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Slavery in New Zealand, yes really.

Slave ship

Slave ship

New Zealand has a low level of modern slavery but people are still being exploited and changes need to be made, a global survey has found.

“Modern slavery for us is any situation where one person deliberately takes away another person’s liberty for some sort of profit or gain,” Walk Free Foundation global research executive director Fiona David says.

Modern slavery traps 35.8million people

This includes human trafficking, forced labour, forced or servile marriage, and the sale and exploitation of children.

New Zealand is estimated to have 600 people in modern slavery, the fourth lowest prevalence of 167 countries in the Global Slavery Index.

The known cases involved workers in modern slavery with the most widely documented being on fishing charter vessels in New Zealand waters, Ms David told NZ Newswire.

Their situations have included being subjected to violence, sexual abuse, being fed stale bread and fish bait, working 30-hour shifts and even being paid 35 cents an hour.”

New laws clamping down on fishing boat conditions come into force in 2016, which was “really positive”, she said.

-NZ Newswire


So who in New Zealand are responsible for modern slavery? I did a bit of digging and came up with this…

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Nick Smith on the Talleys


Nick Smith makes some telling points. The Meat Workers Union may think the Talleys are ripping them off, but as Nick points out they have not relocated off shore.

Nelson MP Nick Smith describes them as tough but fair. “They are very patriotic New Zealanders and very loyal to Nelson. If they were driven purely by profit, they would have relocated long ago.”

Interesting choice of word, patriotic. My understanding is the Talleys have been massive benefactors to New Zealand, and care passionately about the direction New Zealand is going in.

The union movement might like to consider Peter Talley?s campaign to keep fishing jobs in New Zealand.

But at the same time he was outspoken against foreign-owned trawlers plundering New Zealand waters.

Peter Talley took an ethical stand that other prominent New Zealand companies like Sanfords have not.