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Ratbag councillor stirring when she has skeletons in her own closet


Cynthia Bowers is well known to regular readers of the blog. She’s been nominated for her dodgy behaviour before.

She is also a councillor who likes to say one thing in public and quite another thing in other circumstances.

Instead of answering valid questions about her own dodgy Horse of the year projects and the corporate welfare granted secretly by the council to a water bottling plant, she is instead chucking dirt over three of the most ethical councillors in the region.

The regional councillors representing Hastings are being called on to be more transparent about the funders of their re-election campaigns.

To provide voters with transparency in the local body elections, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council candidate Cynthia Bowers is calling for all candidates to disclose donations received, citing the 2013 election donations of her opponents for the Hastings ward.

In response, councillors Rick Barker, Tom Belford, and Rex Graham have blasted Ms Bowers for insulting their integrity. ? Read more »

Pressure building over dodgy socialist dam

Pressure is building over the dodgy socialist dam being proposed by the dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council.

Four councillors, fed up with being kept in the dark and the public being kept in the dark, have embarked on a series of public meetings to inform ratepayers what their council have been up to.

It has become rather testy.

Calls for resignations were levelled at HBRIC board members at last night’s Ruataniwha Dam meeting.

The forum, the first of a series of four such discussions, was the hottest ticket in Hastings, with more than 250 people turning up. HBRIC board members Andy Pearce, Jim Scotland and Sam Robinson were also in attendance.

Organised by Tom Belford, Rex Graham, Rick Barker and Peter Beaven at Karamu High School, the regional councillors started the conversation.

Mr Graham made it clear that while it supported water storage, it was the role of the council to support and encourage private farmers’ investment and not frustrate it.

“In fact, our job is to be the regulator and insure that our rivers and streams are safe and that our farming industry, which is so important to us, works in harmony with our environment,” he said.

Mr Belford focused on the potential environmental ramifications of such an undertaking.

“Before looking at any water storage scheme the regional council should first demonstrate that it can and will ensure a cleaner, safer river by reducing nutrients and more substantially increasing flows,” he said.

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Dodgy Socialist Dam public meetings

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

What? They are holding a public meeting? What? more than one?

Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson will be having the shits with the rebel councillors and wishing he had an anti-aircraft gun to deal with them.

Press Release

17 February 2016

Hastings/Ngaruroro Regional Councillors Set Public Forums

Regional Councillors Barker, Beaven, Belford and Graham today announce they have scheduled four public forums throughout Hawke?s Bay in March to discuss water storage in HB and the proposed Ruataniwha Dam. ? Read more »

Good Councillor Nails Dodgy Socialist

In a world where everyone seems to get offended by everything, the chair of the company building the dodgy socialist dam in Hawkes Bay was offended when one of his employers asked a tough question.

Councillor Peter Beaven has asked the investment arm of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council to supply communications material it has been sharing with farmers to a council lawyer so he can review it for legal accuracy.

Yesterday’s meeting included a presentation from Wellington environmental law specialist Matt Conway who was asked by the council for a legal interpretation of various aspects of the board of inquiry’s decision.

Mr Beaven asked if HBRIC would consider supplying its sales communication material to Mr Conway to review.

Sounds like a fair question from a diligent councillor who managed to win his ward almost three votes to one over his opponents, with a little help from Whaleoil?s Dodgiest Local Body Politician Competition. ? Read more »

Socialist Ratbag Should Put his own money in his dodgy Dam

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

Chairman Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson of the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council is so wedded to his socialist dam he has written a snarky and unpleasant attack on a fellow councillor.

As chairman of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council (HBRC) I was interested to read my fellow Councillor Peter Beaven’s Talking Point on Monday where he still seems confused about the realities of the Ruataniwha proposal.

Well Chairman ?Jong-Un? Wilson, maybe he is confused but he is not as confused and deluded as a man who has promoted an extremely dodgy dam using science whose proponent admitted was not fit for purpose in a Board of Inquiry.

And he is probably not as confused as a man who has refused to listen to alternative views saying that turning the Tukituki Toxic is not permissible in law.? Read more »

Extremely Dodgy Council has some good Councillors

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

Regular readers will know that I have?a very, very strong aversion to socialism.

I also have a dislike for bullying behaviour by councils promoting socialism.

The worst offender at the moment is the Hawkes Bay Regional Council who want to build a dodgy socialist dam that will turn the Tukituki River Toxic.

Fortunately for the people of Hawkes Bay the socialists on the council are opposed by people who don?t want to give a huge hand out to 150 farmers and turn the Tukituki River Toxic. These councillors were sidelined by Chairman Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson who refused to let them see the submission the council made to the Board of Inquiry.? Read more »

Dodgy socialist council keeps councillors in the dark, and last corporate investor bails out of dam plan

The completely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council has sunk to a new low.

The council got the bum’s rush from the Board of Inquiry when they tried to get three scientists to change their story about turning the Tukituki River toxic by not managing Nitrogen. Fortunately the Board was wise to this and pointed out it couldn?t understand why three scientists had changed their mind with no real science behind it.

Now the council staff have pissed off a group of councillors by not letting them see the submission to the Board of Inquiry. The council staff seem to think that they have councillors just to rubber stamp things, not to actually have any input.

Councillor Rex Graham, on behalf of fellow councillors Rick Barker, Tom Belford and Peter Beaven, has written to Conservation Minister Nick Smith and Environment Minister Amy Adams to tell them the four councillors have not had any input into the councils submission to the board of inquiry.

The councillors are upset council staff sent the submission, commenting on the boards draft proposal, without it being signed off at a council meeting.

They have asked the ministers for the opportunity to lodge their own submission on the boards proposal. “I would have thought that, as an elected representative, I would have seen [the submission] and been able to debate it,” Mr Graham told Hawkes Bay Today.

“We have to sign off documents this important. This is a fundamental, in-principle thing. We have had a board of inquiry present us with their thoughts and their proposal and we are essentially challenging that. I would have thought its huge. I would have thought its a major, fundamental thing, he said. If the executives [council staff] make the decisions, then why do we have an election?” Read more »

Dodgy Socialist Council Gives Staffer $84,500 Pay Rise

Regular readers will know we think the Hawkes Bay Regional Council is exceptionally dodgy.

They are the regulator and promoter of the dodgy socialist dam in Central Hawkes Bay, and have bullied opponents to the dam in a totally shameless way that will become a media story.

They are also the ratbags that allowed the CHB District Council to pour brown ?treated? sewage into the Waipawa River.

Effluent pouring into the Waipawa river

Effluent pouring into the Waipawa river

Now they have paid their CE who has left to push the dodgy socialist dam through the dodgy consents process another $84,500. The non socialist members of the council have said this is a disgrace. ? Read more »