Peter Garrett

After years of opposing nuclear power the Green taliban Australia are coming around to it

After decades of telling us nuclear power is evil, despite more people dying in Ted Kennedy’s car than in US nuclear accidents, the green taliban have now worked out that nuclear power is the only truly green power solution.

Now in Australia the green taliban are realising that they really need to embrace nuclear power if they are to come even close to maintaining our lifestyle and reduce emissions.

ALARMISTS like Jay Weatherill now finally admit nuclear power isn?t actually a terrifying mass-killing menace.

Now they say we need nuclear to stop their latest terrifying mass-killing menace ? global warming.

Can you believe these guys? Nuclear power has switched from our greatest threat to greatest saviour. Yet none of these hypesters has said sorry for having peddled such baseless scares.

Take Weatherill, South Australia?s Labor Premier. As a budding politician he was ??opposed to nuclear power, all elements of it?, but this week said he?d changed his mind.

Now he was calling a royal commission to ?consider what role our state can potentially play in the fuel cycle for the peaceful use of nuclear energy?. See, Weatherill reckons a nuclear industry might help save his struggling state.

The most obvious money-spinner would be a nuclear waste facility, like one Pangea tried to sell in 1999 that would have earned us $2 billion a year.

It makes sense. We have the stable geology and stable government to store the world?s nuclear waste, safe from earthquakes and terrorists.

But such facts never used to count with the likes of the unapologetic Weatherill. Such alarmists instead mounted the usual scare against Pangea and ran it out of town. Pangea couldn?t even get interviews with the young Howard government. ? Read more »

Obeid starts naming names, including Rudd’s man

Dodgy and corrupt ALP ratbag Eddie Obeid is starting to name names in a bid to take others down with him.

“I am ashamed of some of my colleagues in the Labor Party who become like a lynching mob just to protect themselves.

“There is nothing in this, there is nothing in this inquiry that puts, that finds a smoking gun against anyone.”

Mr Robertson said yesterday the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions should throw the book at Mr Obeid and Mr Macdonald.

Mr Obeid said today Mr Robertson was “irrelevant”.

“He will get his day later, him and Sam Dastyari,” he said.? Read more »

People want Obeid’s support like they want cancer

Dodgy ALP ratbag Eddie Obeid is still trying to throw his weight around, despite corruption allegation. However the locals are having non of it rejecting endorsement they previously would have loved to have had.

Labor exile Eddie Obeid has thrown his support behind Matt Thistlethwaite in the battle to replace outgoing minister Peter Garrett in the seat of Kingsford Smith.

Mr Obeid, who is waiting on a decision in his hearing at the Independent Commission Against Corruption, said Senator Thistlethwaite had a stronger claim to the eastern beaches seat than his opponent, Tony Bowen.

But Senator Thistlethwaite immediately rejected Mr Obeid’s blessing, saying it was unwanted mischief-making and the ALP branches in Kingsford Smith would decide his fate, not a disgraced powerbroker.

Mr Obeid’s diaries, made public by ICAC, record 15 private meetings with Senator Thistlethwaite between October 2008 and September 2009, when he was Labor general-secretary. Four of those were with Mr Obeid’s fellow powerbroker Joe Tripodi. But they fell out in November 2009, when Senator Thistlethwaite backed then premier Nathan Rees in sacking Mr Tripodi and Ian Macdonald.

The rats are abandoning ship

The ALP ratbags are all abandoning ship…fleeing the onslaught at the election. Simon Crean is the latest.

Simon Crean is now quitting politics at the next election.

This is the man who stood for deputy prime minister at last Wednesday?s Caucus meeting and got thrashed by Anthony Albanese.

On 3AW he says he would have served under Kevin Rudd as a Minister until the election, but Rudd had told him he?d rather give the position to someone else if Crean was leaving anyway.

Andrew Leigh, a Gillard backer and former professor, has resigned as Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister.

Kate Lundy has demoted from Minister for Sport to Minister for Multicultural Relations.

The full list of former Gillard Ministers quitting at the election:

Julia Gillard, former Prime Minister

Greg Combet, former Climate Change Minister

Simon Crean, former Regional Australia Minister ? Read more »

Rudd knifes Gillard, early election for Australia

Labor have shown just how dysfunctional they are with the overnight knifing of Julia Gillard buy Kevin Rudd.

The illegitimate?government?just became even more illegitimate.

Kevin Rudd has been re-elected leader of the Labor Party almost three years to the day since he was deposed by Julia Gillard.

Mr Rudd won the ballot 57 votes to 45. There was no spill for position of deputy leader however there are reports that Treasurer Wayne Swan has resigned.

Labor is in disarray. The caucus is deeply divided. Most of their money men have been indicted for corruption, the power brokers too, the ones left are quaking in their boots that other skeletons won;t come out, but in all likelihood they will.

Labor is stuffed for at least 3 probably 4 terms nationwide. ?The effects could well last for a generation.? Read more »

Bludging arts wankers sticking their hands out

Have a read of this opinion piece from literary critic Peter Craven.

It really gives you some idea fo the entitlement?mentality?of bludging arts wankers.

There was a dinner at Jeanne Pratt’s Raheen mansion recently in honour of the Melba Foundation. Melba happens to produce the best classical CDs in the country and it also happens to have had its throat cut funding-wise by the Gillard government.

The dinner had a lot of donors present but it also had a number of distinguished artistic figures – Geoffrey Rush (the man who has won an Oscar, an Emmy and a Tony), Barry Tuckwell, arguably the world’s greatest horn player, and Bill Henson, the photographer who was already famous before politicians decided to add slander to the mix. But the reason some of us were there was to see George Brandis, because if the polls are to be believed we will have a Tony Abbott Coalition government in September and the man who will be not only attorney-general but arts minister is Senator Brandis.

Well, the good news – piquant news for people who honour a Whitlamite legacy with the arts – is that George Brandis showed signs of being a better arts minister than we have seen in the longest time.

It was a lustrous evening with quotations from Vladimir Ashkenazy singing Melba’s praises and a clip of Barry Humphries telling us its glories. Robert Richter, QC, a man with a highly developed sense of liberty, spoke with that painstaking forensic logic of his (that would make many of us choose him if we were accused of high crimes) about the injustice that had been done to Melba which was not about making money but about recording the work of great Australian artists. Then Maria Vandamme, the head of Melba, talked about the importance of what the foundation wanted to achieve.

Filthy Greens, schools don’t want them

Peter Garrett has been banned from Queensland schools. The Queensland government has decided that they don’t want kids used as props for political campaigns.

What a good idea, perhaps we should see the same thing here, that way the Labour party and unions can stop getting kids to make protest signs.

Federal education minister Peter Garrett says it is? ??quite draconian and unacceptable?? for the Queensland government to ban him from visiting schools.

Mr Garrett was intending to visit Nyanda State High School and Yeronga State School in Brisbane?s south on Wednesday.

Nyanda has been earmarked for closure by the Newman government because of low attendance rates.

On Tuesday night, however, the office of Queensland Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek informed Mr Garrett he was not welcome at the two schools, saying it would not allow kids to be used as ??props in a political campaign??.

How many people will die from Fukushima?

Well, if the latest research is anything to go by, not many, if any.

Andrew Bolt writes:

WHERE are those shameless nuclear hysterics who whipped up the Fukushima panic, now punctured by a United Nations report?

The UN Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation last week found none of the Japanese public is likely to get sick from the 2011 incident, when a tsunami smashed into the Fukushima reactor.

“It is unlikely to be able to attribute any health effects in the future among the general public and the vast majority of workers,” UNSCEAR it said.

“No radiation-related deaths or acute effects have been observed among nearly 25,000 workers . . . It is unlikely that excess cases of thyroid cancer due to radiation exposure would be detectable.”? Read more »

Xtra treats customers like fools

In case you didn't know or realise Telecom's Xtra is releasing a new email service called Bubble, and here was me thinking that was the name of Michael Jackson's monkey.

Today I had to help my parents at their business who were struggling with their business email, unable to send or recieve any emails. i had heard about some sort of fuss in the news but to be fair hadn't take much notice because, well…I don't use Xtra, and thus i don't care. I care now. Working on the three help desk principles I learned many a moon ago. There are always three questions to ask when resolving tech problems and these question usually lead you directly to the solution which is invariably the C2K interface (Chair to Keyboard) Question One, Did it work yesterday?, well it turns out that it didn't work then or even a couple of days ago, on to question two, Did you fuck about with it? A resounding no…..damn this is looking hard, best leave Question three unasked, Are you a moron?. Right that leaves it a Xtra problem.

So, I checked all of their settings just in case they lied and they hadn't changed at all, so I browsed to Xtra to check just on the off hand that I had something wrong (very unlikely) and found that instead of the usual settings for the pop server and smtp server we now have these settings:

Here are the basic server settings for Yahoo!Xtra Pro Mail:

Incoming Mail (POP3) Server: (Use SSL, port: 995)
Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server: (Use SSL, port: 465, use authentication)
Account Name/Login Name: Your Xtra Mail ID (your email address with the "")
Email Address: Your Xtra Mail address (e.g., [email protected])
Password: Your Xtra Mail password

Xtra in their fricken wisdom have decided to unilaterally depart from the convention of every ISP known to man and change not only the port numbers from the default ports (25 and 110) for these services but to also change the smtp server name from to Fuckers!!! That just wasted a good portion of my time negotiating traffic and parking.

And they wonder why the great unwashed who make up the vast majority of their customers are complaining. This confirms that by and large Xtra's customers are too dumb to know any better about using Xtra and that Xtra knows this to be true and thus takes advantage of it.