Phil O’Reilly

More bad news for Shearer

Another devastating kick in the guts for the temporary Labour Leader David Shearer in this morning’s?Mood of The Boardroom Report.

Aside from giving the National Government’s management of the economy a big tick, the country’s CEO’s have near unanimously condemned Shearer and Labour with 95 % saying he is not a credible leader.

Finance Minister Bill English has emerged as the hidden “star” of the Key Government pole-vaulting boss John Key for the second year in a row to emerge as the highest rated Cabinet Minister by leading chief executives.

“Bill English has really been an exceptional Minister of Finance,” said BusinessNZ CEO Phil O’Reilly. “He has been sober, boring and sensible but the macro settings have been just right. He deserves more credit for that.” ? Read more »

Fran O’Sullivan on Green/Labour power sabotage

Fran O’Sullivan outlines her thoughts on the Green/Labour power sabotage:

It’s blatantly obvious that Labour and the Greens have been attempting to short the returns the National-led Government expects to receive through next week’s Mighty River Power float.

Yup, and the gloating of the likes of Gareth Hughes in his now infamous Hey Clint moment was brutally apparent.

[T]ilting at the style of the political intervention and asking the two parties to withdraw their interventionist plan is a waste of space. Not because of their own rationale in doing so (this was soundly based). But because Labour leader David Shearer and Greens leader Russel Norman don’t give a damn about such requests at the midway point of the electoral cycle.

The 10 leading business lobbyists – including major leaders such as BusinessNZ’s Phil O’Reilly and the Chamber of Commerce’s Michael Barnett – who sent a public letter to Labour and the Greens this week – know this in their bones.

They know that the two parties are “not for turning” (at least in the short term). It makes political sense for the politicians to damn the power companies as rapacious commercial beasts, led by overpaid directors and chief executives who will suck all the spare cash out at consumers’ expense.

This tactic works well for Labour and the Greens with their own political power base. Their supporters hate fat cats. Demonising the power company bosses could rile them enough to ensure more of Labour’s and the Greens’ voting base actually turn up to cast a vote in 2014. Or so the hope goes.? Read more »

The Many Lies of Helen Kelly

Aspiring Rongotai MP and current head of the CTU Helen Kelly is a known and proven liar. She lies perhaps because she believes all the media are on her side, and will parrot her story against the evil employers because the media are all pinkos at heart.

Fortunately on occasion reporters actually do their job, and ask the truth about things. In Helen Kelly?s latest lie she rants on about the evil Business New Zealand suppressing the rights of some bunch of unfortunates on stuff. As usual with Helen Kelly she covers up lies in a swathe of words, not understanding TL:DR

While her lying rant attaching Aung San Suu Kyi to the rights of unionists to lie through their teeth could have gone unchallenged Stuff got Business New Zealand to respond.

Phil O?Reilly, representing the truth said this:

Helen Kelly is misrepresenting events at the International Labour Conference.

The issue was about international strikes.

At the conference an advisory committee tabled a report promoting the use of international labour strikes in sympathy with social or economic issues anywhere in the world.

Employers would strongly disagree with this, believing rules around strike action should be made at the national level, not by international committees ? a view no doubt shared by most New Zealanders.

However, many in the union movement desire the right to international strike action.

For those who don?t understand diplomat speak ? misrepresenting means lying.

Helen, if you really are going to be the MP for Rongotai you really must learn not to lie. Omitting major details is just covering up the truth and you will get called out just like you and Simon Oosterman have been called out repeatedly.

Fact or Crap – Pearl Going

I was at Whitcoulls the other day and my son and daughter saw a cool looking game called Fact or Crap. Basically there are a whole lot of questions, positions, statements and you have to decide whether they are Fact or Crap.

So here is the Whale Oil Beef Hooked version of Fact or Crap.

  • Speaks Arabic, French and Spanish but can barely type in English
  • Has a BSc from Otago. (They have no record)
  • she also says she has no degree
  • Says she went to Senior College (They have no record)
  • Says she went to Oxford University in 2006 where she studied Human Sciences, Politics and International Relations at New College. She says she studied medicine for two and a half years at Oxford. (I have a letter from Oxford saying she never, ever enrolled)
  • also AUT in 2002 where she studied Human Sciences
  • also Canterbury in 2005 where she studied international studies
  • she says she has a pilot’s licence but won’t say where from.
  • Says she last flew up north but will give no details.
  • Says her “Clean” jeans are made in NZ, She won’t say where. She says they are sold at a store in LA She wont say where. She also says they are sold as a “best seller” in Barneys
  • She says she sourced the red silk for Natalie Portman’s dress from Zac Posen,
  • She says she was engaged to Leon Rothschild and that he slashed his wrists at the end of last year when she broke off with him.
  • She says she is a friend of NY socialite Tinsley Mortimer.
  • Says she is mates with Marc Jacobs and was his fabric buyer and that she was Zac Posen’s muse.
  • When asked if the Tinsley Mortimer quote on her Facebook was about her and she went all coy and smiled.
  • She says she was in Brazil doing charity work and saved lives in a plane crash which she was in.
  • She has siblings by different fathers. The siblings are part maori
  • She says 2 weeks before her 16th birthday she was drugged and raped by [removed by request of person concern] who abused her for six hours and then left her body in a dumpster. [person’ name deleted as per request] is a pilot now living in the UK. I am told he is a very very decent and good young guy.
  • She says she has breast cancer
  • She says her mother has cancer of the colon and is going into hospital.
  • She says her father is an alcoholic because of what happened to “his little girl”.
  • She says she supports orphanages in Burma, Fiji and Sierra Leone but will give no details. She pictures of herself with Thai kids.
  • She says she worked for FairTrade and Amnesty.
  • She says she has spent 71 days in NZ in 2008 and maybe 6 months in NY in 2007 but she is in and out a lot so no specifics.
  • The Clean Green Air company doesn’t google.
  • She did used to work for Powercall as a telemarketer
  • Her mum’s name is Maxine 021 18X XXXX. She is a massage therapist and cleaner
  • She applied for a job at FairTrade with a stethescope hanging out of her bag and wearing scrubs. and she got job with forged refs from Oxford that said she was the brightest student they had seen.
  • Says she is  23 and  28
  • Says she lives off Trust Fund
  • Says she dated Peter Hujlich but threw a glass of wine on him when he called Peter Stewart a paedophile. He denies even knowing Peter Stewart
  • Has a handbag label using pleather – which is supposedly eco-friendly leather but which is actually plastic
  • Was a pilot in Brazil, saved everyone in a crash with her medical degree
  • Grew up on a farm in Southland next to the Stewarts, Pieter is her mum’s best friend also that she grew up in Tutakaka in a hippy family
  • Worked for the UN for years
  • Has been offered a job by Kate Sylvester after knowing her ten minutes
  • Been on a yacht with Richard Branson, who is her “friend” watching the moon rise

Fact or Crap – Pearl Going….you be the judge.

Clark acts like African Dictator, commandeers Air Force plane

Not content with speeding through the Canterbury countryside in a Mugabe-esque motorcade she has now commandeered an Airforce plane, one of the few they have flying to attend to urgent business of state.

Well ok it wasn’t urgent business if state it was so she could attend a Grey Power meeting in Invercargill trying to rob Winston’s few remaining supporters.

This mendacious witch needs to be shown the door in 4 and half weeks. She no longer knows what is appropriate behaviour and what is not.

The traditional chokers saving their best choke till last

Lions edge out Canterbury, 26-21 – New Zealand’s source for sport, rugby, cricket & league news on

Wellington has beaten Canterbury to make the Final, probably against the Mighty Aucks. Canterbury have thus wasted their season after lifting the shield and promptly losing it two weeks later to Auckland and now going down to the traditional chokers of New Zealand Rugby.

Which reminds me;

A mans body was found floating in Wellington Harbour wearing only a frilly pink thong, suspenders, and an All Black jersey and he had a dildo lodged in his rectum. Police removed the All black jersey in order to save his family from embarrassment.

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The Shield is Ours!!!!!

Cry me a river Canterbury.

This is going north for the off season.


Cops with Balls

After the win in the Appeal Court the other day one of the cops involved in Clarks Mugabe like motorcade romp through the Canterbury countryside has spoken out against Clark and her toady Robinson.

"We did what we had to do, but still haven’t had a phone call or a letter or anything of appreciation of what we did, from anyone in hierarchy which is a bit disappointing,"

"You could call us scapegoats, but we were put before a legal system…I don’t feel we needed to be put there." #para "None of us deserved to be there. It could have been dealt with in house by someone making a statement on what we were there to do."

"We are there, paid to take a bullet for the PM, and obviously we basically did, one way or another.

"But he was just doing a job, so that’s good."