Phil Quin

Phil Quin goes full TDS in support of the fat man

Kim Dotcom on his Pirate Ship.

Phil Quin makes his opinion known that he knows nothing about how the US legal system works.

Quote:Donald Trump, Wong said at the University of Sydney last week, “evinces a rejection, at least in part, of the rules and norms to which we have become accustomed … generating something of a global rethink about how best to work with the US”.End of quote.

In other words, the United States is no longer going to let itself be taken advantage of by freeloaders. Quote.

Quote:[…]New Zealand faces the same challenge with respect to current and future dealings with the White House. The ongoing extradition proceedings regarding Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom may bring this into sharp relief over coming months.End of quote.

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Phil Quin’s predictions for 2017

Somehow I think he is taking the piss…which is probably a whole lot better than those commentators out there who play serious with their predictions.

Lizzie Marvelly, citing bilingual anthem prowess, will contest a M?ori seat for the Greens. Elected on the list, her fully sung maiden speech will inspire the nation, propelling her to become Winston Peters’ deputy PM.

Fearing imminent electoral defeat, Peter Dunne will add a top hat to his ensemble. He will still lose, but Peters will appoint him as Minister for Revenue anyway due to a lack of interest from anyone else.

Ron Mark will not be happy with his political fortunes, and will form a militia made up exclusively of short angry men on the outskirts of Carterton.

Gareth Morgan will undergo experimental surgery to extract his head from his arse. It will fail. ? Read more »


Apparently Phil Quin is bitter

Of all the words to describe Phil Quin, bitter would not be one of them.

In all my discussions with him I have found him to be erudite, witty, passionate and caring and that is a range of topics we have discussed from depression (we both suffer) to politics.

But, Labour and their band of SJBs keep labelling him bitter…and he is sick of it.

Every time I am published somewhere, a couple of one-hand typists figuratively emerge like clockwork from their basements, redeploy their right hand to the task of typing, and assail me for being “bitter”.

This has been the Labour Party talking point against me for years. I can only imagine it refers to the fact I was on the wrong side of the failed coup attempt against Helen Clark in 1996.

Yes, that’s right. Nineteen hundred and ninety-six.? Read more »

Phil Quin on Laila Harr? and Labour

Phil Quin disagrees with the Labour top table about the prospects of Laila?Harr? bringing to Labour’s table:

In the unlikely event I get a say over Laila Harr?’s likely bid for Labour’s nomination in New Lynn, I would enthusiastically vote for her opponent. Among the many questions today’s Labour has to ask itself, Laila Harr? is the answer to precisely none of them.

But what if her opponent was Greg Presland?

But I do not dispute Harr?’s right to rejoin the Labour Party; nor do I think she should be prevented from standing because of her nominal ineligibility (party rules require at least one year’s continuous membership).

Technicalities aside, Harr? is well within her rights to present her credentials to New Lynn party members, and ask them to determine whether her re-entry to Parliament is in Labour’s, or the nation’s, best interests.

It’s no secret that my answer to that question is a resounding, lectern-thumping ?no?. But I also concede there are many others within the Labour movement who support Harr? for various reasons. If they prevail, and nominate Harr? for New Lynn, so be it. Them’s the rules.

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Phil Quin reckons Little should run in Mt Albert

Following on from Farrar’s sledge, Phil Quin also made the suggestions that Andrew Little run in Mt Albert:

Let’s be honest: few outside his notoriously bolshy inner circle could contend with a straight face that?Andrew Little is a naturally gifted politician.

The Labour leader is a grafter, whose talents fail to match his ambitions by some considerable margin.

The “Angry Andy”?thing has stuck, as tends to happen when alliterative nicknames align so neatly with public perception.

Little approaches media interviews as hand to hand combat; his tone veering between defensive and pugilistic.

It’s as if he considers questions from journalists impertinent by their very nature.

What’s more, Little often seems woefully underprepared for what should be considered straightforward lines of inquiry.

It’s hard to tell who dreads the Labour leader’s TV appearances the most: Little himself, the interviewer, or the viewing public, all of whom cringe to varying degrees through the awkward encounters.

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Phil Quin on what Mt Roskill means

If you listened to the press gallery and to Andrew Little, the retention of a safe Labour seat signals the end of John Key.

Phil Quin has other thoughts:

In late November 2012, the then UK Labour leader, Ed Milliband, celebrated a stunning by election victory in the seat of Corby.

Labour’s Andy Sawford had secured a swing of over 12 per cent to wrest the seat from the Tories.

“This constituency has sent a very clear message today,” Milliband told cheering supporters, “that it’s putting its trust in a One Nation Labour Party and that middle England is turning away from David Cameron and the Conservatives”.

In the 2015 General Election, Corby was reclaimed by the Conservative Party, along with vast swaths of the “middle England” Milliband had been so bullish about just two years earlier.

Whereas Milliband needed but a fraction of the swing achieved in Corby to oust David Cameron from Downing St, Labour went on to lose 26 seats in the 2015 election as the incumbent Tories gained 24.

It was, as Labour peer Lord McConnell told the BBC, a “catastrophic night” for the party and its supporters.

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Phil Quin on the cringeworthy whining of the left over Castro’s death

We’ve seen Clare Curran’s stupid “legend” statement and Steffan Browning almost shedding a tear over Castro’s death.

Phil Quin is disgusted by it all…and contrary to what Andrew Little says, he’s not a right-winger.

While it is often attributed to him, Mark Twain may not have ever actually said “history doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes”. Whether he uttered the words or not, it certainly needed saying.

Jarring echoes of the far left’s shameful past reverberated around the Twittersphere yesterday in the wake of Fidel Castro’s passing. Current Labour MP Clare Curran and former Alliance Minister Laila Harr? were just two of many who took to social media to express grief over the Cuban tyrant’s death. Castro, Curran gushed to her followers as if mourning a beloved guitarist, was a “legend”; Harr? went further, asking, “who in our Parliament will be able to move a motion capturing the grief and gratitude of millions for the life of #FidelCasto (sic.)?”. The answer, one hopes, is nobody.

But “grief and gratitude” for what exactly?

The banning of trade unions? Threatening nuclear war against his neighbours? Imprisoning and murdering thousands of journalists, dissenters and unionists? Countless, well document human rights abuses, including the systematic persecution of gays and lesbians?

Or is it the 79,000 extrajudicial killings?

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Phil Quin on Trump’s proposed appointments

Phil Quin comments on Donald Trump’s proposed appointments and gives, for a lefty, some reasoned advice:

US President-elect Donald Trump is said to be considering one of his most vocal internal critics, Mitt Romney, as Secretary of State.

Howls of outrage, left and right, predictably ensued since the the GOP’s 2012 nominee ? a mainstream Republican from Central Casting ? berated Trump mercilessly in the lead-up to the recent election. He couldn’t even bring himself to vote for him.

And yet, at this turbulent moment, as Trump installs one far-right figure after another to his cabinet, accusations of hypocrisy against Trump and Romney ? fair game in the normal course of events ? should be set aside.

Trump would be wise to offer the Secretary of State post; Romney should accept it; and the Senate should rush to confirm him before the wildly erratic President-in-waiting changes his mind. Here’s why.

While no doubt Mitt Romney retains his view, expressed as recently as August, that Trump is a “con man” and “fake” who threatens to bring “trickle-down racism, trickle-down bigotry, trickle-down misogyny” to America, the stakes are too high to allow politics as usual to get in the way of what would be a profoundly reassuring appointment.

Romney at the State Department would go quite some way to quelling fears among US allies, in particular NATO, that the Trump presidency is set to redraw the geopolitical map in terrifying and unpredictable ways.

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Phil Quin on trolling

Left-wing trolling merely serves to reinforce the impression that Labour is the nasty party.

Phil Quin describes the Labour acolytes and their trolling in the recent Wellington local body elections.

In the months leading up to the election, a number of Young Labor activists organised themselves into a troll army. Seemingly without relent, they inundated Twitter, Facebook and Reddit with vile, invariably baseless, personal attacks on Nick. Far worse, they aimed their vitriol at Porirua, where Nick had been serving as Mayor. ?Porirua, they claimed days before the city received a AA rating from Standard & Poors, was broke (false). Rates had skyrocketed under Nick’s leadership (false). Services had been slashed (false). Nick closed Cannons Creek pool (go there for yourself; he didn’t). Most revealing was their constant, condescending refrain that Nick was somehow selfishly “abandoning” the city, as if Porirua residents are incapable of taking care of themselves. A heady blend of dogwhistling and white man’s burden bollocks.

Now, please don’t get me wrong. These thousands of nasty tweets and posts and comments did not shift a single vote. The vast majority of voters wouldn’t have had a clue what was being said in social media swamps, and are smart enough to ignore it if they had.

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How many dwarves are there in Wellington. Do they need saving?

Phil Quin notes something strange about Justin Lester…it seems he is wanting to save “the little people”.

No secret I’m supporting Nick Leggett, so I was listening to the Newstalk ZB mayoral candidates debate this morning, and one exchange stood out. When asked about the Living Wage, Labour’s candidate Justin Lester said he supported it because he wants to support “the little people”.

Excuse me?

Who on earth does he have in mind?

Moderator Tim Fookes asked him to clarify.

Cleaners and security staff, Lester explained.

So, cleaners and security guards, as long as you know you are the little people and people like Justin Lester are here to save you, you have nothing to worry about. What condescending, messianic bullshit.

I could write 100,000 words on why Labour is failing — in fact, I probably have ?? without getting close to encapsulating Labour’s problem as well as this off-the-cuff truth bomb from Justin Lester.

Here’s the clip. The other voices you hear are Nicola Young and Nick Leggett.

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