enjoy a couple of boxes of cheap beer on Friday nights. Thanks Martyn for your sacrifice.

Martyn concludes:

His success at turning the Truth into a casually fascist pus pit that will infect the media landscape is all but guaranteed. Journalism students throughout NZ are warned that repeating the word ‘whaleoil’ three times in a mirror leads to him appearing behind you with a hook for a hand.

He is mistaken…there is never anything remotely casual about my blogging or my work. Weaponizing Truth…now that is just plain sexy.

Explaining is losing, Ctd

Blogger Pete?George, one of the more gentlemanly members of the blogosphere has busted the Greens for hoodwinking people into donating to the party rather than the cause they are touting. The Greens are explaining…which as we al know is losing. Still they always seem to have a handy shield of sanctimony to cower behind:

The Greens have been accused of using child poverty to mislead people into donating to them.

But a spokesman for New Zealand’s third-largest party said they were simply adopting fundraising techniques used by the likes of United States President Barack Obama.

Former UnitedFuture candidate Pete George blogged about a letter emailed to Green Party supporters on Wednesday.

The email was on Green Party letterhead and was signed by co-leader Metiria Turei.

It talks about the party’s Take the Step to End Child Poverty campaign and then seeks donations to help “run a strong campaign”.

“Help us get more people advocating for children in poverty among the decision-makers, and to print and post the facts, figures and solutions – so our children’s plight is understood more widely than ever before,” it said.

Mr George said money raised here would “fund Green Party political campaigning” and there was no indication the money would go to poor people.

A spokesman for the Greens said there was nothing suspect in the request for donations.

All donations received would go towards the party’s campaign to end child poverty.

“Ending child poverty requires political action. Our campaign is about getting rid of the political causes of poverty,” he said.

New Zealand Internet Laws

Imperator Fish

Scott Yorke appears in fine form at the moment…he has re-written and also define some new laws regarding internet usage in New Zealand:

Most people know about about Godwin’s Law. In short (quoting?Wikipedia), this adage states: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.”

Here are a few other internet forum laws with particular relevance to the New Zealand scene.

Slater’s Law:?this is similar to Godwin’s law. but swap out “Hitler” for “Cameron Slater” and “Nazis” for “Whaleoil”. This law can be seen in practice on various left blogs.

Trotter’s Law:?Whatever Chris Trotter predicts about the left, the exact opposite will eventuate.

Mclauchlan’s Law: Whatever the Dim Post predicts about the left will almost always eventuate.

The Red Alert Own Goal Law:?All the good work put in by hard-working MPs on Labour’s blogsite will be undone in an instant by one person’s intemperate post.

Edwards’ Law:?As you get older and have more time to reflect on things you will use your blog to turn on everything and everyone you once loved.

Farrar’s Law:?The more time you spend reading the comments the more your health will suffer.

The Law of Common Sense: ?As a blog discussion grows longer, the?probability?that Pete George will turn up approaches 1.

Brown’s Law:?Every blog thread will descend into a discussion about coffee.