Peter Capaldi

Harden up, it’s politics, not tiddlywinks

Some weak panty waists in the UK are having a sook about some sweary behaviour.

The glamorous aide behind George Osborne’s trendy new image has been accused of bullying in a real-life The Thick Of It-style Whitehall row.

The Chancellor’s adviser, former BBC producer Thea Rogers, has been branded a ‘pitbull’ by Treasury officials, who claim she shouts and swears like TV spin doctor Malcolm Tucker, played by Peter Capaldi.

They say she hurls four-letter insults and has ‘tantrums, rants and hissy fits’ when she is unhappy with their work, leaving colleagues in tears.

Well-placed sources say the Treasury’s Permanent Secretary, Sir Nicholas Macpherson, has spoken to officials ‘bruised’ by Ms Rogers’s behaviour.

Ms Rogers, a former producer to BBC political editor Nick Robinson, has been credited with transforming the Chancellor’s public image since he hired her two years ago.

Mr Osborne’s dramatically reduced waistline, Caesar-style, close-cropped haircut and his high-profile tours of factory floors across the country have all been overseen by the aide.

But a Treasury insider who claims to have witnessed ‘Thea the pitbull’ treating staff badly said last night: ‘She is confrontational and humiliates people who displease her – often in the middle of meetings.

‘She has tantrums, rants, hissy fits and screams at people whose work she finds unacceptable. Some people were reduced to tears.’

The Mail on Sunday has been told Ms Rogers was accused of ‘astonishing rudeness’ in the run-up to a major speech by the Chancellor earlier this year in Tilbury, Essex, when Treasury aides struggled to find local bosses to join the audience.

A female civil servant involved in arranging the Chancellor’s visits reportedly ‘reached the end of her tether’ with Ms Rogers.

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This is the new Doctor [NSFW]

Peter Capaldi has been selected as the new Doctor Who.

Let’s hope he unleashes this sort of shock and awe onto the Daleks and Cybermen.

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Face of the Day

Malcolm Tucker is in opposition now, as the new series of “The Thick of It” is due for release.

Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi), the lethal Scottish spin doctor and enforcer – or in Murray’s words “all-swearing eye” – is now in Opposition. In series three, the man who has made a career out of managing any whiff of scandal with smears and and/or threats of violence, and for getting what he wants with habitual hurricanes of profanity, shocked us all by having an emotional breakdown, which coincided with the decline of his party. According to the show’s writers he starts this series “slightly muted”. Will he cope with a shadow cabinet? And, master of obscene jokes that he is, will he have some suitably inappropriate lines for his new female boss?