Peter Haynes

Cry baby of the week


Peter Haynes: Cry baby of the week

Our cry baby of the week is Peter Haynes, the Labour/Green aligned Albert Eden Local Board chairman who is concerned that a newer and bigger supermarket will mean he has to walk further to do his shopping.

Renovations to one of Auckland’s busiest supermarkets, expanded by a third to now be a half hectare, will be marked at an event next week but a community leader says the store is now too big.

Countdown Mt Eden, the Valley Rd shop with an average weekly customer count of 33,000, has been pushed out from 3560sq m to 5000sq m or a half-hectare.

Wiebe van der Veen, store manager, said another 50 people had been employed to staff the larger supermarket, operating in the expanded format since September. ? Read more »

Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything


Once again banana republicans (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) are trying to stop another development – the potential for Unitec to develop and intensify their vast and mostly unused land holding in Pt Chevalier.

Oddly rather than support the intensive scheme left leaning socialist Councillor Cathy Casey and Local Board chairman Peter Haynes have sought more information saying ‘the community hasn’t had it’s say’.

More information is now being sought on the plans, after Auckland councillor Cathy Casey and Albert Eden Local Board chairman Peter Haynes raised issues about the scheme.

The problem is – the land isn’t owned by the community. It’s owned by the Crown and managed by Unitec. It’s not the community’s right to participate in deciding the outcomes of the land in much the same say it’s none of anyone’s business what another land owner chooses to do with their own homes and properties.? Read more »

Don’t vote for these big spending ratbags


I love it when the unions get involved in politics, especially when they highlight the big spenders, the wastrels and the useless.

What ever you do DON’T vote for these ratbags.

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