Peter Clague

Bet he was registered, now he’s running away

Escaping New Zealand and a history of domestic assault means the UK now get a wife beater.  Wonder if he disclosed that in his job application

A top principal will face court before starting a new job at a prestigious English school, after his ex-wife launched a private prosecution against him.

An earlier complaint against Albany’s Kristin School executive principal Peter Clague led to a police warning, but no charges. Now, Clague, 48, faces one charge of male assaults female for an incident at his Greenhithe home in September 2010.

Clague’s ex-wife, Jeanne Jackman, alleges Clague ran at her in anger, shook her by the shoulders, and pushed her on to stairs, causing her to fracture her tailbone. She also alleges Clague had previously been psychologically abusive.

Clague previously told the Herald on Sunday: “My career is on the whim of a woman who is angry over a break-up … principals don’t come back from false allegations like this.”

Clague previously claimed the couple argued in their home’s driveway and Jackman became upset.

In documents filed with the court this week, Jackman said she wanted to bring the prosecution against Clague before he left in August for his role at 500-year-old Bromsgrove School in Worcestershire.

She may be a bunny boiler, but it doesn’t excuse a physical assault.  What sort of example is that for an “executive principal”?  That it is ok to beat on someone, on women, as long as she’s irritating enough?   Read more »

Top School Hit by Police Investigation, Ctd

Look’s like it is OK.  The North Shore Police have wrapped up their investigation into Kristin School’s Executive Principal and have decided that he’s such a good chappie that they’ll send him on his way with a warning.

What sort of warning? The tip-line is saying that it’s for common assault.

Interesting decision.  And even more interesting will be how the Board responds to this. If they back him as the have done so in their letter to parents, then some would say that they’re ok with having the boss of the school being warned by police.

If they feel that the heat in the kitchen is getting too hot and cast him adrift, then he probably could take a case to the Employment Court for unfair dismissal.

Whatever they do, it sure brings new dynamics to the school’s motto “Progress with Vision, Integrity and Love.”

Maybe the National Party should take some lessons from this mess.

But one thing is for sure,  It’s Not OK.

Top School Hit by Police Investigation, Ctd

Last night the Board of Kristin School held a special meeting to discuss what to do about their Executive Director Peter Clague.  The outcome of this meeting will be very interesting.

Looks like the pressure is mounting on the Board, especially now that parents are starting to want a voice with a new Kristin Parents Organisation being formed.

How has the Board responded to this? In typical we know best style, Kristin has told the parents setting this up that they will not support them in any way or allow them to access school contact lists. Mmm lets see how that works out for them.

Here’s the invitation to parents.

Kristin Parent Organisation Invitation

Here’s a tip for Philippa Fee and the rest of the Board at Kristin. It may pay to actually listen to what the parents who send their kids to the school and each pay many thousands of dollars in school fees have to say.

With a fee income of around $26 million you would think they might listen to the people who cough those millions.

Remember,  It’s Not OK.

You read it here first

The Kristin School debacle has made it to the Herald on Sunday today, but readers know where they read about this first:

Police are investigating one of the country’s top school principals over a physical confrontation with his former wife.

The board of Kristin School, a prestigious private school on Auckland’s North Shore, is expected to hold an urgent meeting tomorrow to discuss the allegations against executive principal Peter Clague.

Clague’s estranged wife, Jeanne Jackman, 40, laid the historic complaint with police two weeks ago, during an acrimonious divorce battle, and issued a press release.

The couple are arguing over Jackman’s alimony: she says he earned $385,000 a year and she wants half, but he says they weren’t married long enough for her to get the full 50 per cent.

In a written statement to the Herald on Sunday, North Shore Area Commander Les Paterson confirmed police were investigating Jackman’s complaint about the 2010 incident.

Clague went to the High Court at Auckland this week in a bid to stop this paper reporting the police investigation. His lawyer, Mike Lloyd, said the board of Kristin School had told him he would be stood down, pending the outcome of the police investigation, if an article was published.

But Justice Christopher Toogood declined to suppress Clague’s identity or injunct publication of this article.

Remember,  It’s Not OK.

Perhaps Peter Clague will now stand for a senior position in the National party, because they think it is OK. Though from the looks of it Peter Clague has been far too light-handed for the National party.

Top School Hit by police Investigation, Ctd

Looks like a hornet’s nest has been stirred up by the Board’s handling of the issue swirling around Kristin’s Executive Principal Peter Clague.

I’ve heard there’s an urgent Board meeting on Monday night. Should be an interesting meeting.

Trouble is the tip line continues to provide a proverbial bucket load of information, including concerns that the Board Members are quite a hard bunch to get a hold of. They also don’t have a parent rep on the Board, which would allow parents a voice. Parents have to contact the school in order to get their contact details.

There’s also a view coming through the tip line that indicates that if parents speak out their little Johnny’s chances of being a prefect are likely to be spiked. Even teachers are worried that if they say anything about their concerns, their time at Kristin is cut short.

With this type of culture and environment it’s no wonder the Board aren’t hearing the views of the wider school community. So I thought I’d help them out.

Here’s the email addresses of the Board of Kristin School. If you have concerns send them an email and let them know…

Philippa Fee (Chair) – [email protected]com

Theresa Allen – [email protected]
John Bishop – [email protected]
Liz Darlow – [email protected]
Sean Garelli – [email protected]
Steve Jurkovich – [email protected]
John Lyon – [email protected]
Mick Mittiga – [email protected]
Barry Stevens  – [email protected]
Dave Wetherell – [email protected]

Remember,  It’s Not OK.

Top School Hit By Police Investigation, Ctd

Whenever I expose an issue that others are trying to keep quiet, the tip line literally explodes with new information. As I have always said, sunlight is the best disinfectant.

The Board of Kristin School is concerned that parents may be reading my blog and are getting upset that their attempts to keep things quiet are now coming apart.

In a typical PR move, the Board has written a “Dear Parents” letter. This could be classified as an attempt to control the issue, and also start to position their Executive Principal Peter Clague against the allegations of assault that have been made against him by his ex-wife Ms Jackman.
Message From Kristin Board

By saying that the “incident that occurred over two years ago” the Board is trying to make out that it can’t have been too big a deal, otherwise surely she would have complained to the Police earlier than two weeks ago. I wonder what people within domestic violence groups would say to that line.

The big question is this – is there a medical report into the incident? If there is, and the Police have it, then the Board may have fired their guns defending him prematurely. Giving Mr Clague the benefit of doubt perhaps he hasn’t told them about it yet. Boards, like politicians don’t like surprises.

That aside, it’s a bit rich expecting Clague’s ex-wife to make a complaint to the Board. What for? To have the issue swept under the carpet? The Police are the appropriate authority for a complaint of this nature – not the Board of a private school. Makes you wonder who they think they are.

But back to the letter. In typical PR hackery, they blame Ms Jackman for upsetting students who are studying for their exams saying that “Peter is particularly distressed at the possibility of this happening”. I think Peter has other things on his mind.

But it’s nice to see that the Board well and truly locked in their support to Mr Clague.

It does make me wonder whether the Board should have a tip-line as well. If they did, maybe the Board’s Chair Philippa Fee would hear about concerns of parents like these;

“When your own children point out women in the school car park at Kristin and say “Dad, that’s one of the teachers Peter Clague had an affair with when he was married to his first wife.” When questioned further the response was “its common knowledge, all the kids know. He’s a bit of a sleaze.”


“Frankly I’m surprised it was domestic violence and not [redacted]. My daughter has lost two fantastic teachers because of this man’s “extra-curricular” activities who had affairs with him and when he’s moved onto the next person, they’ve had to leave because they can’t work there (Kristin) any more, plus all the mothers he’s been involved with … he should be stood down until this investigation is over… if innocent, he keeps his job, if not, he’s gone.”

I’m a strong believer in innocent before being proven guilty. What riles me is when there’s a leader of a school up against an assault allegation and the school’s Board may not have all the facts.

Remember, It’s Not OK.

Top School Hit by Police Investigation, Ctd

The other day I posted about one of New Zealand’s top schools that are facing upheaval with its Executive Principle in talks with the Police. Looks like I was spot on.

The Chair of Kristin Board of Governors, Philippa Fee, now seems in a bit of a panic after reading about her school’s Executive Director on my blog.

Seems Philippa Fee and the Board has known about the allegations for months, but have  sat on this issue hoping it would go away. It was only after Ms Jackman went to the Police that the Board now feels inclined to act.

The tip line has been running hot with parents saying the Board is now pointing that finger at anyone that spreads the comments on this blog. Mmm let’s see how that works for them.

Parents are naturally starting to wonder what the Board is doing about this problem.

While some may like to brush this off saying it’s clearly a “matrimonial property dispute”, with the Police now looking into an alleged assault by their Executive Director against his ex-wife. While this is certainly an element of “she said, he said” the fool could have avoided a whole world of pain and trouble (not to mention public attention) by settling the issue when they separated. Digging in his heels is a sure sign of a failed strategy to deal with his ex.

But, back to the Board for now. They’re claiming that they are “taking this matter very seriously and is acting appropriately”. Really?

You have the head of the school facing questions of assaulting a female, while a child was present in the house. The same man who is responsible for the well being of young, impressionable children.

Tidy? I don’t think so.

Top School Hit by Police Investigation

via the tipline

I understand that the Board of one of the country’s top schools, Kristin School may have some answering to do following the Police questioning  of its Executive Principal Peter Clague.

Seems the questions relate to one of male assaults female. Not tidy at all.

Seems the Chair of Kristin Board of Governors Philippa Fee has known about the allegations for months, but it’s unclear whether any investigation was done by the school.

Domestic violence is may be acceptable to the National party but it is unacceptable to everyone else, so I’m going to be keeping a close eye on this one.